Infantile Muslim virginity myth: woman must bleed on wedding night or she is not a virgin

This is the new skills laborers being brought into the Western world. You got to laugh at the tribal level of extremely low intelligence that you find in Muslim cultures. Women must ‘bleed’ on the wedding night to prove they are virgins. Nothing could be more absurd and medically inaccurate. Since it would be highly rare that any adult female would bleed, Muslim women have to use tricks to pretend she is bleeding.

Of course, this scenario can change if you are a 53-year old mass murderer and warlord who rapes a 6-year old undeveloped child like Aiysha who was still playing with dolls when she was married off to Muhammad. Then it is highly possible that she would bleed on her ‘wedding’ night. How many women in Islam have been punished and even killed over low-brow bedouine male thinking?

Truly, the Muslim male must be one of the most evil creatures on earth.


Since we have many Muslim readers visiting our blog we might as well add a short educational lecture on the female hymen:


1001 nights ‘younger sibling,’ medieval manuscript found, translated

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Claudia Ott found the "101 Nights" manuscript exhibited the “Treasures of the Agha Khan Museum: Masterpieces of Islamic Art” exhibit in Berlin. (Image courtesy: Egypt Independant/Cladia Ott)

Claudia Ott found the “101 Nights” manuscript exhibited the “Treasures of the Agha Khan Museum: Masterpieces of Islamic Art” exhibit in Berlin. (Image courtesy: Egypt Independant/Cladia Ott)

By Al Arabiya

Almost everyone is in some way familiar with the epic “1,001 Nights,” we all know the tale of Sultan Shahryar who, heartbroken by his wife’s infidelity, remarries every night only to kill his new bride at sunrise.

This carried on until he married his vizier’s daughter Scheherazade who, gifted with an extraordinary ability to weave exciting stories, manages to save her own life by promising to tell the king a new story every night.

Throughout the 100,1 nights readers remain enthralled and entangled in the stories narrated by Scheherazade.

The Egypt Independent reported on Thursday that a new collection of stories had come to light and been translated, the 101 nights.

Dubbed the younger sibling of Scheherazade’s epic tale, the 101 nights is a collection of 17 stories which tell of flying horses and every kind of unimaginable miracle, each so exciting that it creates “a whole cosmos of its own into which we and listeners alike are drawn,” explains Claudia Ott, the translator of the recently discovered manuscript of this medieval Arabic story collection, in a lecture held earlier this month.

“Who, centuries before Leonardo da Vinci, described to us a wooden flying machine with a takeoff and landing propeller, and with what are certainly the oldest motion detectors in the history of literature?” questions Ott.

Ott, a scholar, musician and professor at the Institute for Non-European Languages and Cultures of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany, set eyes on the beautiful Andalusian manuscript, adorned with red ink that read “The Book with the Story of the 101 Nights,” in 2010.

She saw the manuscript, dating from 1234, at an exhibition entitled the “Treasures of the Agha Khan Museum: Masterpieces of Islamic Art” in Berlin. The handwriting was legible, and all 39 pages, except the final one, had been-preserved.

She began to translate it into German.

This discovery is a great enrichment to world literature, she says.

101 Nights is not an abridged version of the well-known 1,001 Nights, Ott explains. In fact the collections have only two stories in common — “The Ebony Horse” and “The King’s Son and the Seven Viziers.”

All seven preserved manuscripts of the collection come from North Africa and Andalusia.

In the first tale of the “101 Nights,” we meet a trader from Qayrawan, Tunisia, and Umayyad caliphs are repeatedly referenced throughout the collection.

This, Ott says, is due to the important role played by the Umayyads in the history of Andalusia.

So, even though the 101 Nights is set in faraway India, the characters are still of Arab origin.

“It is certainly not by chance that this backdrop has something Oriental about it when seen from an Arabic perspective. It is an image of an Orient that is far away, unfamiliar and exotic — for this reason, particularly attractive,” Ott says.

India was the farthest and most exotic setting imagined at the time. 101 nights took its readers and listeners from Andalusia to the most Eastern point of the Islamic world.

For now, the collection is only available in German.




Saudi secret Twitter confessions of rape, kidnapping, poverty and harassment

‘Saudi Confessions’ on Twitter cause quite a stir

Last Updated : Thursday, February 28, 2013 12:16 PM

Haifa Al-Zahrani
Saudi Gazette
JEDDAH — The “Saudi Confessions” account on the social networking website Twitter has become very popular within days of its establishment.

