Sri Lanka’s Muslim Problem is heading the same way as Burma’s

“We are being raped in every town, being sexually harassed in every town, being ganged up and bullied in every town. In every town there is a crude and savage Muslim minority like this.”
“We are not attacking any race. We are not insulting Islam. We are not destroying Islamic culture. I am preaching this, as a means of protecting our people, our religion, culture and country for national security.”
“The local Muslims are crude because the extremists are pulling the strings, providing them with financial, military and technical power.”

Ma Soe Yein Monastery, Mandalay

Muslim destruction and terror on Buddhist places of worship and peoples. It’s the usual violence we see Muslims commit against people all over the world, be they in China, Russia, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, India, Thailand, and on and on.


Wirathu is a true hero. With no weapons, no bombs, no machettes, no funding – only clad in his simple orange robe and his peaceful demeanor he is taking on the most evil satanic cult on earth consisting of a people that can only be described as subhuman satans.

This British video report is a leftist sickness that tries to portray defense against Islamic jihad as some sort of ‘apartheid’. It’s sick how far these BBC liberals can go with their lying and distortion from morning to evening. Myanmar is being inundated with illegal Muslims, especially from Bangladesh’s Chittagonian separatists (Rohingya) or jihadist Mujahid terrorists, funded by Arabs. A similar scenario is growing in another Buddhist Island, Sri Lanka.

These Buddhists have all the rights to defend themselves and exterminate Muslims completely from their land, if they have to to protect their nations and society. No foreign “authority” has any right to stand in their way in defense of their nation and corner them like Indonesia was cornered to accept the violent Muslim presence in the region. Today, all of Indonesia has become Islamic. Not only has it become Islamic from pressures by the so called ‘human rights nations’ to force the former Buddhist country to accept Muslim presence, but Indonesia is implementing more and more Salafi Islamic rules creeping into their society.

Qatar used their oil money to send 3,500 terrorists to Myanmar in mid 2013. They complained that they had “tried many times” to infiltrate Myanmar with Muslim terrorists sent on a mission to kill kafir-Buddhists, but failed to get access into the country. Countries and their politicians (like scumbuckets UK’s David Cameron, Boris Johnson; France’s president Hollande; the Obama administration; the EU) who deal with and trade with Qatar and other terrorist nations like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and its supporters have to be punished and charged with treason. We need to bring back the death penalty for political treason.

Buddhist’s fighting back in Sri Lanka against Muslim murders, rapes, threats. This Iranian documentary in English of course portray Muslim terrorists as ‘poor victims’:


3 thoughts on “Sri Lanka’s Muslim Problem is heading the same way as Burma’s”

  1. I can say as a srilankan Buddhist this is 100% truth.but this is not enough about sri lanka .The situation is too bad than you are thinking. Buddhists haven’t any support from their government.It seem the future of Srilankan Buddhist is not good .

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