Gay report from Uganda states: “Gay Kenyan men trafficked as sex slaves to Arabia”



I don’t buy the report currently doing the rounds on Check the original story out here from 2012.
I first saw this report on Rod 2.0 a couple of days ago and I must admit I took it with a huge grain of salt.

Now that I have given it some thought, and studied the report itself, there is something about this story that doesn’t ring right.

Jordan-based Al Bawaba reports:

Gay men from Kenya are being lured to Persian Gulf countries, where they are trafficked as sex slaves for wealthy men, a magazine in Kenya reports. Identity, the magazine, says the men are lured by promises of high-paying jobs from college campuses — particularly Kenyatta University — and then transported to the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to work as sex slaves, reported.

According to the magazine, due to Kenya’s soaring unemployment rate, the men are easily fooled into this trap. The publication interviewed one Kenyan victim who was promised a job in Qatar but ended up suffering sexual abuse.

Qatar specifically, has no laws against human trafficking, which has made cracking down on the practice nearly impossible. “Qatar is a transit and destination country for men and women subjected to trafficking in persons, specifically forced labor and, to a much lesser extent, forced prostitution,” the US State Department stated in a recent report.
Because of high unemployment in Kenya, the victims easily fall prey to the trap, the magazine says.

A number of questions immediately come to mind here. How are the men identified as gay in order to single them out? Poverty and unemployment afflict straight men in Kenya, too, so how come it is gay men that are lured but not straight men?

Gay African sex slave Bandar Abdulaziz, 32, was killed by his Saudi employer,  Prince Saud Abdulaziz Bin Nasser Al Saud, 34, in January 2010 during a trip to London. Bandars body bore signs of repeated torture, including bite marks on both cheeks and several knocked out teeth. Al Saud also strangled Bandar with such force that he fractured bones in his neck. Al Saud is both a grandson and great-nephew of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah, one of the richest men in the world (Al Saud’s parents are blood cousins). [TMI]


It seemed fitting that one should go to the source quoted, for more information. There is nothing new added to what is already reported.

One needs to put one’s thinking hat on with this kind of story. If it had been any Kenyan gay man lured to Qatar, the UAE or Saudi Arabia and they found themselves trapped as sex slaves, that would make sense. But once one says that he was singled out as a gay man and offered a job in the the Middle East, one should rightly ask some questions:What exactly were you told you were going to do in the Middle East if indeed you were hired because you were a gay man? Why would you think that a place whose hostility to and hypocrisy about homosexuality are well chronicled would specifically look for gay men to go work there?

Wanted in Qatar: Kenyan gay men

If it is indeed true that only Kenyan gay men are being singled out for export to rich Arab men’s harems in Dahran, then it stands to reason that these gay men board the flights when they are already aware of the deal. Else, how can you explain that you were recruited as a gay man to go work in Saudi Arabia and you didn’t know that you were going to go provide sexual services? Why would the recruiters specifically select you, the gay man, if it wasn’t to go and offer your sexual services? What else would they specifically want a gay man in the Middle East for?

What is likely true is that any Kenyan men, gay or straight, are being lured with promises of employment. Then when they arrive in Saudi Arabia, their passports are confiscated and they find themselves having to do whatever their hosts ask of them, including performing sexual favors for a pittance.This story has been turned on its head by an agenda-driven publication which is loathe to admit that the hiring is indiscriminate, and that any Kenyan young man who is hired is finding himself at the receiving end of a bad deal. To say it is gay men only would make the situation look a little more palatable to those who might feel that, after all, those lured into gay sex slavery are already gay so they deserve what they get.

It is Kenyan men, straight and gay, who are lured to the Middle East to end up as sex objects, not just Kenyan gay men. It also stands to reason that many of the straight and gay men who board the flights do so  when they already know the deal – else the traffic would have died out the moment the sex angle became public. Yet, of course, the exodus will not stop on account of those stories. That’s what money does – it talks to both straight and gay men.1. Man ensnared in Saudi Arabia by Facebook gay honey trap


Mubarak Dahir ask Arab homosexuals: Is beheading really done in Saudi Arabia?

Is beheading really done in Saudi Arabia?


A few weeks before taking a trip to Saudi Arabia in October, I sent out a notice to my friends in America and the Arab World, letting them know that I wanted to interview gay men while I was there and asking for their help in making contacts.
In response to my request, I got a flood of frantic e-mails.

Even gay Arab friends, long accustomed to the harsh treatment their own governments give homosexual citizens, sent me urgent and alarmed notes pleading with me to be careful. Saudi Arabia, the e-mails warned me, was exponentially more repressive than any other place I’d visited in the Arab World, and was therefore that much more dangerous.

I knew what was on everyone’s minds: Isn’t beheading the punishment for being gay in Saudi Arabia?

As an openly gay reporter digging around for interviews in a kingdom infamous for its public decapitation rituals, the question was foremost in my mind as well.

But when I got to Saudi Arabia, I found that the answer to this question is not as simple as we in the West often portray it. As far as I could make out, the answer is both yes and no.

We often focus somewhat sensationally and simplistically on the “yes” part of this complicated answer, and that obscures a more accurate picture of what it is like to be gay in probably the world’s most closed society.

This isn’t to dismiss the news of gay men being beheaded in Saudi Arabia.’In January 2002, sketchy reports emerged about the beheading of three men in Abha, a city in the country’s southwest.’The information was first published by the Arab News, an English-language daily in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s capitol. Citing a statement from the Interior Ministry, the paper reported the names of three men who had been beheaded January 1, 2002, for “engaging in the extreme obscenity and ugly acts of homosexuality, marrying among themselves and molesting the young.” The report said the men repeated the acts (of alleged rape of minors) and assaulted people who tried to stop them.

