Muslims Disrespect Christians Around the World by Mocking the ‘Last Supper’ of Christ

3 thoughts on “Muslims Disrespect Christians Around the World by Mocking the ‘Last Supper’ of Christ”

  1. Muslims have so much NERVE. To put down Christians and YES to out THEM in The Last Supper and leave Jesus Out. What fucking bible are they looking at. Cause obviously they are NOT Reading the Real Bible. !!!!!
    They how ever WILL Find out when they Die !
    The stupid stupid Muslim Men WILL Learn they Will NOT get 72 Virgins For whatever stupid reason like blowing themselves up will get these virgins to them. What a bloody joke. Are these idiots serious.
    THEY ALL Are so backwards is nuts.
    They are very violent and Evil people. They worship the Devil whom they THINK IS GOD !!!
    The woman actually walk around with only their eyes showing cause of their STUPID Sharia Law.
    They get RAPED by filthy Muslim men then the woman get Murdered for Adultry. Again are you kidding me.
    Woman can not live. They are just a slave to men. They have no say in anything
    I thank God I am not a Muslim.
    Most or ALL actually are brain washed from young children and so they grow up believing nothing but LIES LIES LIES about pretty much everything they have been told about life. People. Religion. Everything they are taught from birth is a bloody LIE.
    who would kill themselves ( suicide bomber ) for something stupid = a brain washed Muslim = that IS Who.
    And again

  2. Ahhhh but you do NOT like the jokes & cartoons made about the God YOU worship, right? So what you are saying is ONLY YOU MATTER, right? And ONLY YOU can disrespect others, right?

    What makes YOU the only people that count or matter & what gives YOU the right to insult other people’s beliefs?

    If you don’t want to be insulted or disrespected, then do NOT DO IT TO OTHERS!

  3. “We believe that this omission of Jesus is intentional.”

    Firstly, the omission of Jesus was indeed intentional.
    However, the only reason why Jesus (Isa) was not portrayed was purely out of respect. Muslims are FORBIDDEN from depicting the Prophets of Allah.

    “The Muslims are essentially making the claim that Jesus did not exist. ”
    This is where you are very wrong. Muslims, just like all the other Abrahamic religions, do believe in Jesus. But like I just stated above, Jesus is one of the Prophets of Islam therefore it is not allowed for Jesus to be depicted.

    A little research never hurt.

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