Muslim Jihadi propaganda of ‘mother killed by Israeli attack in Lebanon’

Islam has managed to create little else but liars and fraudsters.

This is a sequence showing a “Lebanese mother and son” who were supposedly the targets of an Israeli air raid into Lebanon. The story that accompanies the photos says that the mother would die in her son’s arms. Too bad it is all a lie designed to create anger and indignation and foster hatred towards Israel.

As you will see in the middle picture, the “mother” and “son” proudly show off their fake photo. How many newspapers and news agencies will write about Arab propaganda lies?

4 thoughts on “Muslim Jihadi propaganda of ‘mother killed by Israeli attack in Lebanon’”

  1. “A Mother” was killed!
    Did the perpetrators of this crime rape her before they chopped off her head; OR, did they “slice open her chest and eat her heart?”
    They do rape, chop up any person of any religion whether they are babies, children, teens, moms, dads….it doesn’t matter to them.

    So Pleaaasssse, you won’t get sympathy from us.

  2. These morons aren’t afraid of anything not even of backlash from evil thoughts. In reality, their fake inventions could be awful real. Mother and son aren’t afraid of either God or man. Miserable creatures.

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