Human rights groups, including Amnesty and the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC), were unable to unearth any further details about the executions.

If you want penis in the Saudi Kingdom, keep your lips sealed.

There have been other beheadings, too. For example, in July 2000, IGLHRC received reports that six gay men were executed in Saudi Arabia. But again, it’s been impossible to collect much meaningful information about the executions that would help us paint a clear picture of the circumstances.

From what I was able to determine while I was in Saudi Arabia, however, it seems unlikely that simply being discovered to be gay is sufficient to get you beheaded.

I was able to do in-depth interviews with five gay men-three in Riyadh, the largest city and the seat of government, and two in Jeddah, the country’s most progressive city. I found these men worrying more about how to meet others for sex and companionship, how to date and keep their sexual orientation secret, whether they would be forced by their families to marry, and what to wear to show off their bodies. Getting beheaded was just about the last thing on anyone’s mind.

All of the men I interviewed were well educated and highly sophisticated as gay men. They weren’t battling internal demons about their sexual orientation. They had all traveled outside Saudi Arabia, and were well aware of the intricate gay life possible beyond their borders. None of them were out to their families or employers, but all of them had gay friends, and some had even confided their secret in a few liberal straight friends.

I brought up the executions that had taken place earlier in the year, and asked point-blank if they feared dying should they be found out. None of the men seemed to know anything more about the executions than the rest of the world does. But they all scoffed at the notion that simply being discovered to be gay would lead to the death penalty.

“Our government controls information tightly, and excels in propaganda,” says “Salim,” a 46-year-old civil engineer with gray hair and a bushy mustache. “So I can’t tell you why those men died.” Salim-who asked that his real name not be used-eloquently summarized most of what the other men had also told me.

“I can tell you there is more sex between men in Saudi Arabia than other places,” he believes, largely because men simply do not have the opportunity to interact with women in Saudi society. If you are quiet about it, you can have as much sex with men as you want, he says, and it’s easy to find. “Sometimes I go to the mall, and I see men staring at me in that way, and I know what they want.”

A sign not very likely to be found in Saudi Arabia….

There are real dangers if the police discover men cruising or having sex, he admits, but the threat is not getting your head chopped off. “They might threaten to expose you to your family if you don’t pay them money, or they might [sexually] abuse you,” says Salim. If you are arrested for gay conduct, the typical reaction, says Salim, is to be sent to a hospital for the equivalent of so-called “reparative therapy,” that tries to make gays straight.

People are beheaded for murder, rape and drug smuggling [*and apostasy, witchcraft, repeated drug use and more. TMI] he insists. Not for being gay.

But, he adds, in a country where it is an act of rebellion for a woman to drive, anything that defies the strict social codes in Saudi Arabia could be construed as political. If as a gay person you are seen as too open,” in a way that might “threaten society”-meaning the heavy hand of the government-it’s possible you could be executed for being gay, the men I spoke to theorized. Or if you are seen as doing anything that might resemble gay political organizing-whether it be in the Western tradition, or on a much more basic level, such as trying to construct too much of a gay community-then your life might be in danger, the men I spoke to conceded.

“You have to remember,” Salim says with caution, “the government does not tolerate threats of any nature.”

Mubarak Dahir’s e-mail address is

Recap article: “Palestinian people do not exist”

Can Africa demand a part of Europe? Can South America demand a part of the United States? Not at all. Then how can “palestinians” have the right to demand a part of Israel? How quick people forget. How quickly political leaders, responsible for the most insane decisions, forget the truth. Today we have countries that even support a terrorist group and fake people calling themselves “palestinians” created out of the usual Mohammedan war propaganda that has been endless since the persecution and slaughter of Jews by Mohammed in 615 AD. Today people support aggressors and terrorists  while they accuse the true victim of incessant hate and violence, rather than help them defend themselves.

Zuheir Mohsen, a Palestinian leader of the pro-Syria as-Sa’iqa faction of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) between 1971 and 1979, openly admitted that Palestinian people were a fake people, created only out of propaganda and the excuse to war against Israel and the Jewish people.

In a March 1977 interview with the Dutch newspaper Trouw Zuheir Mohsen said:

“Between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese there are no differences. We are all part of ONE people, the Arab nation. Look, I have family members with Palestinian, Lebanese, Jordanian and Syrian citizenship. We are ONE people. Just for political reasons we carefully underwrite our Palestinian identity. Because it is of national interest for the Arabs to advocate the existence of Palestinians to balance Zionism. Yes, the existence of a separate Palestinian identity exists only for tactical reasons. The establishment of a Palestinian state is a new tool to continue the fight against Israel and for Arab unity.”

Zuheir Mohsen is not the only one admitting that Palestinians are a fake and created people. Created by a terrorist organization from the inception of the new Israel. The same admission was openly blurted out by Hamas Minister of the Interior and of National Security Fathi Hammad on Egypt TV on March 23, 2012, where Fathi Hammad admitted that Palestinians were actually from neighboring Arab countries: “Brothers, half of the Palestinians are Egyptians and the other half are Saudis”. Because Palestinians are a terrorist creation, Arab nations refuse to give residency to those who now want to leave Gaza and second generation “Palestinians” that are now born in “Palestine”, while they openly use the conflict as a tool to perpetrate Jew hate and propaganda.

