Wake-up call: Denmark shocked at 1000% Muslim Somali crime numbers

In a response to the Danish people’s Party, Martin Henriksen, given by justice minister Karen Haekkerup Monday, it appears that Somali nationals are significantly over-represented in Denmark’s crime statistic database (Photo: Capture from Karen Haekkerup’s response).

Original Letter:
The Justice Minister’s response and statistics here (PDF)

Shocking numbers: How criminal are Somalis in Denmark

By Berit Hartung Tirsdag den 17. december 2013, BT

[Bing translate] Somalis in Denmark are more criminal than Danes and immigrants from other countries. It is being revealed in  brand new figures from the Ministry of Justice.

A recent response by the Justice Minister to the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign and Integration Policy shows that the problem of criminals with Somali citizenship is a large and growing problem.

People with Somali citizenship were sentenced in 2012 for violations of criminal law almost ten times more often [1000%] as people with Danish citizenship, which taking into account consist of the largest population group.

For every 1000 Somali nationals charged last year 114 were convicted for violations of the Penal Code. The same figures for Danish citizens is 13 (12.9% of 1000), while 54 out of 1000 citizens from other countries got a conviction.

And that figure is rising, reveal the result from data on the development from 2008 to 2012.

The question to the Minister posed in November were as follows:

-Will the Secretary please advise where high crime is amongst the Somali population in Denmark, both compared to other immigrant groups and in relation to the Danes?

Question was asked at the invitation of DF’eren Martin Henriksen, and he is surprised by the figures.

-It is very aggressive [high]. It is thought-provoking that the figures for Somali nationals are so high. When you look at how large the group of asylum seekers from Somalia are, then it does not bring it especially into a bright future, says Danish people’s Party’s Immigration spokesman, and adds:

-It is showing that it is deeply problematic to have immigration from Somalia. That is what we should be thinking into the immigration policy.

Martin Henriksen makes no bones that it was particularly the so-called Gullestrup-case, where a young Somali raped a 10-year-old girl, which prompted him to ask the question.

Danish people’s Party will use the answer politically. Martin Henriksen is hoping that the answer from the Minister can kick new life into the integration debate and, in the longer term, help to tighten the requirements of immigration into Denmark.

-If you care about, that people should not be exposed to crime, then it is also pertinent to look at whether there are certain population groups, which greatly contribute to crime statistics. And if it is, it is natural to adjust a reduction for that section of immigrants, says Martin Henriksen.

He warns, however, not to discriminate against an entire population. Quite the contrary.

-I believe that a tight immigration policy is good for the well-integrated immigrants regardless of what background they have. So they do not run the risk that people look askance at them because their population is over-represented in crime statistics, reads the argument from Henriksen.

Last weekend a 15-year-old boy with a Somali background was taken into custody in a rape trial at Vollsmose. He is charged with having raped a young woman in Vollsmose in Odense on Friday night.



Sweden’s rape wave has been exported to Denmark. And like the Swedes, the Danes have been kept in the dark about the Trojan Pig in their midst: Muslim immigrants.

The Swedish extreme left-wing media is infamous for pixelating the complexion and hair of foreign criminals and lying about their origin, hiding their identities and names. The media goes out of their way to hide statistics on the horrendous reality of rape and violent crimes in Sweden, a sole contribution by its immigrants and especially Muslim immigrants. Muslim immigrants have made Sweden number 2 in the world. Meaning, the second largest rape nation on earth – after Nigeria.

The socialist libtard government and the media that refuses to educate the public about the realities of Islam and Muslim “culture”  are complicit in all these crimes, and by doing nothing to protect the women and children in the country they themselves are criminals.

Hijacked leftist media: Swedish socialist libtard media Aftonbladet published a description of the perpetrator (on the left in a black and white cutout) with the profile of a Swedish man. On the right is the real perpetrator.

Lamin Abdikarim Ali (earlier known as Jassin Abdikarim Mahamud) is probably one of the least suitable immigrants to Sweden. Charged with fraud in 2003, knife assault, theft and rape in 2004, robbery in 2007 its amazing Swedish authorities are not jailed for public endangerment. The man had already participated in the extremely violent gang-rape of two young Swedish women (seen below) after being investigated for another rape in 2011 of a 84-year-old woman, and was released.

Linda and Jenny, two Swedish teenagers in Gothenburg, were heading into town when a group of Somali men were walking on the same side of the street. They chatted to the girls and asked if they could walk along as they were heading in the same direction. The girls, having no authority over the public roads of Sweden, although surprised said it was fine.

When they group passed through a passage leading to a park, heavily concealed by fog, the demeanor of the Muslims suddenly changed and they attacked the girls, pulled them to the ground, kicked and beat them with pipes until they passed out. When they finally came to senses they noticed that the men tried to pull their jeans off, and when they screamed in protest they were met with beatings. The girls were then gang raped.

How can any sane government, media, and ministers protect the identity and safety of anyone committing a crime like this? The Swedish media and government are fully and legally complicit in the crimes committed against the women by immigrants.

13 thoughts on “Wake-up call: Denmark shocked at 1000% Muslim Somali crime numbers”

  1. what’s new………….please give us something the average mark doesnt know but the average mohammid loves<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  2. It’s not all bad news. Here in Britain, the ‘liberal’ press have been lamenting the ‘loss’ of Dr Abbas Khan, a ‘British’ national who went to fight the jihad in Syria (smuggling himself in from Turkey) and came unstuck. They are reporting the death of this ‘hero’ today.

    1. Probably there for jihad or to aid injured terrorists – not to help minorities. A Sunni Muslim would be unlikely to smuggle himself in to “help” someone.

  3. In the U.S., Muslims constitute 0.8% of the population and 80% of the defendants in terror prosecutions. That Islam means terrorism is historically and statistically undeniable.

    We have a right to be safe. Governments exist for this purpose. We can be safe only if Islam is demographically absent. It is syllogistically mandatory that Islam be criminalized and all adherents be removed, through repatriation and depatriation.

    We come first: no mosques, no terror, no Muslims.

  4. The Somali in Denmark has from the exact outset been a problem. Their problematic culture manifested in public schools drove teachers’ nut. Those undergraduates have long time ago grown into full-time social aid benefactor. The actual socialist-liberal government in Copenhagen is accomplishes in the whole misery. One day they have to pay for their treacherous policy.
    The same political constellation was in work during the Nazi-German occupation of Denmark. Like today they felt that it’s safer to play the invader’s play. One time a coward always a coward.

  5. somolians were invited to invade denmark by traitorous danish elites who know or should know that somolians are criminals in somolia, and everywhere else they go. they are scriptually obligated to rape, enslave, and kill infidels. the problem is not the somolians. the problem is the criminals who invited them to invade denmark (and every other country they have been invited to infest. first, execute the archtraitors who invited the invaders. then send the invaders home.

  6. somolians were invited to invade denmark by traitorous danish elites who know or should know that somolians are criminals in somolia, and everywhere else they go. they are scriptually obligated to rape, enslave, and kill infidels. the problem is not the somolians. the problem is the criminals who invited them to invade denmark (and every
    other country they have been invited to infest. first, execute the archtraitors who invited the invaders).then send the invaders home.

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