The number of followers has risen to more than 61,000 at the time of writing. The idea behind the account is to register the personal confession of tweeters through entering the link, which the account owner has placed specifically for this purpose. After the account owner’s approval, it is published as a tweet in the Confessions’ Twitter account without disclosing the identity of the tweeter in any way.

Confessions vary on a wide range of personal issues, or on feelings that some tweeters have toward others. “I was subjected to harassment,” is the most recurring tweet followed by those covering feelings of mutual love or hatred between spouses or anger between a father and his children. There are also confessions of infidelity from women, and admissions of kidnapping or rape.

Among the most exceptional tweets that generated a lot of interest among the site followers was one that went as follows: “I’m a son of unknown parents. May Allah forgive them. Thanks to Allah, I’m now an employee in McDonald’s. When I finish my duty at 2.00 a.m., I feel depressed. There is nobody who cares for me and who I care for in this world. Love your parents!”

This is followed by a confession by a girl who wrote, “I divulge that I was kidnapped and raped by three people at the same time. Till now they have not found the rapists. My life is in ruins.” There was a confession by a divorcee. She said, “I admit that I was divorced by my abusive husband because he just caught me talking to a man. He accused me of having an illicit relationship. He created a scandal before my family. I leave it to Allah to punish him.”

There were other confessions that covered the tweeters’ economic or social circumstances. One person wrote, “I confess that I don’t even have SR2 to buy bread with.”

Another wrote, “I confess that my journey to Syria is just a matter of time. Everything is ready. Pray for me.”

Lost Jewish Tribe: Occupation brings a group of American Indians to settle in Palestine

Occupation brings a group of American Indians to settle in Palestine

Al Qassam website (Hamas) – Jewish Agency concerned with attracting Jews of the world to live in Palestinian occupied lands has been facilitating the arrival of group of American Indians, living on the banks of the Amazon River, claiming they have Jewish origin.

Hebrew media revealed that a group of 100 American Indians, who are currently living in the city of Iquitos located on the banks of the Amazon River, are expected to arrive to the occupied territories.

According to Israeli media claims; these people are part of a “unique” Jewish community, originated from the late nineteenth century when a group of Jews migrated from the Maghreb, and settled in this town, located in the jungles of the Amazon basin, where they worked in rubber trade – as alleged by the Hebrew source.

It said that decades ago members of this community have contacted Jewish religious organizations, which worked hard to bring them to the occupied territories. The first group of them arrived in the nineties, followed by another group. Then, 12 years ago, another group of 250 American Indians, arrived. Recently, 100 other people demanded to come to the entity.

An official at the Jewish Agency said that the members of this group hold documents that confirm their Jewish origin, adding that the agency has already approved their arrival but the Israeli Interior Ministry has required additional “complementary” measures.

The new group may come to the occupied territories very soon, after the completion of the procedures.



They came, they robbed, they conquered: Photos of a barren Mecca in 1889

The present day Mecca is the culmination of 1,400 years of Arab conquest, slaughter, looting and genocide of a complete people. These photographs from late 1800’s indicate how extensive the Arab slaughter must have been in Mohammed’s time to result in an empty desert out of a major bustling and active religious center in pre-Islamic times, before falling into  Muslim control under an invented religion.

Allah said, ‘No Prophet before Muhammad took booty from his enemy nor prisoners for ransom.’ Muhammad said, ‘I was made victorious with terror. The earth was made a place for me to clean. I was given the most powerful words. Booty was made lawful for me. I was given the power to intercede. These five privileges were awarded to no prophet before me.’” — Ishaq:326

Yatrib was the original (Jewish) name of the pre-Islamic Medina. And the ancient name for Mecca was Bakkah (also transliterated Baca, Baka, Bakah, Bakka, Becca, Bekka, etc.). In the Bible Mecca is identified as the “valley of Baca” from Psalms 84. The (looted) Quranic passage using the form Bakkah says: “The first sanctuary appointed for mankind was that at Bakkah, a blessed place, a guidance for the peoples.” Other references to Mecca in the Quran (6:92, 42:5) call it Umm al-Qura, meaning “mother of all settlements.” Bakkah is where Hagar and Ishmael (Ismā’īl) settled after being taken by Abraham (Ibrāhīm) to the wilderness, a story related in the Bible’s Book of Genesis (21:14-21).