Is it right for Obama or EU leaders to demand that Israel hand over their land to a fake people, who never originated there in the first place? Is it right for them to demand Israel to give away more and more of their land so terrorists can move closer into their country? No it is not right. Fact is that the “Palestinians” have no more right to claim Gaza or the West Bank in any form at all than South America has the right to take land from the United States, or Africa has the right to claim land from Europe.

Do you know people who continue to believe Israel has occupied land belonging to “palestinian” people, denying them their own ‘home’? Educate them of the facts and let them know that this conflict is merely built on 1,400 years of Arab racism that points back to the Koran. It has nothing to do with any violations on the part of Israel or the Jews. Don’t forget that after the Jews, these same “Palestinians” want to target the rest of us. After success in taking over Israel, they want to take over Rome, Andalusia and other regions.


Palestinian people do not exist

author-image by Joseph Farah


Joseph Farah is founder, editor and CEO of WND and a nationally syndicated columnist with Creators News Service.. He is the author or co-author of 13 books, including his latest, “The Tea Party Manifesto,” and his classic, “Taking America Back,” now in its third edition and 14th printing. Farah is the former editor of the legendary Sacramento Union and other major-market dailies.


A provocative headline? It’s more than that. It’s the truth.

Truth does not change. Truth is truth. If something was true 50 years ago, 40 years ago, 30 years ago, it is still true today.

And the truth is that only 30 years ago, there was very little confusion on this issue of Palestine.

You might remember the late Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir making the bold political statement: “There is no such thing as a Palestinian people.”

The statement has been a source of ridicule and derision by Arab propagandists ever since. They love to talk about Golda Meir’s “racism.” They love to suggest she was in historical denial. They love to say her statement is patently false – an intentional lie, a strategic deception.

What they don’t like to talk about, however, are the very similar statements made by Yasser Arafat and his inner circle of political leadership years after Meir had told the truth – that there is no distinct Palestinian cultural or national identity.

So, despite the fact that conventional wisdom has now proclaimed that there is such a thing as the Palestinian people, I’m going to raise those uncomfortable quotations made by Arafat and his henchmen when their public-relations guard was down.

Way back on March 31, 1977, the Dutch newspaper Trouw published an interview with Palestine Liberation Organization executive committee member Zahir Muhsein. Here’s what he said:

The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct “Palestinian people” to oppose Zionism.

For tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa, while as a Palestinian, I can undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. However, the moment we reclaim our right to all of Palestine, we will not wait even a minute to unite Palestine and Jordan.”

That’s pretty clear, isn’t it? It’s even more specific than Golda Meir’s statement. It reaffirms what I have written on this subject. And it is hardly the only such statement of its kind. Arafat himself made a very definitive and unequivocal statement along these lines as late as 1993. It demonstrates conclusively that the Palestinian nationhood argument is the real strategic deception – one geared to set up the destruction of Israel.

In fact, on the same day Arafat signed the Declaration of Principles on the White House lawn in 1993, he explained his actions on Jordan TV. Here’s what he said: “Since we cannot defeat Israel in war, we do this in stages. We take any and every territory that we can of Palestine, and establish a sovereignty there, and we use it as a springboard to take more. When the time comes, we can get the Arab nations to join us for the final blow against Israel.”

No matter how many people convince themselves that the aspirations for Palestinian statehood are genuine and the key to peace in the Middle East, they are still deceiving themselves.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, in the history of the world, Palestine has never existed as a nation. The region known as Palestine was ruled alternately by Rome, by Islamic and Christian crusaders, by the Ottoman Empire and, briefly, by the British after World War I. The British agreed to restore at least part of the land to the Jewish people as their ancestral homeland. It was never ruled by Arabs as a separate nation.

Why now has it become such a critical priority?

The answer is because of a massive deception campaign and relentless terrorism over 40 years.

Golda Meir was right. Her statement is validated by the truth of history and by the candid, but not widely circulated, pronouncements of Arafat and his lieutenants.

Israel and the West must not surrender to terrorism by granting the killers just what they want – a public relations triumph and a strategic victory. It’s not too late to say no to terrorism. It’s not too late to say no to another Arab terror state. It’s not too late to tell the truth about Palestine.

UK: Jobless Iraqi ‘benefit queen’ sublets taxpayer funded £2m flat for £4,000 a week

  • Bushra al-Rahimi ordered to pay £30,800 in rent arrears by county court
  • Charged Kuwaiti tourists £4,000 a week to rent property off her
  • Was also in receipt of housing benefit to cover cost of city centre flat

By James Rush

PUBLISHED: 10:44, 31 March 2013 | 


An unemployed Iraqi ‘benefit queen’ charged £4,000 a week to sublet a taxpayer funded £2million flat, it has been claimed.

Bushra al-Rahimi is claimed to have rented out the flat to a family of Kuwaiti tourists, while also being in receipt of housing benefits from Westminster city council to cover the cost of the city centre five-bedroom property.

Al-Rahimi and her family have now been re-housed at taxpayers’ expense in nearby Islington, in a block of flats where another property is let at £5,000 a month.

Bushra al-Rahimi is claimed to have charged £4,000 a week to rent out the flat at Harrowby Court (pictured) to a family of Kuwaiti tourists, while also being in receipt of housing benefitsBushra al-Rahimi is claimed to have charged £4,000 a week to rent out the flat at Harrowby Court (pictured) to a family of Kuwaiti tourists, while also being in receipt of housing benefits

The alleged offence came to light after director of Lord Estates Hany Hanna was asked to intervene by the head lessor of the flats at Harrowby Court, in a street near Marble Arch, the Sunday Times has reported.

