Jew hater Robert Fisk reports on the Christian genocide in Syria

The Independent’s fierce Jew hater Robert Fisk, who is always justifying the jihadi acts of the invented people “Palestinians”, has somehow managed to extract one drop of sympathy for the genocide of Christians in Syria, a jihad for Allah. He has even managed to include a mention of the Armenian genocide – another Muslim act of jihad against infidels they feel legalized to kill whenever they please.
Obviously it’s not genuine sympathy or Fisk would feel the same towards Israel, who have been targeted of jihad for 1,400 years in accordance to the command of fabled prophet Muhammad. Fisk has endlessly managed to throw the blame at Israel for defending it’s own borders from Muslim invasion and occupation. And while he feigns horror of the senseless murder of Christians in Syria, he pelts on Assad for fighting against the Sunni invaders. Clearly the man is completely confused and delusional as to how anyone is suppose to battle such evil without brutal military force.
Whether the targets for mass murder are Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, or any other group the motivating force is always one and the same: jihad to please Allah. The religious “duty” to exterminate other people until they convert to Islam. And it has been the same since the birth of Mohammed. Nothing much has changed.
Robert Fisk  |  Sunday 1 December 2013, The Independent

Nearly a century after the Armenian genocide, these people are still being slaughtered in Syria

And now, almost unmentioned in the media, their holy places are also being desecrated

Just over 30 years ago, I dug the bones and skulls of Armenian genocide victims out of a hillside above the Khabur River in Syria. They were young people – the teeth were not decayed – and they were just a few of the million-and-a-half Armenian Christians slaughtered in the first Holocaust of the 20th century, the deliberate, planned mass destruction of a people by the Ottoman Turks in 1915.

It was difficult to find these bones because the Khabur River – north of the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zour – had changed. So many were the bodies heaped in its flow that the waters moved to the east. The very river had altered its course. But Armenian friends who were with me took the remains and placed them in the crypt of the great Armenian church at Deir ez-Zour, which is dedicated to the memory of those Armenians who were killed – and shame upon the “modern” Turkish state which  still denies this Holocaust – in that industrial mass murder.

And now, almost unmentioned in the media, these ghastly killing fields have become the killing fields of a new war. Upon the bones of the dead Armenians, the Syrian conflict is being fought. And the descendants of the Armenian Christian survivors who found sanctuary in the old Syrian lands have been forced to flee again – to Lebanon, to Europe, to America. The very church in which the bones of the murdered Armenians found their supposedly final resting place has been damaged in the new war, although no one knows the culprits.

Yesterday, I called Bishop Armash Nalbandian of Damascus, who told me that while the church at Deir ez-Zour was indeed damaged, the shrine remained untouched. The church itself, he said, was less important than the memory of the Armenian genocide – and it is this memory which might be destroyed. He is right. But the church – not a very beautiful building, I have to say – is nonetheless a witness, a memorial to the Holocaust of Armenians every bit as sacred as the Yad Vashem memorial to the victims of the Jewish Holocaust in Israel. And although the Israeli state, with a shame equal to the Turks, claims that the Armenian genocide was  not a genocide, Israelis themselves use  the word Shoah – Holocaust – for the Armenian killings.

In Aleppo, an Armenian church has been vandalised by the Free Syrian Army, the “good” rebels fighting Bashar al-Assad’s regime, funded and armed by the Americans as well as the Gulf Sunni Arabs. But in Raqqa, the only regional capital to be totally captured by the opposition in Syria, Salafist fighters trashed the Armenian Catholic Church of the Martyrs and set fire to its furnishings. And – God spare us the thought – many hundreds of Turkish fighters, descendants of the same Turks who tried to destroy the Armenian race in 1915, have now joined the al-Qa’ida-affiliated fighters who attacked the Armenian church. The cross on top of the clock tower was destroyed, to be replaced by the flag of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

Nor is that all. On 11 November, when the world honoured the dead of the Great War, which did not give the Armenians the state they deserved, a mortar shell fell outside the Holy Translators Armenian National School in Damascus and two other shells fell on school buses. Hovhannes Atokanian and Vanessa Bedros, both Armenian schoolchildren, died. A day later, a bus load of Armenians travelling from Beirut to Aleppo were robbed at gunpoint. Two days later, Kevork Bogasian was killed by a mortar shell in Aleppo. The Armenian death toll in Syria is a mere 65; but I suppose we might make that 1,500,065. More than a hundred Armenians have been kidnapped. The Armenians, of course, like many other Christians in Syria, do not support the revolution against the Assad regime – although they could hardly be called Assad supporters.