Ibn Ishaq, the 8th century Arab Muslim historian, relates that during the renovation of Kaaba undertaken by prophet Muhammad, in 605 CE, the Quraysh found an inscription in one of the corners of the foundation of the building that mentions Bakkah. Composed in Syriac, it was incomprehensible to the Quraysh until a Jew translated it for them as follows:

“I am Allah, the Lord of Bakka. I created it on the day I created heaven and earth and formed the sun and the moon, and I surrounded it with seven pious angels. It will stand while its two mountains stand, a blessing to its people with milk and water.”

Writing in the Encyclopedia of Islam, Wensinck identifies Mecca with a place called Macoraba mentioned by Ptolemy. His text is believed to date from the second century A.D., about 400 years before the coming of Muhammad. In her book, Islam: A Short History, Karen Armstrong asserts that the Kaaba was dedicated to Hubal, a Nabatean deity, and contained 360 idols that either represented the days of the year or were effigies of the Arabian pantheon. But this pantheon came most likely from pre-Islamic times. Once a year, tribes from all around the Arabian peninsula, whether Jewish, Christian or pagan, would converge on Mecca to perform the Hajj. The photographs show Roman Christian, Hindu and Jewish influence surviving in the region over 14 centuries after Mohammed’s death.



Mecca (Bakka) Was An Active Place Of Idol Worship pre-Mohammed

Many people don’t know that all of Saudi Arabia was conquered and occupied by Mohammed during violent and brutal raids under File:Allat.jpgMohammed’s new pet-religion, Islam. This religion was used as a war strategy (common in the middle ages, also used by Timur in wars and invasions) to get access to foreign areas and countries and forced onto people who were taken slaves and subjugated under the ideology.

Muslims prefer to rewrite history to give their incubus faith more validity as a creation of Muhammed by claiming there was “no evidence” that Mecca existed pre-Islamic times, and was thus created and originated by Muhammed himself. But history contradicts this explanation. Islam is the youngest religion in the world and Arabia was fully occupied by it’s original inhabitants before Arab invasion, slaughter, slavery and conquest. Many fragments from the Quran comes from other much older religions.

There is evidence of Roman rule in northern Arabia dating to the reign of Caesar Augustus (27 BCE – 14 CE). During the reign of Tiberius (14–37 CE), the already wealthy and elegant north Arabian city of Palmyra, located along the caravan routes linking Persia with the Mediterranean ports of Roman Syria and Phoenicia, was made part of the Roman province of Syria. The area steadily grew further in importance as a trade route linking Persia, India, China, and the Roman Empire.

The desert frontier of Arabia Petraea was called by the Romans the Limes Arabicus. As a frontier province, it included a desert area of northeastern Arabia populated by the nomadic Saraceni.

Picture of Allat moon goddess of war, death and devils, riding a camel: The origin of the name Allah? Allah was associated with companions, whom pre-Islam Arabs considered as subordinate deities. Meccans held that a kind of kinship existed between Allah and the jinn (evil spirit). Allat is an alternative name of the Mesopotamian goddess of the underworld, now usually known as Ereshkigal. She was reportedly also venerated in Carthage under the name Allatu.

The Quran Was Not Written By An Illiterate Muhammed. It Was Compiled Booty

During pre-Islamic times Bakka (Mecca) was a very active place of worship for Jews, Christians and Pagans (pagans are described as Hindus in old Indian texts. The black vagina shaped stone in Mecca is very similar to Hindu idol worship). Mohammed only ‘discovered’ his new ideology when he was 50-years of age and decided from then on to declare himself a prophet. Up to that point he had acquired a terrible reputation everywhere as a terror: a lawless and cruel dacoit who would steal and pillage from anyone who came in his path.

It is noteworthy that the history of northern India is studded with the names of notorious outlaw dacoits who roam the hills in the name of Kali, the black goddess of death, robbing the rich (kali – black goddess of death). Could this been the  influence behind the black stone in the Kaaba? Was Kali the chosen goddess for dacoits?
As a result of their criminality and terrible reputation Mohammed and his men were denied accommodation whenever pass by with their raiding caravans through the towns and cities.