Mr Hanna said when he called at the flat, which is close to Tony Blair’s home in Connaught Square, in the first week of July 2011 a man claiming to be the rightful tenant opened the door – in an e-mail to the head lessor Anthony Slingsby, Mr Hanna said he could tell by his accent he was from Kuwait.

He said he heard the man talking on the phone after he shut the door and was later called by al-Rahimi who asked him to leave. He accused her of committing a fraud and warned her the matter had been reported to Seymour police station.

Mr Hanna last week said the man in the flat told him he was paying £4,000 a week rent when he told him to leave.

Al-Rahimi and her four children moved back into the flat, but she was accused again of unauthorised subletting on December 23.

According to the Sunday Times, when the flat’s owner, Jean-Francois Destexhe, 42, a multi-millionaire based in Hong Kong, visited the property he found two young Frenchman paying £800 to £1,000 a week to share a single bedroom.

The flat al-Rahimi is alleged to have subletted is close to Tony Blair's home in Connaught Square (pictured)The flat al-Rahimi is alleged to have subletted is close to Tony Blair’s home in Connaught Square (pictured)

In March 2012 he instructed solicitors to evict al-Rahimi, who is believed to receive jobseeker’s allowance of £71 a week, and an order for possession was granted by the Central London county court in October that same year – she was ordered to pay £30,800 in rent arrears, although Destexhe says he is still owed the money.

Mr Destexhe said he did not feel he should criticise because he is an overseas resident, but admitted he did not understand, ‘why a government would feel it needs every council, including the ones situated in the most expensive areas of Europe, to carry the burden of accommodating these people under the welfare system’.

Lindsey Hall, Westminster city council’s anti-fraud tsar, said it was investigating ‘for possible illegal subletting last year, and those investigations are continuing’.


British Muslim sisters on aid trip are kidnapped and raped in front of their father after being stopped at Libyan checkpoint


  • Two women were abducted on the outskirts of Benghazi en route to Gaza
  • Taken by men in military uniforms to an isolated farm along with their father
  • Witnesses said sisters, of Pakistani origin, wearing ‘Free Palestine’ t-shirts
  • Officials said four suspects had been arrested and are tracing a fifth person
  • Deputy Prime Minister Awad al-Barassi said father witnessed the rape
  • Libyan Interior Ministry blamed the incident on ‘outlaws’ and illicit checkpoint

By Chris Greenwood

PUBLISHED: 12:13, 29 March 2013 | 


Two British (Muslim) women aid workers were kidnapped and raped in front of their father after being stopped at an unofficial checkpoint in Libya.

The sisters were abducted when their vehicle was stopped on the outskirts of the eastern city of Benghazi.

They were taken by men in military uniforms to an isolated farm and subjected to a horrific sex attack in front of their father.

Three female aid workers were kidnapped and sexually assaulted in Benghazi, Libya while they were en route to the Gaza StripKidnap: The sisters, who are of Pakistani origin, were kidnapped on Tuesday at an unofficial checkpoint on the outskirts of Benghazi


Witnesses said the young women, both Pakistan-born British citizens, were wearing veils and Free Palestine T-shirts. Libyan officials said four suspects have been arrested and security forces are trying to trace a fifth.

It was unclear whether they were part of the ‘revolutionary brigades’ that serve under the country’s security ministries or outlaw militia.

Deputy prime minister Awad al-Barassi said the sisters were in a ‘very bad shape’ after the horrific attack, which happened on Tuesday. Last night they were preparing to fly home to the UK.

He said the women were part of an ten-vehicle aid convoy trying to reach the Gaza Strip with medical supplies. Organised by IHH, a Turkish humanitarian relief organisation, the aid mission left Britain on February 25 but became stuck in Libya when Egyptian border guards refused to let the convoy cross into Egypt.


Facebook post: Turkish humanitarian relief organisation posted on Facebook that the group had not been in grave danger when they were capturedFacebook post: Turkish humanitarian relief organisation posted on Facebook that the group had not been in grave danger when they were captured

The family were on a bus on their way to Benghazi’s Benina airport when they were stopped at the unofficial checkpoint by armed young men in military uniforms.

Mr al-Barassi said the women and their father were kidnapped, and the man witnessed his daughters’ rape.

He said he visited the victims and met their father at a Benghazi hospital to apologise on behalf of the Libyan people and government. He described the family as being in a ‘very bad psychological state’.

There were reports that two other members of the aid group were also assaulted by a different armed group and that two others are missing.

The remaining members of the aid convoy travelled to the Turkish consulate in Benghazi for safety.

The family was on its way to Benghazi¿s Benina International Airport when they were stopped at a checkpointThe family was on its way to Benghazi¿s Benina International Airport when they were stopped at a checkpoint

Mr al-Barassi said those involved in the attack would stand trial soon.

The attack highlights how Libya remains a dangerous place for foreigners in the aftermath of the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime.

Hundreds of heavily armed militia, many with links to criminal gangs, continue to operate freely across the country.



1,500 people evacuated from Eiffel Tower after anonymous phone call claimed explosives had been placed around landmark


  • Police received telephoned warning from a phone booth in a Paris suburb
  • Evacuation carried out shortly after 7.30pm while sniffer dogs searched

By Peter Allen

PUBLISHED: 20:47, 30 March 2013 | 


The Eiffel Tower was evacuated tonight following a telephoned terrorist bomb warning.

Some 1,500 people, including tourists and staff, were escorted out of France’s most famous landmark shortly after 7.30pm.

It follows threats from Al-Qaeda pledging ‘revenge’ for the French intervention in the African state of Mali to fight Islamic terrorists.