Two years from now, they will commemorate the 100th anniversary of their Holocaust. I have met many survivors, all now dead. But the Turkish state, supporting the present revolution in Syria, will be memorialising its victory at Gallipoli that same year, a heroic battle in which Mustafa Kemal Ataturk saved his country from Allied occupation. Armenians also fought in that battle – in the uniform of the Turkish army, of course – but I will wager as many dollars as you want that they will not be remembered in 2015 by the Turkish state which was so soon to destroy their families.

8 thoughts on “Jew hater Robert Fisk reports on the Christian genocide in Syria”

  1. Robert Fisk is quite mad, and the newspaper he works for shields him from reactions to his appalling pieces by banning all reader comments.

  2. I am not going to defend Fisk, but it really confuses me how you can be so clear on the Muslim issue, but then somehow not see the obvious fact that Jews are a way bigger enemy, and in fact the enablers of the Muslim hordes – it doesn’t take much to see that all of the immigration policy in Europe (and America) is put forward by Jews. It isn’t some secret conspiracy, these are people with names – Jew names.

    Also, it might be interesting to address the issue of Jewish collusion with Muslims during the invasion of Spain. This is very, very well documented. Again, not a theory or whatever the Jews would call it.

    Anyway, I guess if you were going to address this, you would have done so already. I will still keep reading your blog (even linking to it!), because you find some very interesting articles on the Muslim problem. But the actual reality, if we are willing to be honest with ourselves, is that the Muslim problem is simply an aspect of the larger Jewish problem.

    God Bless
    Andrew Anglin

    1. 8 million jews rule the world according to some people who don’t do much research into these absurd claims. Yet, while ruling the world these jews have not managed to get help to get the intruders off their land, who mass emigrated there for jihad.
      Obviously some are wrong in their fantasies about these “rulers”.

      1. “8 million Jews rule the world” sounds like a conspiracy theory, but it is simply a fact that virtually all media is controlled by Jews.

        Then of course the banks.

        Also, it seems to me that the Jews in Israel are doing very well controlling immigration – they just decided to send several thousand Africans – the only ones there – back to Africa.

        The routinely found them up and imprison them:

        If you are referring to the Arabs in Israel, they are only there for their labor, and that is the country’s own call.

        If you are referring to the expansion in the West bank – they are continuing to evict these people by the tens of thousands, but it obviously takes time to remove millions of indigenous people from their homes while dealing with international backlash over human rights violations.

        But the issue at hand – immigration into White countries – is completely Jewish, and there just isn’t any way to deny it.

        In the UK, the Prime Minister is a Jew, as is the head of the opposition, and both are pro-immigration. In the US, the head figure in the immigration agenda is the Jew Chuck Schumer. In Ireland, Alan Shatter is heading the invasion push. In France, Harlem Desir.

        And on and on.

        Rabbis have been praising the Islamization of Europe.,7340,L-4299673,00.html

        Here is Jewess Barbara Spectre openly admitting Jews are forcing multiculturalism down Europe’s throat:

        And every single organized Jewish group that I am aware of supports mass immigration.

        Here in America, I am on the mailing list of the ADL, and they send me more information about how we need to force the congress to “reform” immigration than they do about Jewish issues.

        Here’s the AJC demanding invasion:

        They’ve been doing this in America since the 1800s.

        All the while they demand Israel be kept racially pure.

        So yeah, it is not any question of a secret mysterious conspiracy theory. Everything is open and public. It is dishonest to suggest that anyone pointing out these open and admitted facts is promoting a theory of any sort.

        Why Jews do this might or might not be irrelevant, but it probably has something to do with their vitriolic hatred of Christianity, which the publicly cite as their reasoning for creating and pushing pornography.

        Jew porno mogul Al Goldstein: “The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don’t believe in authoritarianism.”

