(Video) Mohammed Productions: Lie, Distort, Lie Some More, Cry And Play Victim

This is how it works with these people. Whether they are in Thailand, India, Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, China, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Norway, Britain, U.S. – know that Muslims are always the “poor victims”. And they are also pathological liars. Always. Mohammed never taught the virtue of being a decent, honest human being because goodness did not exist in prophet Mohammed.

Here is a video clip of a staged attack on pro-Morsi protesters in Egypt. Victims protecting themselves against violence, others laying dead and ‘bleeding’ waiting for medical help while all they were trying to do, poooooor Muslims, was protest. These images will then be shared with worldwide media. Shameful outfits like the BBC and their leftist allies will go beside themselves to tears over the footage and pictures. Supporting a bunch of frauding, lying Islamonazi’s they provide indirect and free PR and marketing for their jihad campaigns. It’s all Ellywood – the Egyptian version of Pallywood, Palestine’s 24/7/365 propaganda machine.

Propaganda and lies like this is used to pressure low brow leaders like Barack Hussein, David Cameron and Francois Hollande, Herman the Rompoy to come forth and support the terrorist invaders with funding and military equipment so they can invade and murder yet another people.

Therefore, follow these simple rules and you should be fairly accurate 90% of the time:

1. Never take sides with Muslim slaughter of Muslims. Leave them to it. It’s a gift to the world.
2. Never provide funding for Muslim generated problems, in any way, shape, or form. Funds will never go to food, job creation, peace efforts or developments. It will go to expand their jihad efforts, to kill other people, to buy guns, ammunition, weapons, salaries, to invade other countries and people to expand their territories.
3. Never expand trade relations to “help” them. On the contrary, Muslim groups and countries engaged in conflicts or funding conflicts should be completely shunned from all trade, travels, engagement and support.
4. Never ever at any cost believe their claims of being persecuted or victimized. They create their own situation.


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