Tonight, police were standing guard near the Eiffel Tower in Paris after an anonymous phone call announced an attack on the monumentTonight, police were standing guard near the Eiffel Tower in Paris after an anonymous phone call announced an attack on the monument

Police said an anonymous call had been received from a phone booth in a Paris suburb warning that explosives had been place around the tower.

The bomb warning said the blast would happen at 9.30pm, said police. But by 10pm there had been no explosion.

The tower was still shut, with trained sniffer dog teams searching for a possible bomb.

‘It may be that the tower does not reopen tonight,’ said a police spokesman.

‘Searches are carrying on, but no members of the public are being allowed anywhere near. There has been a full evacuation.’

The tower is normally open until midnight during the Easter weekend, and nearby restaurants including Le Jules Verne are particularly busy on a Saturday night.

A police cordon was formed around the tower and people were moved to the banks of the nearby River Seine.

There have been numerous bomb alerts at the Eiffel Tower in recent years, and France is currently on the highest state vigilance alert because of threats from  Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

Sniffer dog teams searched the landmark for explosives after the Eiffel Tower was evacuated shortly after 7.30pmSniffer dog teams searched the landmark for explosives after the Eiffel Tower was evacuated shortly after 7.30pm


President Francois Hollande has placed himself at the centre of the global war against terrorism, committing troops and airpower to the on-going war in Mali.

He has also stepped up security in mainland France, where there is a constant fear that Islamic extremists will strike.

The 1,050ft tall iron lattice tower was built for the 1889 World’s Fair, and soon turned into a prestige symbol of modern France.

It is the most visited paid-for monument in the world, with some 7million people a year going up it.

For all these reasons, French security officials frequently highlight the tower’s vulnerability to terrorist attack.



India: Small boy mutilated and tortured by Muslim cleric

Eight hundreds years under the horrid clutches of Islam with over 100 million of Indian people slaughtered in unprovoked Muslim attacks when Muslims tried to conquer their country and robbed all their wealth to live like Kings in their country, yet there continues to be tensions between Muslims and Hindus in India.

When India received independence in 1947, 85% of the entire country adhered to Hindu beliefs and the people were vegetarian. Now, after more than fifty years of independence Hindu culture has become more and more islamified with 90% of the population consuming meat, with brutality against women, inequality, rape, and barbaric Islamic practices adopted and blended into Hindu culture.

(Video) What can happen to Muslims when they leave Islam…?

This is not meant to be some form of advertising to any particular religion to anyone, but is only given as an example what transformation can happen to a person who completely cuts off from Islamic ideology.

In the first video we see the mindset of suicide bombers, convinced that they are committing the right act in accordance to Islam. In the second video we see a Muslim cleric, a known authority and representative of Islam. In the  last video is Iranian Hezbollah terrorist Afshin Javid. Javid had committed his life to become a shahid, a martyr (suicide bomber. His grandfather had convinced him to emigrate to America, to build and commit terror deeds against the ‘big satan’. With forged passport and trying to enter America via Malaysia, he got arrested. It is in prison in Malaysia that he suddenly gets transformed and abandon Islam.

Some Muslims say that extremists are not following Islam but are misinterpreting it, or distorting it and are not true Muslims. Whether the Koran is a hijacked or not is rather irrelevant, because fact remains that millions of Muslims around the world consider it accurate and valid and indeed commit legalized murders and persecution under the directives of Islam. They are willing to commit the worse of evils merely from the blind conviction that whatever is written in the Koran is true, is law and is their duty. It is therefore a dangerous and hateful religion, no different than the hate ideology of nazism.


Leaving Islam

From this mindset under Islamic thinking…..:


To this transformation, when terrorist Afshin Javid, cut off Islam….:

Weekend documentary: Inside the mind of a Terrorist: Bali Bombers 2002

Inside the Mind of a Terrorist. Bali Bombers 2002.

Suitably posted by a radicalist group called Call2Islam who are calling for more members to join. This documentary was originally released by CNN.

Muslims have been relentlessly murdering, invading, pillaging, occupying lands of Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and on and on for more than 14 centuries, but all these atrocities are somehow trivial to them and are never even discussed. When Islams brutal and criminal history comes up, then too Muslims manage to make themselves into victims. No matter how provocative and violent they are, no matter how many conflicts they initiate and start – they are always ‘the victim’. When Mohammed slaughtered the entire Jewish tribes of Medina and took all their wealth, destroyed their history and occupied their land, Muslims still manage to twist history into self-pity and pretend they were the victims.

It is the mindset of a truly evil, mentally ill group of people.

All U.S. meddling in the Middle East – which is now being used as an excuse for more aggression – originate from encouragement and support of Saudi Arabia. Internally the Arabs try to push the U.S. to initiate conflicts with Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria – but officially they play the victim role, subject to some aggressive foreign attacker. The same manipulations and forgery that has been in existence with these people since the time of Mohammed continues to this day. And it just continues to escalate. This is the very reason why the entire Western world need to treat the entire Islamic community as a gangrene, and cut all international trade with them, all petro-dollar association, cut all funding to the Middle East, stop all military intervention, stop weapon sales, ban immigration and travels from the Middle East, and so on.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

(Video) The work of “God”: Interview with Saudi executioner who behead 2,500 people a year

