Over fifty Korans recovered from a SEWER in Taif, Saudi Arabia

Their dirty books by their dirty prophet was found exactly where it belongs: in a dirty sewer in Saudi Arabia.

[post by Chris A-W – h/t Paul for forward]

Saudi Arabia has to be censured at the UN Human “Rights” Council for chronic Islamophobia. Where are the crowds from Michigan to Manila and from Moscow to Kuala Lumpur, frothing at their mouths shouting Allah-o-Akbar and calling for the death of the Arabian ruler? These are over fifty Korans recovered from a sewer in Taif, Saudi Arabia. The Mutawaeen (Islamic police) are still investigating why Allah has caused this to happen to his book. Why does Allah hurt the feelings of Muslims so much?

عمال يباشرون استخراج المصاحف في الطائف أمس    (تصوير: خالد الدوسري)


sewage korans


20 thoughts on “Over fifty Korans recovered from a SEWER in Taif, Saudi Arabia”

      1. When you said that, the first thing I thought was, “They did this to themselves to get some kind of pity.”

  1. I’ll bet they’ve been flushed down by Saudi women, who are rebelling against the discrimination, rape and violence that book and the associated legends of the hadith allow against them.

  2. Does the civilised Christian heart good to see such abomination and hilariously outrageous nonsense end up right back where it came from.

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