(Video) Ethiopian migrant testimony: women get raped and sold for money, men get burnt

Young Ethiopian immigrant worker gives testimony of the treatment she received at the hands of Saudi’s and Yemeni’s at the borders when entering the countries as migrant workers. “They forced me to watch. They tortured girls in front of me. They beat us and they raped us at gunpoint. I was terrified. Everything you can imagine they (Arabs) do to us.”

“They break bones, take people’s eyes out. I saw it with my own eyes.”

Ethiopian experience at the borders of Saudi Arabia and Yemen as immigrants end in people being sold, raped, killed. Sold to a torture camp young Ethiopian girl immigrants are raped every single day. Women get raped, men get burnt alive. Girls get sold for $260 to Arabs who then get the right to rape them, often in groups, and torture them. Yet blacks want to convert to Islam where abuse of blacks is fully legal and endorsed! Do they pay attention to what Islam actually permit to be done to them, and what is being done to Africans in Arab countries every single day?

The tragedy with these African workers who venture to Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations to work and earn a decent living is simply horrendous. The abuse is beyond anyone’s imagination.

Video shows a mixture of clips on Ethiopian immigrants, enslaved, chained, torture camps interviewed by international journalist. English subtitles during most of the clip except the beginning.

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