Al-Qaeda leaders say “Jihad is being paid for by Europe”

The light switch that never turns on: Self-delusional moron and President of the European Council, Herman van Rompuy, received an honorary doctorate from CEU San Pablo University a few days back with what appears to be a lampshade. Serving as a lampshade stand may be the only job he is suitable for.

The Foreign Office is warning that ransom payments made to kidnappers are directly fuelling terrorism in Mali and Yemen. Despite a commitment from western governments not to pay ransoms, senior officials believe the problem is getting worse. It’s thought the French government paid 12 million pounds to free hostages held by Al Qaeda in Niger in October.


Kidnap ransoms ‘fuelling terrorism’ – UK Foreign Office

Frank Gardner By Frank Gardner BBC security correspondent

French President Francois Hollande (fourth from the left) is flanked by (left to right) former hostages Marc Feret, Pierre Legrand, Daniel Larribe and Thierry Dol and French Foreign minister Laurent Fabius and Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian
It was widely speculated that a ransom was paid for the releases of these French hostages in Niger in October

The UK Foreign Office has warned that ransom payments made to kidnappers are directly fuelling terrorism, and that the problem is getting worse.

The G8 countries agreed, at a summit in June, not to pay ransoms to kidnappers, but in practice the agreement does not appear to be holding.

Six weeks before this summer’s terror alert that closed US and UK embassies in Yemen and elsewhere, al-Qaeda’s franchise there took delivery of a $22m (£13.46m) in cash in exchange for Swiss, Austrian and Finnish hostages.

The money was allegedly delivered by intermediaries from a nearby Gulf Arab country.

“Basically the money is taken and divided into several categories for several departments,” says terrorism expert Aimen Deen, from security consultants Five Dimensions.

“There is the weapons department. There are the training camps that need food and electricity. They need money for weapons for training, they need to obtain chemicals for explosives, they need to pay for the tickets for people to travel… the renting of apartments abroad and the building of camps outside and inside of Yemen.”

“I sat with a pilot of a small Cessna [aircraft] who said that the Spanish government handed him over 12m euros in cash in black bags”

— Aimen Deen Terrorism expert

Senior Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) officials estimate that more than $60m has been paid in terrorist ransoms in the last five years. They say terrorist kidnappings are on the rise in Syria, Yemen, Nigeria and NW Africa.

They believe the number of groups doing it is up and so is the going rate – from $4m per hostage in the Sahara in 2010, to well over $5m today.

They point to recent events in Mali as the clearest illustration yet.

This year’s fighting there followed last year’s near-takeover of the whole country by al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) – an al-Qaeda franchise grown rich on ransoms paid for Spanish, Swiss and Italian hostages.

When French forces entered caves abandoned by jihadist fighters in the north of Mali, they found a letter from the regional al-Qaeda commander Abdulmalik Droukdal to his counterpart in Yemen, in which he declared that “most of the battle costs were met by spoil from the hostages”.

Pointing the finger

European governments never admit to paying ransoms – they are usually arranged through intermediaries – so I asked Aimen Deen: where was the proof?

“I sat with a pilot of a small Cessna [aircraft] who said that the Spanish government handed him over 12m euros in cash in black bags” says Deen.

“He was ordered to go to a specific oasis over Mali with the co-ordinates and drop the bags over the oasis. So that’s confirmed to me by a Dutch diplomat who confirmed his colleagues told him exactly the same thing.”

Paul and Rachel Chandler in a photo taken from their blog in 2009 The brother of Rachel Chandler (right) said he was presented with no alternative other than to give her kidnappers the ransom they wanted

Ever since the 1970s, the British government has had a policy of not making any substantive concessions to kidnappers, maintaining that it only encourages more hostage-taking.

FCO officials say they are not looking to point the blame at specific countries, although they are clearly frustrated. Rather, they want to flag up awareness of what happens when terrorists get their hands on large ransoms.

But Alexander Hitchens, a lecturer in war studies at Kings College London, had no such hesitation in naming which European governments he believes have secretly been paying off the kidnappers.

