USA: Ambassador Steven ‘honored’ to serve as envoy to Obama’s support of radicals in Libya

Dhimmis never learn. In this presentation the killed Ambassador Chris Stevens says he was ‘honored’ to serve as a U.S. envoy to the Libyan “opposition” (radicals) during the “revolution” (coup) paid for and initiated by the Obama government with military backup.
But what exactly is a revolution in Islamic countries? It means waiting to remove a despot who kept them in their place to replace him with a greater and more radical conservative. It’s always about returning to Sharia, returning to more backwardness. That is their idea of democracy. Islam is the anti-thesis to actual freedom and democracy.
Stevens was ‘thrilled’ to watch the Libya people ‘stand up and demand their rights’. He imagines the U.S. can build a ‘solid partnership’ with Libya, as if the fact that the entire Muslim world hates America with a venom so deep it can never be extinguished, doesn’t even exist and they are eager to follow America’s lead! Yeah, keep dreaming. They want money and weapons. That is all they want from America, nothing else. Once they have that, they will turn that money and the weapons to finish off America itself.
In return the Libyans are thrilled to have fooled and killed one more foreign idiot who ate from their palm, and didn’t grasp the strength and extent of Taqqiyya and Islam, and who always convince himself that Islam is a religion and not a political ideology.  In reality radicalism is the very heart of Islam and thus always and forever present within all Muslim communities, active or dormant like a virus.
Ambassador Stevens ended his dhimmi days dragged through the streets of Libya while Libyans shouted, “We are all Osama”. Most likely the very forces Obama helped to gain control, attacked the Embassy. Stevens’ death deprives the United States of someone widely regarded as one of the most effective American envoys to the Arab world.
A pity the U.S. government never listen to what they actually say.


Final moments of Chris Stevens, Us ambassador to Libya. He died of wounds after mob and Islamist attacked Ud embassy in Benghazi with rocket launchers
He thought he was special. He just understood those Muslims sooo well and their Islamic desire for “democracy”. Their desire is ‘identical’ to western ideas of democracy. NOT. And never will be as long as they are dedicated to Islam. Final moments of Chris Stevens, US Ambassador to Libya. He died of wounds after mob and Islamist attacked US embassy in Benghazi with rocket launchers.






5 thoughts on “USA: Ambassador Steven ‘honored’ to serve as envoy to Obama’s support of radicals in Libya”

  1. these people are pigs and apes and so is obama and every thing that comes out of his lying mouth he would like nothing better than to see this country fall would be nice to see him with a one way ticket to one of these muslim infected country’s. and see how long he would live. I am so sick of the insane person.

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