Muslims killing Muslims: Syrian Shia child who watched parents killed has her heart cut out

Evil. Our oil trade with these evil fat scum fund terrorism and the slaughter and persecution of people across the world. They will target anyone who is not ‘Sunni enough’. Demand a permanent ban of all trade with the Muslim world here and now. Isolate these sickos from the rest of the world and drive them to their deserts.

Their children now, your children tomorrow. The fully male controlled and run Islamic societies are never far from the worse savagery imaginable, making their warlord prophet proud. What happened to the small Shia girl in Syria who was tied up to the window grills, forced to watch her parents being brutally murdered, that we reported on a few weeks ago?

According to Syrian Truth’s Facebook page, the photo is of a toddler who was living in the Deir ez-Zor Governate in eastern Syria, bordering Iraq. She was tied up by members of the U.S.-supported “Free Syrian Army” — which is dominated by foreign  Sunni jihadis — and forced to watch as her mother and father were killed for being Shia. Here is how the Obama administration is using your tax dollars on the prompting and insistence of the Saudi’s and Qatari’s — mockingly in the name of “freedom.”

As you can see her heart has been cut out and stuffed with a piece of cloth. No need to speculate what was done to that heart. Notice how this tiny little child has her hands tied behind her back so she cannot resist.

Were her parents some members of a militant group? No, they were just unarmed civilians, taking their children to school, going to work, living their own life until they were slaughtered by Wahhabi Sunni’s right in front of their petrified child. Why? Because they are considered kafirs. Sunni’s want to commit genocide of the Shia’s, just as they do with Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists, and muslim minority groups like the Alawites, Sufis, etc. Muslims have murdered over 100,000 Christians in 2012 to exterminate Islam from the Muslim world. And now they want to kill all gays.

Do you want your tax monies to be supporting Barack Hussein, Francois Hollande and David Cameron’s arming of “rebels”? This is a plot created by the ever terrorist supporting Saudi, Qatari, Jordan, Kuwaiti and Turkey. They have offered to foot the entire bill of a war and attack on President Assad for his “human rights violations”. What are these human rights violations? Defending his country against Sunni uprising which wants to remove the Alawite Assad rule and replace it with Wahhabi Sharia. Because Assad has no friends amongst the Sunni’s, he has unfortunately tied alliance with Iran. And Iran is not having friends much of anywhere nowadays. Not wanting a bridge between Iran and the Arab world right next door – and considering Shia muslims to be kafirs, Qatar and Saudi Arabia pretend and fund propaganda that vicious terrorists are ‘rebels’ fighting for democracy.

This conflict is a Sunni creation under the pretense that al-Qaeda terrorists are ‘persecuted minorities’. Saudi Arabia has released prisoners to fight in Syria. And Qatar has sent thousands of terrorists to the region and fund and help chemical weapons to the terrorists. The same fables and lies that was created by the “Palestinians” to commit genocide of the Jews.

Her heart was already broken. Long before her hands were tied behind her back and her heart cut out by Saudi and Qatar funded Sunni Wahhabi zealots.


0 thoughts on “Muslims killing Muslims: Syrian Shia child who watched parents killed has her heart cut out”

  1. Muslim/ Islam is the worst region in the whole world! Good regions are giving opinions to its followers, to getting their lives better with clam and free…But Islam…it is not. bad luck of others, muslims have lot of money with sources,so they are spreading terror in the whole world easily! this is so wrong! men who have authority, should get immediate rules and regulations to stop this cruelty of Islam! people have right to think,then all the regions and their followers are must be kept without any problem, if they are not harmful to the entire society!

    1. I am late in my reply but I have to agree with Ashan. The bottom line is OIL/Gas and money. All Arab Sheikhs pocket the income from OIL as do the Mullahs of Iran etc. The Gulf states are now going for a common currency to quoted on the London Stock Exchange. Their aim is setting the price of OIL for the rest of us dependent on the product and use it as a weapon against us. Convert or die your children will be slaughtered just like this little girl. The world has to fight back.

  2. We should first kill all children of these pigs, murderers before they become more worse than their parents. How you feel if other religious people would kill your children this way. Does that your GOD Allah ever come to your live vision? Never… Then bloody mother fuckers, how you could do this kind of judgment to this angel with your live vision, mother fuckers. Wheres your humanity…oh men…please all humans be union against this terrorism… If you justify all these because of sayings of ALLAH… then I should definitely fuck ALLAH first in front of his mother… surely then she will support me fucking an ass-hole… what would you say…thanx….No extremist… But human

    1. Do you even hear what you are saying? KILL CHILDREN? You and your opinions are MORE disgusting than even the vile pigs that killed these parents and little girl (if that were possible). Shame on you and your world of hatred. Read your own words and consider repenting of your evil attitudes. I don’t even have words for your comments.

    2. For you to think of killing kids makes you a sick fuck as those who did that to the girl all kids are innocent no matter who their parents are

  3. well my friend being an atheist does not make u safe from this in humans terrorists u will still be in the list coz u r a none believer thats what they say. they all should be shot slowly/ how can u do something like this i just cant imagine the pain in her heart to see her parents been killed how frightened would she been. there must been a lot of stories like this in other marts of the world that would have happen and will. we are the worse kind of animals called humans

  4. i think this world of muslim is shameless
    what was the fault of that poor girl .
    they have no idea what they done? disgusting…

    1. Your religion is the foulest on earth. You are amoral disgusting and savage give me a knife not only would I cut off your empty head but your filthy Aids ridden penis and testicles. Then I would leave you for the wild carrion to feast on your carcase. You people are the disease of humanity and I pray soon you will all be wiped out completely either through disease, pestilence or war.

      1. Christians are perfect bollocks go look at the singer from lost prophets in uk fucking dirty bastard was trying to shag a baby all i can say its a sick fucking world with all you sick bastards in it

      2. He would have made a perfect Muslim! What makes you assume he even was a Christian? He was an atheist. In spite of that it has no correlation to the hate ideology of Islam that actually has a prophet who teaches to hate, rape and murder other people. There doesn’t exist a Jesus who married a 6 year old and had sexual fantasies for a child like in Islam.

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