“In the past the German government has been criticised for being the first to do this in the early 2000s,” says Hitchens.

“But really, most recently it’s been the French and Spanish and Italian governments. [In October] four French hostages were released from Niger – AQIM hostages – who, it’s strongly believed, were released to perhaps a $20m payment.”

Getting rich

The French government insists that no public money was paid for their release, but Hitchens says the company employing them would have come up with the cash with the tacit approval of the French government.

Western governments are all too aware of how unpopular it is domestically to have their citizens paraded on hostage videos on the internet with a gun to their heads, and few have the stomach to tough it out.

Yet, in June, all the G8 governments made a commitment at the summit not to pay terrorist ransoms.

Privately though, diplomats and security consultants fear this is not always being honoured in practice.

When someone is kidnapped, whether by terrorists or bandits, it causes untold anguish to their relatives back home.

Rachel Chandler and her husband Paul were seized off the Seychelles four years ago, by Somali gunmen.

The kidnappers were pirates, not terrorists, but Mrs Chandler’s brother Stephen Collett still had to negotiate a substantial ransom for their release.

He says that initial offers of help from the Foreign Office and the Metropolitan Police melted away once it became clear the only way he could get the Chandlers out of Somalia was by paying up.

“I’m very unhappy at paying ransoms,” says Collett. “But if we have a policy where there is no alternative, and the Foreign Office don’t give you an alternative, they just seem to think if you just sit back and do nothing, eventually they might be released.”

British diplomats did try to negotiate a release through tribal elders but in the end, Stephen Collett had to pay.

Because the money went to common criminals, not terrorists, it was not illegal.

But this warning by the Foreign Office is stark. It says terrorist groups are getting rich from Western hostage ransoms so they will carry on kidnapping and continue to carry out atrocities, financed by European money.


Dubai, a liberal investment dream or a nightmarish Sharia-ruled Vegas?

It’s funny how people who have visited or lived in Dubai, the most liberal of Arab countries, swear and insist it’s as free and safe as the West and it has no correlation to the descriptions of Sharia Islam – until they get arrested over some small civil offense, sometimes over fabricated offenses with no evidence, and then imprisoned for ten years.

Dubai is in an investment and expansion frenzy trying to plan their future survival, after it was revealed that their oil reserves would dry up “in ten years”. They have to endure the presence of foreigners for that sole reason. Most likely UAE’s oil resources are already scraping the bottom of the barrel as the country’s resources were always modest in scale compared to its neighbours. The biggest producer, Saudi Arabia, is already running on low reserves and their oil capacity has been inflated by 40% according to foreign engineers working in the rigid Mohammedan prison-like country. It’s always dupes and lies with these people. Oil is becoming so scarce in the Middle East that the government now pockets 99% of total oil revenues to max out on earnings while they still can.

After watching a lively and alluring documentary about Dubai’s get-rich-quick-crowd presented by the annoying British pain Piers Morgan (Piers Morgan on Dubai), we realized that half of the people Morgan interviewed in the show are now sitting in jail on long term sentences. It appears the deeply deceptive and unpredictable Mohammedan have hit nearly everyone of the successful people in Morgan’s show.

So why did so many people from a single show end up in prison in Dubai? It was revealed earlier this year that the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade confidentially noted the 2009 Dubai property boom and bust saw a number of foreign nationals from Australia, the United States, UK and Canada “caught up in the government’s prosecution of people they felt were responsible”. So, basically, Arabs were blaming their own financial downturns on foreign business owners! So they had to be arrested.

Now here’s a picture you probably won’t be seeing on the many tourists brochures for Dubai:

You’re looking at inmates in a Dubai prison (staged, cleaned up photo).

Here’s a real video taken inside Briman Prison In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Should give a taste of the real thing.

In contrast to the man-made islands, ski slopes in the desert and other worldly spectacles, a very old value system persists that you will never see in a tourist brochure – and it’s one that can get Americans in a heap of trouble.

