How Wahhabis from Bosnia and “Sandzak” (Old Ras, Serbia) recruit people to embrace Islam, and to come to Syria


The group of Muslims from Sandzak named “Insha’Allah””, is preparing a new arrival in Syria, in fact in Aleppo.

How Wahhabi going from Bosnia and Sandzak(Serbia) in Syria.

This is wrote one Wahhabis :

Mujahid a weapon is a set of 1,500 to two thousand dollars a Kalashnikov pay

so just take it to buy yourself a Kalashnikov and the time you need, we have a food

First you come in Turkey , and I ‘ll tell you which city , after a car will come, and bring you to me

First you come in Istanbul, So when you get there, you come of Facebook

Is it ok?

Oh, that ‘s easy , it’s not that complicated ..

you’ve got to Islam that you cross as I said

so when you come, because we are fighting here for faith, because it is call of good, a well deter evil


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