During these raids, it would be quite evident to conclude that Mohammed’s loot contained inventions, wealth, artifacts, and pieces of texts from various other religions and superstitions that existed at that time. Later, new sections like the Hadith, Sirat, etc., were added to complete the texts into the Qur’an we know today. The most authentic form of Islam is therefore all the additions describing Muhammad’s deeds and life. The rest belongs to other religions much older than Islam. Because Mohammed looted whatever he could come across from many sects and religions of the holiest city of that age, he described his loot as ‘the ultimate and greatest religion’. Meaning all the religions piled into one book, plus his own addition as the new prophet.

The idol worship in Mecca: the vagina shaped black stone, resembling Hindu yoni idols that predated Islam by several thousand years (click to enlarge)


Booty Gave Illiterate Tribal Arabs Religious, Medical And Legal Knowledge And Inventions

Mecca contained over 360 idols installed within the inner sanctuary before Muhammed’s conquest and slaughter of its inhabitants. In Mohammed’s booty he also acquired items of art and inventions from other people, including legal and medical knowledge of the time, such as Greek, Roman, pagan (Indian) and Jewish inventions and items originating from trade relations with the Orient. These inventions have today been wrongly attributed to Islam and the Arabs although they have no origin from the Arabs at all.

Since the original Koran is a book of compiled looted material it can explain other findings of its origin and why Mohammed is not a part of the main content of the Quran. Historians have repeatedly mentioned that even the earliest Koran is unorganized, has no particular storyline and is endlessly contradictory. The Qura’n is nothing but the gain of booty and explains why the oldest Koran in the world contain fragments of many dialects and languages, put into one book.  Historians claim that the Koran can never have passed on orally, a Muslim claim, because this would not be possible with such mixture of dialects and languages in a single piece of work. In addition, Mohammed was an orphan Arab desert bedouine who was completely illiterate and breast fed on the milk of a slave, meaning he may have been adopted by a slave. The Arabian sections of the Quran confirm that he certainly had no education or upbringing for any particular knowledge. He was basically a hard, rugged tribal criminal who sustained himself on crimes.

Note: Note the roman influence in the building of the picture below from the Roman occupation of pre-Islamic Mecca, and the strong Hindu influence of the woman dressed as a deity. Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world and must certainly have existed in ancient Mecca along with Judaism and Christianity. Traces of strong Hindu influence can be found in Afghanistan and Persia.

Audio track: The oldest known recorded death scream to Islam’s Moon Goddess of war (Surah Duha), dated 1885 / 1302H

Click on the image to view a larger format/slideshow

USA: ex-Muslim on Culture-Jihad: “Our purpose to immigrate here is to change this culture and force the infidel. We are the soldiers of Allah.”

Try telling the delusional ‘president’ Obama the realities of Islam and he immediately shows denial. When you only know Islam through a Westernized Disneyland version of it, or through the eyes of a small child, while living in a free society where Islamic law doesn’t have to be forced on you, facts and reality does not get through. 

Muslim immigrants in the U.S. explain the main purpose why America is suddenly and unexpectedly being flooded with Muslim mass-immigration which has exploded the Muslim population from 1 million since 2000 to 8 million in 2010:

“Muslims in America consider themselves Muslims first and foremost, and Americans second. Our purpose (for mass immigration) is to change this culture because they (Americans) are infidel and what they are doing is not pleasing to Allah. And we are the soldiers of Allah who will make them do it.”

“In Islam liberty, freedom, monarchy – all these are idols and must be brought down. So the liberty that you have in the United States is anti-Islam, so America must be changed. So I moved to the Bible belt (of America) specifically (to change this).”  — Kamal Saleem, from Lebanon.

And these are not even the words of an extremist or conservative Muslim, but a Lebanese Muslim immigrant who got U.S. residency and eventually converted to Christianity. Muslims consider other Muslims like Kamal a moderate. The desire to be a martyr is not viewed as extremism but nationalism and pleasing to Allah.
The Muslim Brotherhood consider itself extremely moderate while it is the original creator of both Hamas and al-Qaeda. Imagine then how the conservatives think! Indoctrinated to admire martyrdom from the age of 4 and to idolize the killing of jews by his own mother, Kamal was later groomed to adapt to culture-jihad, where Muslims aim to shifting cultures by infiltrating into the world of the kafirs through mass-immigration.

It is the same method used by the Arabs to flood a barren and empty Palestine with hundreds of thousands of people from Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq within a short few months, in an excuse to commit intifada and aim for total annihilation of the Jews. Hitler used to say that if you repeat a lie over and over again, that lie will eventually be accepted as a truth. Arabs have been publishing Mein Kampf (My Jihad) since its first publication and it continues to be a number one best seller through the Arab world. Today, Arabs have convinced even some non-Muslims countries that they were subject to “invasion” and “loss of land” by jews. None of that is factual or true at all and reality is completely the opposite.

