Arrested Indian Mujahideen Lived In Nepal While He Readied 100 Terrorists Against India

India will never get rid of their Muslim problem. No matter how much patience and sacrifices they have done to accommodate these people, the terror attacks and plotting will never end. After being brutally conquered, slaughtered, raped, decapitated, enslaved and all wealth looted, temples destroyed, the oldest library in history burnt down in an effort to destroy the Hindu religion – and 800 years of brutal Muslim rule, who would cull and slaughter millions of Hindus to keep the population down, – they still continue to have endless Muslim problem.
And leaders of the West imagine our situation will be different with all these Muslims entering our countries in an endless stream??? Over 100 million people in India lost their lives in Muslim slaughter fiesta’s.

Yasin Bhatkal’s lawyer has tried to argue on behalf of his client that a mistaken arrest has been made and this is not Yasin Bhatkal. They look like one and the same person to us, although the police picture is of a younger Yasin Bhatkal.


Lived in Nepal for 6 months, readied 100 hardcore terrorists, Bhatkal tells police

PTI | Aug 30, 2013, 10.56 PM IST

PATNA/NEW DELHI: Arrested terrorist Yasin Bhatkal is reported to have told his interrogators he was living in Nepal for the past six months and had readied around 100 hardcore associates who could do anything at his bidding.

Bhatkal and his close associate Asadullah Akhtar were on Friday remanded in 12-day police custody by a Delhi court after the National Investigation Agency brought them from Bihar where they were arrested on Wednesday at the Indo-Nepal border.

As Indian intelligence agencies mounted their surveillance in the hunt for Bhatkal, sending Rs one lakh home as an ‘eidi’ (gift) to his wife before the Eid festival early this month perhaps proved to be his undoing and gave away the Nepal hideout of one of India’s most-wanted terrorists.

The transfer of money done through normal banking channels alerted sleuths of Intelligence Bureau (IB) whose suspicions were aroused on the possible plans by the co-founder of the banned Indian Mujahideen to enter India to indulge in terror attacks or flee from Nepal’s Pokhra area.

Known as a ghost bomber, Yasin, who managed to give the slip to police after the terror attacks in which he was involved, told his interrogators that the money sent to his wife in India was meant for expenses for Eid festivities on August 9.

Sources privy to the probe said Bhatkal told interrogators he was living in Nepal for the past six months and had readied around 100 hardcore associates who could do anything on his orders.

Yasin also told them he used to frequently change residences in Nepal where he treated Muslims as a Unani doctor.

The sources said Yasin got angry on some occasions during interrogation.

Yasin and his associate were remorseless in acknowledging that they carried out bomb blasts to ‘send a message’, according to Motihari SP Vinay Kumar. Yasin is wanted in around 40 terror cases.

“Bomb blast karta hu message dene ke liye (I carry out bomb blasts to send a message),” Yasin was quoted as saying by Kumar, who played a key role in the arrest of the two top IM operatives.

Kumar told PTI the two men expressed no remorse for triggering blasts that killed a large number of people in different cities. Yasin is also reported to have said he had expertise in making IEDs.

Investigators have found a laptop and mobile phone from Yasin’s possession which are expected to throw up vital clues in unraveling a number of terror modules.

The sources said a forged driving licence and a voter ID were also recovered from Yasin who was nabbed by Indian agencies with a “lot of help” from Nepal police.


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  1. Muslims are biggest hypochrites. The religion itself has no depth and is all about dominance. While all world religions have talked about patience and love (Jesus got crucified, Ram lived in Jungle for 10 years, Krishna left his kingdom for peace, Buddhist dont even uproot trees), Prophet Mohammed killed several people for just spread of religion. There were no issues with those people, just that they did not accept his religion. That describes the mentality of mislims – it is insecurity and thus desire to dominate. The religion alllows any crime against other religion – you can kill innocents, cut thier fingers, rape ladies – everything is valid. I just dont understand how can someone be convinced of such religion.

  2. They will get corrected, these idiots have to just realise that they were just convereted and brainwashed few generations back. See what has happened in Gujarat, one slap has remineded the right path. A simialr slap is needed not just in India but across world. People have to realize they are dealing with animals and worse, even anaimals respect the people who help them. It just about treating a bully correctly.

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