        One might also argue that Jews, due to their outsider status and tendency to manipulate society for the collective gain of their in-group, feel more comfortable in a multicultural, rather than a homogeneous society.

        The bottom line is that addressing the issue of the Muslim invasion without addressing why it is happening makes no sense. If it is happening for some other reason than because the Jews want it to happen, then this must be explained. It isn’t happening because the people want it to happen, it isn’t even happening because big business benefits from cheap labor – Islamic immigrants, in particular, don’t hardly ever work.

        Talking about a symptom of a problem does nothing to work toward solving it.

      2. Muslim invasion is happening ALL over the world. The slaughter of other people, merely for not being Muslim. You may be the one talking about symptoms all the time – we stress endlessly that Islam is the cause and the removal of Islam, and the ban of it in countries across the world and deporting Muslims will end their endless genocide of other people.
        And jews don’t rule the media! What a bunch of laughable drivel. Arabs own the media far more than any jews ever had. Take some time to research the background of the investors and owners of media companies. You don’t find jews ruling them. Typical Arab propaganda being distributed again and again.

      3. Jews do control the media. Very literally. Please follow that link. It is an article by a Jew listing off the names of the heads of the various outlets.

        Vaicom – Sumner Redstone
        CBS – Leslie Moonves
        Time-Warner – Gerald Levin
        Disney – Bob Iger

        The only major news company that is not controlled by a Jew is News Corp, but Murdock generally appoints Jews to run Fox and Sky.

        What part of this do you label “laughable drivel”? If there is some question about who runs these companies, why don’t you call them up and ask them who their CEOs are.

        It is simply factually wrong to claim that Jews do not control the media. Objectively, demonstrably false. There is absolutely no room for debate.

        Upon what do you base the conspiracy theory that Arabs control the media? How can a person even make such a statement? You believe these men listed, and the hundreds of Jews who work in and run their companies, are secretly Arabs?

        Facts matter.

        As far as Islam itself being the cause of the invasion of Europe – they have no doubt wanted to invade us – and done so – for 1400 years. Right now, however, they are not coming in on warships or horses, they are coming in on airplanes and allowed to stay in our countries. Why is this happening? Why do the Jews in our governments push for this?

        All of these people could very easily be rounded up and sent home in a matter of a week’s time, if we were to use the military. Why are we not doing that? They are killing and raping us on the streets, and they are protected. Meanwhile the Jews are bragging about how they are using immigration to destroy Christianity.

        Banning Islam is just common sense. So why is it not done?

        Let me ask: are you Jewish? If you are, then there probably isn’t any reason to continue discussing this. If you’re not, then hopefully we can get to the bottom of it, and you can begin reporting the whole truth on your site.

        There will be no solution unless we can address the problem.

      4. None of the persons on the list you provided “control” all media. Murdock of anyone controls more media than all individual channels combined, including international press, and he has no jewish background at all. bin Al Waleed and Qatar has a huge influence on the press and quiet NBC, CBS and other stations from publishing facts about Islam or Muslims. You have more people with Muslim background who control media content – yet people keep carping that Jews control it.

        We cannot sit and babysit ignorant people who are spoonfed on 30 years of persistent arab propaganda to infiltrate society, and automatically keep repeating and spreading their agenda like sheep. Learn to do your research.

        We have published thousands of articles to show how they go about, the original references, their own admissions. We have interest to spend time debating each of 3 million readers on an individual basis who have not bothered to do their research properly.

        Fact: Jews did not murder 100,000 Christians last year alone. Jews did not murder 50,000+ Hindus last year. Jews did not murder 40,000+ Buddhists last year. Jews are not spread all across US and Europe telling people that they will “kill all of you once we’re many”.

        This endless racism against jews for committing not dangers to others in society is simply absurd and kind of mental. Jews barely even appear in crime records because, frankly, their crime presence in society is so small. Muslims, however, dominate the most extreme and growing crimes everywhere you look today. And history has never been any different when we look at islam.

        And no, not even one of us are jewish. You don’t have to be jewish to defend a people subject to 14 centuries of jihad. Do you have to be black to oppose slavery? Its again one of the usual weak arguments anti-jewish people make.

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