Too often Muslims who abandon Islam move from one extreme to another. Even when they abandon religion, they tend to jump to a more conservative version of Christianity or another religion. It is a pity that indoctrination is so deep they can never abandon this kind of mindset or indoctrinated to cult mentality.

The importance with the testimonies of these ex-Muslims and converts is that they explain the crude realities of Islam with simple facts. Dedicated Muslims will never give the truth or facts about Islam to kafirs. They will sugarcoat it and glorify it.

Where can terrorism be named as such by the BBC?

BBC Watch

On February 26th 2013 an M75 rocket was fired from the southern Gaza Strip at the Israeli town of Ashkelon by what the BBC termed “militants”.

On February 27th 2013 the police in Belfast, Northern Ireland, discovered a rocket launcher and what the BBC termed “a warhead”. Fortunately, the device was not fired at civilians. 

NI rocket launcher

Comparing the language – and punctuation – used in the BBC’s report on the discovery in Northern Ireland to that which it employs when reporting on actual rocket fire against Israeli civilians is interesting. 

The word “warhead” is used in the article’s headline and in its strapline. That term is not employed by the BBC to describe the munitions used by Hamas or other terrorist organisations in the Gaza Strip against Israeli civilians.

The word “weapons” is used four times throughout the short article. That term is usually used by the BBC in…

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DHS to Release 10,000 Illegal Immigrants While Building New Detention Centers



The Department of Homeland Security plans to release 10,000 illegal aliens from detention centers in response to possible sequestration budget cuts, citing the unaffordability of maintaining the jails, while simultaneously building new detention centers for illegal aliens that cost tens of millions of dollars.

Despite the fact that the budget cuts, which have been decried as apocalyptic by talking heads in the government and the media, will result in a mere 6% drop in non-entitlement government spending, the DHS has, “started releasing illegal immigrants being held in immigration jails across the country,” a week before the budget cuts even go into effect, reports AP.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is warning that “DHS might not be able to afford to keep the 34,000 immigration jail beds mandated by Congress,” with Janet Napolitano cautioning, “I don’t think we can maintain the same level of security at all places…

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Victory: Loudon County VA School Board Rejects Gulen Islamic School

sharia unveiled

Gulen in Loudoun County

by: Frank Gaffney, Jr.

Last night, a small but noteworthy skirmish in what I call the War for the Free World was fought in a school board meeting in Loudoun County, Virginia. The board overwhelmingly rejected an application for taxpayer funding of a charter school associated with a Turkish Islamist named Fethullah Gullen.

It says much about the advanced state of the stealthy subversion that Gulen calls “jihad of the word” that such a proposal would even be considered. And no board member even mentioned that cult leader or the problems plaguing his 135 schools across America.

Still, this proposal became a “teachable moment” for people throughout the United States about how Islamists and their enablers are seeking to use our educational and many other institutions to recruit, proselytize and subvert us from within.



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UK: Another case of Muslim sex slavery and rape of children

When the extent of Muslim sex grooming and sex slavery of children came to media attention in the UK the police acknowledged that “hundreds” of similar cases may be the reality across the entire country. Muslim gangs target young, innocent girls, especially from troubled families or with disabilities and begin a slow process of gaining their confidence and friendship, which ends in drug use, drug inducement, rape, threats of beheading and murdering family members if they tell anyone and finally the use of these children as sex slaves. This is not only happening to ‘white’ girls as media claims, but is also increasing amongst Hindu and Sikh children across the UK who are victimized by the followers of Mohammed’s evil and sick doctrines.


Three men abducted ‘troubled’ 13-year-old and forced her to become their sex slave after plying her with drugs

  • The girl was subjected to a string of assaults over four days
  • She was trafficked from London home after men ‘deliberately targeted her’
  • When she got to Ipswich she was ‘treated as skivvy’ and ‘repeatedly raped’

By Amanda Williams

PUBLISHED: 17:44, 27 February 2013 | 


A 13-year-old girl from a ‘troubled family’ was abducted by three men and forced into becoming their sex slave.

The girl was subjected to a string of assaults over four days after being trafficked from her home in London to Ipswich, prosecutor Riel Karmy-Jones told Norwich Crown Court.

