Muslims poison dogs in Sweden with laced sausages

Laced sausage poisoning is now exported to Sweden. This kind of method to kill dogs and cats have been used by Muslims in Spain, Britain, Netherlands, France and other parts of Europe. They also fill sausages with nails and spread them over fields and other areas where dog owners walk their pets. Muslims have also been found dosing pets with lighter fluid and lit them on fire.

Britain’s favorite hate preacher and extremist, Anjem Choudary (carefully protected for his “human rights” rather than shot point blank) has admitted that Muslims steal livestock and cattle all across Europe. This cattle is then tortured and beheaded to be ‘halal’ in the same way Muslims commit jihad.

David Cameron’s favorite hate preacher, Anjem’s tweet in October 2012.

Is there anything these satanic savages don’t do to please their god of the underworld? Just unfathomable that they imagine there exist any kind of heaven for them at all.

The most forbidden word in the Swedish press starting with M is of course never mentioned in the article below. And should they arrest the criminals – and we promise the are Muslim – they will deny that this behavior is typical for Muslim and the Islamic “culture” related to the hallucinations of prophet Mohammed.

How to avoid Muslims from poisoning your dogs?

1. Have your dog wear a lose muzzle so it doesn’t pick up unknown items to eat or chew.
2. Install a fully concealed letter basket inside your front door so any poisonous meat through mail slots is not reached by your pets.
3. Install a good quality hidden cam for your front door and any patio/garden area if your neighborhood has experienced incidents of poisoned pets.
4. Start demanding a complete stop on Muslim immigration, Muslim asylum and demand the government to deport Muslims.
6. Stop defending these savages and pretend that only a minority wants you or your pets harm.
7. Inform and educate other people that Muslims across Europe have been responsible for these crimes on animals, so people in the area know who to keep an eye on.


Dog killer’s new victims. “There are no words for this”.

GT Expressen

[Bling translate] GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN. Poodle Candy and chihuahua Penni are the latest dog killer’s victims. Both are hovering between life and death after being fed with poisonous sausages that someone tossed into their enclosure.

Veterinarian Jonas Eriksson, at Blue Star animal hospital, struggling to save their lives.

“We don’t know how it will go,” he said.

Since last summer, several dogs have been killed by antifreeze poisoned meat in western Sweden.

Marie Carlberg in Aberdeen has lost four dogs, three of them this year. Now, even her pet dogs Candy and Penni have been poisoned after eating strange meat.

-“You become completely paralysed. There are no words for this. The whole region is in turmoil. We don’t know what to do about this,” she said with a lump in my throat.

When Marie Carlberg discovered small sausage pieces in the dog yard the night before last she understood there was a hurry. She threw herself into the car with their dogs.

-Sausages must have been thrown into our garden. You cannot get into the garden any other way. How much has been [thrown in] from the beginning, or how much the dogs or other animals have eaten, we do not know.

It was fortunate that she reacted immediately. For a dog or cat that consume antifreeze or coolant every hour is vital.

– “If it gets really bad the kidneys give in. We have about eight to twelve hours to intervene after the dogs are poisoned. After that is the prognosis very poor. Cats are even more sensitive,” said Jonas Eriksson, who is Director of intensive care at Blue Star.

Candy and Penni was treated acute with drip on Blue Star yesterday.

-It’s the alcohol in the drip which out-competes the poison in the body.

Black poodle Candy paws around the examination table while Jonas Eriksson examines her. In addition to a hefty nausea she has not been more damaged.

But would the kidneys be damaged it will be too difficult to treat and the only thing that remains is to euthanize the animal.

-Their kidney values have not risen. They can probably survive, but we’ll have to wait and see. even if they survive, there is a risk of it becoming chronic troubles with kidneys, says Jonas Eriksson.

Antifreeze or coolant be taken up quickly by the small dog body. The animals stop eating, wobbling like a drunk and vomits.

Jonas Eriksson stresses that it is important to go to a veterinarian who knows what it’s about and can quickly make an accurate diagnosis.

-Antifreeze is a bit sneaky. You can see when it happens, it’s easy to go for a long time.

Marie Carlberg found scattered sausages and meat pieces along walking paths in their field. Her dogs are now with the muzzle.

Police have not arrested anyone for poison attacks.

Marie Carlberg and her husband Bob are waiting tensely on notice from the veterinary hospital.

-It is unacceptable. I can not imagine at all. There are small puppies we’re talking about. Puppies that we have acquired because they are so wonderful. To know that they are laying in there suffering is unbearable.

Poisoned Candy
  • In November several dogs were poisoned in Sävedalen. A miniature poodle died after suffering days of blood in stool and vomiting. Cause was suspected poisoned dog treats.
  • In October came the alarm that a private individual found slaughter waste and a bucket of antifreeze in the woods outside Herrljunga district.
  • In June, two mountain dogs died in Gunnilse after eating ground beef that were found to have been poisoned with antifreeze. In October, another of her dogs died after coolant poisoning. The Police opened a preliminary investigation of cruelty to animals and found both meat and coolant bottles in the area.
  • A dog owner in Osby found meatballs on the hall floor last summer as someone poked poisoned meat through the mail slot. A week later one of the dogs died.

7 thoughts on “Muslims poison dogs in Sweden with laced sausages”

  1. I’ve had enough of these Islamic extremist. If they don’t like our lifestyle then take the highroad back to the Middle East where you can enjoy your extreme lifestyle and That’s That for That period.

  2. These people are the sickest on the Planet. The only thing they know how to do Is ” Murder “! Anything and Everyone !
    They all should be ” Beheaded ” and put their bodies on islands to keep their Evilness away from Normal People. They say we have good Muslims. Well it’s getting harder and harder to believe there is such a thing as A Good Muslim. As they are All born to read the Koran. With that they Must All believe in the same sick twisted rituals. Kill. Kill kill kill kill kill kill IS ALL These people Know.
    ISIS is another story. They are just A sicker more twisted evil version of Muslims.
    These people should NEVER have been born. They can NOT fit in with Any other Nationality but their own.
    Why do they even come to our Countries of they do not like us or like how we live or how we think ???
    Why don’t they just stay in the Middle East and fight and kill each other which they do so well. And let them live the Life they so like. No fun. No music. No laughing. No sports. No Nothing. And who the Hell are they Praying to because God does Not listen to these people and the sickness that oozes out of their pours.
    These people are the sickest most evil people on this planet.
    Go the Hell home. Back to the Middle East and live like you want there and leave the rest of the world alone. We are doing just great without your kind near us. We don’t like you and you don’t like us. You people started our hatred on you. We had no problem with any of you till you decided you want this and that. Tryjng to tell us how to live in our country. Your grand parents did not fight for our freedom ours did.
    Go back and fight ISIS alone for your land and oil. Why do you need the USA and Canada and other countries to help you ?????
    You want us dead BUT you want us to help save your lives and your land
    How does that make any sense ?

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