Human rights organizations claim that only 76 people were executed in 2012 under Sharia law in Saudi Arabia. Even the human rights organizations, who do nothing to oppose Muslim brutality imported into the West, have not done their research. Not 76 but thousands of people are executed in Saudi Arabia every year. Muhammad Saad al-Beshi admit to performing up to seven beheadings per day and there are many executioners across the Arabian peninsula. Executions are suppose to be applied to murderers and drug-trafficking but has become common for even small offences. In addition to murder, Saudi Arabia applies the death penalty for crimes not considered “serious” under international norms.
The death penalty can be imposed for a wide range of offences including murder, rape, false prophecy, armed robbery, repeated drug use, apostasy, adultery (for women), witchcraft and sorcery and can be carried out by beheading with a sword, or more rarely by firing squad, and sometimes by stoning. Saudi’s commits so many executions they had vacancy ads running for weeks in the beginning of 2013. To speed up the backlog firing squads are being considered to replace the head choppers. This will also reduce time and errors when executioners miss to cut the head in one blow. Popular executioner Muhammad Saad al-Beshi, who gets paid per beheading, says he is not worried to get unemployed if his job  tasks are replaced by firing squads. 
If the West had Sharia based law, there would be very few Muslims left in our countries. Considering the most severe volume of third degree crimes are committed by Muslim men in our society, their desire for Sharia justice could be contracted to Arabia – and Muslims criminals can be sent there to meet the justice they admire so much, rather than waste our taxpayers monies.
In addition to executions, there is crucifixion as an additional death penalty. An executed persons body is often hung on public display, or hung from a helicopter for all to see. When executioners are not busy killing people, they are busy cutting hands and feet off people accused of theft. In Riyadh there is a list of executions performed each day starting at 9 am in Chop Chop square, which turns into a bazaar after the beheadings are finished. In other parts (ex. Asir, Abha, Tabuk) there are executions lined up either daily or after Friday prayer, every week. A person condemned to be beheaded can be pardoned although this is not too common. Muslims don’t do compassion well.
Many victims are of course women (and foreign workers) since women are automatically accused of causing the crimes committed by men. A raped woman, for example, is punished for adultery. The rapist is not punished and can continue raping more women – except if he is from an illiterate working class. Men can also murder their wives and children without any worry of penalties. The law is quickly applied to the poor while the rich are often spared any form of punishment even for severe crimes.
Although Muslims always defend Sharia executions as a fair way of dealing with crime, they refuse to acknowledge murder of women, rape, assault and incest as worthy of punishment. These acts are not a crime under Sharia. They also have no punishment to the hundreds of thousands of Arab employers who severely abuse and enslave their maids, sometimes killing them.  In other words; executions are fair if they are applied to women, a foreign worker, or someone from a poor background.
The job as an executioner is mainly appointed to what Arabs consider ‘unclean’ people. One favored new executioner is Muhammad Saad al-Beshi, a black slave descendant from the Arab slave trade in Africa. His father was an executioner and al-Beshi witnessed his first execution as a child. His only reaction as a small boy was the desire to see the digestive system of the dead body [what to expect of these savage, barbaric people! Any emotions, any sympathy?]. He worked in the Saudi prison system and wanted to be an executioner. He was contracted in 1998 and now execute at least seven people per day (2,555 per year) and work under a non-disclosure agreement. An executioner is not employed on payroll by the government per say since the act is considered unclean, but is rather outsourced/contracted for the work. He is paid per successful execution. They are also compensated for the sword and accommodation.
A major problem in this horrid Sharia system is that the accused can easily be accused for crimes he never committed, since there is no stringent requirement for evidence, no access to legal representation or the opportunity to appeal. Often the case is brought to the attention of authorities based on a ‘witness’. But witnesses can be purchased for a couple of hundred dollars in a corrupt system. With this system a completely innocent man or woman can be beheaded for baseless accusations based on sheer imagination, accusations based on revenge, based on competition, or based on completely fabricated charges. Recently foreign maids who had been severely abused by their employers were executed for fighting back. Some even killing their employer in self-defense, trying to protect themselves from abuse and assault. No charges of penalty was added on the employer since a non-Arab has no support from the “justice” system in a Saudi Sharia court system. There is no record keeping in Arabia of neither crimes or court proceedings.
Tell us what you think: should the West sign agreements with Saudi Arabia to expedite the permanent removal of criminally charged Muslim men to face punishments in Arabia on their own terms, and stop wasting our tax monies and legal system?


The work of God

Decent pay, flexible hours, good benefits package – but being Saudi Arabia’s state executioner does have its down side, as Muhammad Saad al-Beshi tells Mahmoud Ahmed

Mahmoud Ahmed
The Guardian,

Muhammad Saad al-Beshi beheads up to seven people a day. “It doesn’t matter to me: Two, four, 10 – as long as I’m doing God’s will, it doesn’t matter how many people I execute,” says Saudi Arabia’s leading executioner. Al-Beshi began his career at a prison in Taif, where his job was to handcuff and blindfold the prisoners before their execution. “Because of this background, I developed a desire to be an executioner,” he says. When a position became vacant, he applied and was accepted immediately. His first job was in 1998 in Jeddah. “The criminal was tied and blindfolded. With one stroke of the sword I severed his head. It rolled metres away.” Of course he was nervous, he says – there were a lot of people watching, after all – but now stage fright is a thing of the past. He says he is calm at work because he is doing God’s work. “But there are many people who faint when they witness an execution. I don’t know why they come and watch if they don’t have the stomach for it. Me? I sleep very well.”Does he think people are afraid of him? “In this country we have a society that understands God’s law,” he says. “No one is afraid of me. I have a lot of relatives, and many friends at the mosque, and I live a normal life like everyone else. There are no drawbacks for my social life.”Before an execution, none the less, he will visit the family of the victim of the criminal to obtain forgiveness for the man about to die. “I always have that hope, until the very last minute, and I pray to God to give the criminal a new lease of life. I always keep that hope alive.”