Suran Uddin, 28, of St Matthew’s Row, Bethnal Green, London, Mohammed Sheikh, 31, of Seaton Point in Hackney, London, and Hamza Ali, 38, of Chilford Road, Waltham Forest, London, denied various sex offences during a three week trial.

But following three days of jury deliberations, Uddin, Sheikh and Ali were today all found guilty of conspiracy to traffick in the UK and supplying a class B drug to the victim.

The girl was subjected to a string of assaults over four days after being trafficked from her home in London to Ipswich, prosecutors told Norwich Crown Court (pictured)

The girl was subjected to a string of assaults over four days after being trafficked from her home in London to Ipswich, prosecutors told Norwich Crown Court (pictured)


Uddin was also convicted of two counts of rape.

Sheikh was convicted on a charge of causing a child to engage in sexual activity but was cleared of two counts of rape.

Ali was found guilty of a sexual assault but not guilty of rape.

The men will be sentenced at a later date.

Abdul Hammed, 46, of Wellington Street, Ipswich, was cleared of supplying a class B drug and two counts of rape.

The judge had earlier instructed the jury to find him not guilty of trafficking.

Opening the case, Miss Karmy-Jones said: ‘These men deliberately targeted her. She was an unhappy and deeply troubled child.

‘They enticed her to travel with them in order to set her up as a sex slave and to use her for their pleasure.

‘In order to do so, they plied her with drugs and alcohol and made promises that they would take care of her and give her anything she wanted.

‘Once at the property in Ipswich, she was treated as little more than skivvy and she was raped over the course of four days.’

She said that Sheikh in particular took advantage of the girl’s ‘youth and naivety’ and she became so attached to him that at first she found it difficult to accuse him of wrong doing.

However, forensic examinations proved he had sexual contact with the victim, Miss Karmy-Jones said.

She added that, shortly before her abduction, the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had been removed from her mother’s care and was living with her father after concerns were raised for her welfare.

The alleged attacks took place in a house in Chevallier Street, Ipswich, which had been rented just days before the girl disappeared.


(Fox Report Video) America’s New Nightmare: Muslim Honor Killings

The ugly face of Islam is indoctrination. The indoctrination to emulate orphaned, illiterate tribal bedouine Muhammad’s deplorable and evil deeds.  The end result of hundreds of years of this indoctrination and behavior has become a fixed culture, Middle Eastern culture. No official in charge of immigration policies seem to ask the question why Muslim immigrants consider American culture to ‘bring shame’ to them, yet they continue to immigrate into the country. Why would you want to move to a nation that brings you shame?

America is now waking up, very slowly, to the nightmare that has been imported into their country. According to Obama over 7 million Muslims now live in the U.S. – 300% more than the official figure – and hundreds of thousands keep pouring in, in deliberate mass immigration efforts via asylum cases, via diversity visa lotteries, via regular residency applications,  via strategic marriage visas, and via illegal border crossings through Mexico and Americas waterways.   According to the Islamic Information Center America has an even larger Muslim population at 8 million Muslims.

In 2000 the U.S. had only 1 million Muslims. That number increased by 700% by 2010 according to Obama. The majority of Muslims voted for Obama. Why a first generation immigrant with such extreme hostility to America is allowed to vote to influence and alter the political landscape of the country is unfathomable.

First Unprovoked Muslim Attack on America in 1783

The United States came under Jihadist assault only 7 years after the Declaration of Independence in 1783, when the people had only just won the right to their own land, and had not the will nor the means to impose our alleged imperialist ambitions on the Middle East. Muslims always blame American politics and support of Israel for their hatred against America. But why were Americans routinely killed, kidnapped, ransomed, and enslaved by Muslims 184 years before Israel took control of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and 165 years before there even existed a state of Israel for the United States to support?

Founding Fathers Were Concerned Of The Constitution And Future Islamic Immigration

The founding fathers of America was as concerned about the Muslim problems as the Europeans, based on their past experience of extreme aggression and religious fanaticism, that they questioned the the religious neutrality of the Constitution. Anti-Federalists in the 1788 North Carolina ratifying convention opposed the new constitution; one reason was the fear that some day Catholics or Muslims might be elected president. William Lancaster said:

Let us remember that we form a government for millions not yet in existence…. In the course of four or five hundred years, I do not know how it will work. This is most certain, that Papists may occupy that chair, and Mahometans may take it. I see nothing against it.