Al-Beshi will not reveal how much he gets paid per execution, as this is a confidential agreement with the government. But he insists that the reward is not important. “I am very proud to do God’s work,” he says.

However, he does reveal that a sword costs something in the region of 20,000 Saudi riyals (£3,300). “It’s a gift from the government. I look after it and sharpen it once in a while, and I make sure to clean it of bloodstains. It’s very sharp. People are amazed how fast it can separate the head from the body.”

By the time the victims reach the execution square, they have surrendered themselves to death, he says, though they may hope to be forgiven at the last minute. Indeed, the only conversation that takes place is when he tells the prisoner to say the Shahada, their covenant with Allah. “Their hearts and minds are taken up with reciting the Shahada. When they get to the execution square, their strength drains away. Then I read the execution order, and at a signal I cut the prisoner’s head off.”

He has executed a number of women without hesitation. “Despite the fact that I hate violence against women, when it comes to God’s will, I have to carry it out.”

There is no great difference between the execution of men and women, except that the women wear hijab, and no one is allowed near them except Al-Beshi when the time for execution comes. When executing women, he has a choice of weapon. “It depends what they ask me to use. Sometimes they ask me to use a sword and sometimes a gun. But most of the time I use the sword,” he says.

As an experienced executioner, 42-year-old Al-Beshi is entrusted with the task of training the young. “I successfully trained my son Musaed, 22, as an executioner and he was approved and chosen,” he says proudly. Training focuses on the way to hold the sword and where to hit, and consists mostly of the trainee observing the executioner at work.

But an executioner’s work is not all killing; sometimes it can simply be an amputation. “I use a special sharp knife instead of a sword,” he explains. “When I cut off a hand, I cut it from the joint. If it is a leg, the authorities specify where it is to be taken off, so I follow that.”

Al-Beshi describes himself as a family man. He was married when he became an executioner, and his wife did not object to his choice of profession. “She only asked me to think carefully before committing myself,” he recalls. “But I don’t think she’s afraid of me. I deal with my family with kindness and love. They aren’t afraid when I come back from an execution. Sometimes they help me clean my sword.”

A father of seven, he is a grandfather already. “My daughter has a son called Haza, and he’s my pride and joy,” he says. “Then there are my sons. The oldest one is Saad, and of course there is Musaed, who will be the next executioner.”

· Reprinted with permission from Arab News.




Reenactment of a story of a Saudi man sentenced to ‘retribution’ by beheading (in Arabic)


About 1.5 million Indonesians work in Saudi Arabia – many of them as domestic maids. But there have been rows over the alleged mistreatment of maids in the recent past. The beheading of Ruyati binti Sapubi caused an outcry in Indonesia, where MPs called for a ban on workers being sent to the Middle East. The 54-year-old maid confessed to killing her boss with a kitchen knife after suffering extreme abuse and having no documents to leave the country or any means to escape.

Arab entertainment: beheaded for involuntary manslaughter during speedracing demonstration

This reckless Kuwaiti driver lost control of his car during a hobby speedracing demonstration and ran into a spectator who was standing too close to the road – with no fencing or support to separate spectators from traffic. No need to explain what his punishment was. This kind of capital punishment is referred to as retribution punishment. There exists no legal justice, retribution, punishment or sentencing for rape, assault, abuse, murder of women or children or incest of infants, or animal torture. The law basically exists only for men.

Irresponsible speeding is a very popular sport in boring, restricted and entertainment free Saudi Arabia and the disease has spread to London, where rich Arab children bring muscle cars and speed through the streets all day and night, keeping the residents disturbed for weeks at a time.



New virus more deadly than sars shown to originate from Middle East

We’ve reported previously that worldwide anti-semitism through history originated from 1,400 years of Arab jew propaganda and persecution created by Muhammad. This persecution began when jews started strong opposition and fights against Muhammad’s invasion and barbarism of their countries and people. The entire Middle East was conquered by the most extreme violence and brutality known in human history and the jews were left displaced and nationless. The newer sections of the Koran claim that Muhammad was poisoned by a jew and this illustration is repeatedly used in jew hatred across Islamic countries.

Another form of warfare/jihad used by Muslims in those days was the spread of diseases. New diseases originating from the Arab slave trade in Africa began to suddenly spread to regions not involved in slavery or trading with Arabs. The disease followed along with sudden rise in anti-semitism. Although there existed plague prior to Islam, the plague never spread nor did it wipe out entire countries. Other diseases such as cholera, syphilis, while pandemic never killed entire countries and people. And plague continues to exist in the world today, yet don’t wipe out entire populations. In addition, for example, Britain actively traded with many countries across the world yet England got afflicted with the plague spreading from the south, where regions were subject to Muslim attacks and invasions.

Egypt was a price of great value for the Arabs, and lo and behold – was weakened by a rampant plague (Yersina pestis) outbreak before it was conquered. Egypt was one of the earliest known ports before the plague spread to Europe. The outbreak in Constantinople – another highly valued Arab port of conquest – was thought to have been carried to the city by “infected rats on grain boats” arriving from Egypt. Coincident? Hardly. Modern scholars believe that the plague killed up to 5,000 people per day in Constantinople at the peak of the pandemic. The initial plague ultimately killed perhaps 40% of the city’s inhabitants and caused the deaths of up to a quarter of the human population of the eastern Mediterranean. Frequent subsequent waves of the plague continued to strike throughout the 6th, 7th and 8th centuries, with the disease becoming more localized and less virulent.

Trade and/or rats cannot have been the main cause for the massive plague outbreak that killed half of Europe.