Indeed, in 1788 many opponents of the Constitution pointed to the Middle East, especially the Ottoman Empire as a negative object lesson against standing armies and centralized state authority.

Most American Slaves Were Muslims

Many of the slaves brought to colonial America from Africa were Muslims. Since Islam openly endorse slavery, the Arabs operated the largest slave export industry in the world that built the entire wealth of the Arab world, and even to many African slave traders.

It is estimated that over 50% of the slaves imported to North America came from areas where Islam was followed by at least a minority population. Thus, no less than 200,000 came from regions influenced by Islam. Substantial numbers originated from Senegambia, a region with an established community of Muslim inhabitants extending to the 11th century.

(Video) Women’s Rights in Islam: Divorced at 10

Mature men are allowed to marry prepubescent girls in Islam. They are allowed to molest and sodomize mere infants. When the  pedophile, mass murderer, and self-appointed prophet, Muhammed, laid his lustful, watery 53-year old eyes on Aiysha (to her fathers concern and in violation of religious laws), she was only six moon years old and still playing with dolls. It is the exemplary man of Islam, Muhammad, that has created demonic, cultural beasts out of Muslim men that continue to commit their medieval crimes to this day.

Aiysha was the daughter of Muhammed’s own brother, his step daughter. Muhammad spotted Aiysha in the playground with her friends. Aiysha was afraid of Muhammad and despised her pedophile slave-keeper turned prophet. The Bukhari clarifies her feelings in this chapter:

Narrated ‘Aisha: The things which annul the prayers were mentioned before me. They said, “Prayer is annulled by a dog, a donkey and a woman (if they pass in front of the praying people).” I said, “You have made us (i.e. women) dogs. I saw the Prophet praying while I used to lie in my bed between him and the Qibla. Whenever I was in need of something, I would slip away for I disliked to face him.”

Sahih Bukhari 1:9:490

Perhaps that is why some Shia Muslim clerics believe Aiysha was the one who actually assassinated Mohammed by poisoning him when he was 63, finally ridding the world of this evil, demonic tyrant.

Muhammad’s restrictions were not only to girls but passages in the Koran reveal him to be a pederaster as well [Qur’an, Sura LXXVI:19 “They shall be attended by boys graced with eternal youth, who will seem like scattered pearls to the beholders.”], who would cross-dress in women’s clothing preferring Aiysha’s robes. Based on the sick lifestyle of this prophet, Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini was witnessed to raping a small child whoms cries could heard through the night by guests.

The Quran in Sura 65:1, 4 says:
65:1 O Prophet, when you (and the believers) divorce women, divorce them for their prescribed waiting-period and count the waiting-period accurately . . . 4 And if you are in doubt about those of your women who have despaired of menstruation, (you should know that) their waiting period is three months, and the same applies to those who have not menstruated as yet. As for pregnant women, their period ends when they have delivered their burden. (Maududi, vol. 5, pp. 599 and 617)

Maududi correctly interprets the plain meaning of verse 4, which appears in the context of divorce:

Therefore, making mention of the waiting-period for girls who have not yet menstruated, clearly proves that it is not only permissible to give away the girl at this age but it is permissible for the husband to consummate marriage with her. Now, obviously no Muslim has the right to forbid a thing which the Qur’an has held as permissible. (Maududi, vol. 5, p. 620, note)

Divorcing prepubescent girls implies marriage to them. So the fathers of prepubescent girls may give them away, and their new husbands may consummate their marriage with them. If Islam ever spread around the world, no one should be surprised if Quran-believing Muslims lowered the marriage age of girls to nine years old.

Minimum marriage age in various Islamic countries:

Brunei: no minimum marriage age specified

Kuwait: no substantive minimum marriage age identified

Iran: Civil Code provides that marriage contracted before puberty is invalid unless authorized by natural guardian with ward’s best interests in mind. When authorized before puberty, minimum age is nine. Marriages between Muslim women and non-Muslim men are not recognized

Palestinian Territories of West Bank and Gaza Strip: Gaza Strip- LFR 1954 required puberty and made 9 (female) and 12 (male) minimum ages; Palestinian Qadi al-Quda issued administrative decision in 1995 raising these to 15 female and 16 male.

Sudan: Puberty, with requirement for willing consent of both parties.

Yemen: 9

All ages by lunar years (meaning the children are younger than by the Western calendar).