So why did the bubonic plague, the black death spread so rapid and wipe out 40 million people in less than 30 years? The answer is: deliberate Muslim jihad. They correlate to the Islamic invasion and spread into the West with the same speed as Islam spread during conquests.  More recent studies suspect that the plague was the world’s first major biological warfare (Wheelis, Mark (September 2002). “Biological Warfare at the 1346 Siege of Caffa”. Emerging Infectious Diseseases 8 (9): 971–75.). Y. pestis, the plague bacteria of the middle ages, is potentially one of the first examples of biological warfare in history, when in 1347 plague victims were catapulted by the Mongols over the city walls of Caffa, a town currently known as Feodosiya located in present day Ukraine. Historians now believe it is possible that infected inhabitants “may have fled” to Italy, thus spreading the Black Death to Europe, though this is likely only one of a few routes that could have brought the Plague from the East.

Muslims believed:

  1. The plague was a mercy and a martyrdom from God for the faithful Muslim, and a punishment for the infidel.
  2. A Muslim should neither enter nor flee a plague-stricken land.
  3. There was no contagion (for Muslims) of the plague, because diseases came directly from God.

* (Source: Source: Michael W. Dols, The Black Death in the Middle East, Princeton University Press, 1977, p. 23)

Historical facts show that surviving jews were enslaved by Arabs and diseased with the plague. These sick and dying jews were then let “free” in different trading ports in Southern Europe from where they would move into the country to spread the diseases to these areas. Anti-semitism against jews rumored as cursed and diseased spread across Europe and created the first major and widespread discord between Christians and jews. Over 40 million people died from the black death. The Koran mentions that Christians and jews were friends and had no enmity between each other, and therefore Muslims must consider both their enemies and create enmity and division between them. The best way to do so, is of course, indirectly.

The Black death and burning of Jews of Cologne in Germany in the Late Middle Ages.


This illustration is a depiction of the torture and execution of men believed to be spreading the disease that caused the Black Death or the Bubonic Plague. Witches, Jews, and vagabonds were believed to cause the disease and spread the plague to others. For this, they were persecuted and killed. During the plague, millions of people died, about a third of Europe’s population.

The bubonic plague timeline:

When a new virus was discovered in Europe last year, we announced the similarity of the cases with the old jihad method from the middle ages, when diseases were intentionally pushed into Europe in efforts to conquer Europe. The virus was discovered with Arab nationals suddenly appearing in the UK, Germany and other countries to get treated for their disease. Why come to Europe? There are first class hospitals to treat them in Arabia. The virus was originally suspected to originate from China. Now the virus has been shown to originate from the Middle East.

More recently, Y. pestis which wiped out half of Europes entire population has gained attention as a possible biological warfare agent and the CDC has classified it as a category A pathogen requiring preparation for a possible terrorist attack.


New virus is MORE deadly than Sars, warn scientists after second Briton dies taking death toll to 11

  • New research shows coronavirus affects many organs and kills quickly
  • ‘It could be more virulent than Sars’ says microbiologist
  • Announced this week that second British man has died from virus

By Anthony Bond

PUBLISHED: 13:45, 29 March 2013 |

A new virus which has claimed the life of a second Briton is potentially more deadly than Sars, scientists have warned.

The mysterious coronavirus, which has emerged in the Middle East, attacks the respiratory system and was only identified six months ago.

So far there have been 11 deaths – with the World Health Organisation this week saying a second British man has died [=British, meaning Muslim. The patient is of Middle Eastern origin].

Killer: A new virus which has claimed the life of a second Briton is potentially more deadly than Sars, scientists have warned. Killer: A new virus which has claimed the life of a second Briton is potentially more deadly than Sars, scientists have warned. This image shows a microscope image of coronavirus

New research has found that unlike Sars – severe acute respiratory syndrome  – the new virus affects many different organs in the body, killing cells extremely quickly.

Speaking to the South China Morning Post,  microbiologist Yuen Kwok-yung,  said if the virus mutated further it could cause a deadly pandemic.

‘It could be more virulent [than Sars]’, he said. ‘The Sars coronavirus infects very few human cell lines. But this new virus can infect many types of human cell lines, and kill cells rapidly.’

Seventeen cases have been announced since the WHO issued an alert in September last year, most of them with links to the Middle East.

This week it was announced that a 73-year-old man from the United Arab Emirates had also died from the virus.

He was flown to hospital in Munich last week and died on Tuesday, the World Health Organisation said.

Source: Experts believe the coronavirus originated in batsSource: Experts believe the coronavirus originated in bats

It also confirmed a British man with a history of travel to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan had died in a British hospital.

The source of coronavirus is not known, but experts believe it originated in bats.

Animals which could host the virus include monkeys, pigs and even rabbits

Scientists say the new virus is from the same viral family that causes the common cold and also triggered the outbreak of Sars which swept the world from Asia in late 2003, leaving 775 dead.

Symptoms of coronavirus – which doctors say spreads rapidly around the body within 48 hours of infection – include severe breathing difficulties, fever, coughing and pneumonia.

It can also attack the kidneys, according to health experts.

In a statement issued late on Tuesday, the WHO said it was encouraging governments to watch for all severe respiratory infections and especially for any unusual patterns they might take.

For the moment, the U.N. agency said, it was not advising countries to set up any special screening for the virus at entry points and was not recommending any of the travel or trade restrictions introduced during the SARS epidemic.

The first reported case of infection by the previously little-known virus was a Qatari man who had also traveled to Saudi Arabia. Earlier in 2012, a 60-year-old Saudi national was believed to have died from it.