Former residents told us that a drunk driving arrest (that is, consuming any amount of alcohol) will lead to an automatic six-month prison term without a trial. Nearly five years ago, DJ Grooverider was sentenced to four years imprisonment for possession of 2.16 grams of cannabis at the Dubai International Airport. He was pardoned seven months later.

According to Sky News, you can get arrested for swearing or making rude gestures, kissing or holding hands in public, adultery, cross-dressing, homosexual behavior, exposing your underwear, taking pictures of certain government buildings, bouncing a check or failing to pay a bill, and wearing revealing clothing at places other than the beach. Visitors can’t eat, drink or smoke in public places during Ramadan.

Dubai’s Sharia “Justice” System:

  • British sales manager Michelle Palmer lost her £50,000-a-year tax-free job as a manager with a publishing firm in 2008, and sentenced to prison in Dubai for public kissing and ‘sex’ on a beach, although she denied this ever happened.
  • In May 2013, a Dubai court found Australian property developer Matthew Joyce guilty of accepting a $6 million ‘bribe’ while he worked for state-owned property company in order ‘to dupe’ Gold Coast developer Sunland. He was sentenced to 10 years’ jail and leveed with a $US25 million fine. Although Sunland insisted Joyce was innocent and they found no evidence of him committing fraud, Joyce is stuck in Dubai’s prison.
  • In April 2012, 29-year old Shezanne “Shez” Cassim, an American citizen, former Minnesota resident, and consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Dubai office, was jailed in the United Arab Emirates. His crime? Posting a rather innocent comedy video to YouTube in 2012. We’ve looked at the video and could see nothing offensive with it.
  • Rebecca Blake, 30, faced a terrifying ordeal in Dubai after a taxi driver reported her for ‘having sex outside marriage’, a charge she denied and which medical exams proved her right. She was still convicted. Blake could have faced the death penalty for adultery if officials knew she was technically still married. They forgot about her in prison and she ended up serving double the sentence than intended before being released.
  • A Norwegian woman at the center of a Dubai rape claim dispute faced a 16-month jail sentence for ‘having sex outside marriage’. 24-year old Marte Deborah Dalelv was raped in Dubai by a co-worker and was arrested while filing a complaint.
  • British friends Grant Cameron, Karl Williams and Suneet Jeerh, were wrongly accused of dealing drugs before being taken into the desert and beaten with electric cattle prods. Their rental car had been left with a bag of tobacco by the previous renter. They called the rental company to report the find – and instead found themselves reported and arrested to police for ‘dealing drugs’. All three were jailed for three years. In Dubai’s prison they discovered that violence, and daily rape was a common occurrence, and prisoners would infect others with HIV in revenge for losing a fight.
  • A long list of foreign property developers have been arrested in Dubai and imprisoned for up to 26 years for ‘bouncing checks’. Some of the charges are merely due to delays in goods by suppliers because Dubai relies on imports – a very common problem in property development – yet have lead to an extended prison sentence.

Here’s another tidbit from Sky News: “Raw poppy seeds are included on the UAE’s banned list, and Fair Trials International highlights the case of a man held at customs after poppy seeds from a roll he ate in the airport became trapped in his clothing.”

Then there’s this picture in a story from The National last summer:

Here’s the downright scary caption: “Social worker Latifa Khadim at Dubai prison with prisoner Zakir Alam. Zakir has served 3 years and 4 months of a two-month prison sentence. He will not be released until he is able to pay the Dh 200,000 blood money to the family of the other driver who was killed in a car accident.”

The Dubai serves up great marketing as a free spirited party town but doesn’t tell American visitors what they really need to know.

Dubai being marketed and promoted as “one of the most progressive and appealing cities on earth”:

The human slaves of “modern” Dubai [had Dubai authorities known what topic they were filming they would have been arrested]:

Kuwaiti female activist: For a good man to legally take sex-slaves Muslims must raid non-Muslim countries – it’s perfectly fine

Salwa Al-Muteiri. We have some doubts whether this is really a woman or a man in drag… Maybe time to put the full burka on.

Kuwaiti Political Activist Salwa Al-Muteiri Calls for a Law Permitting the Purchase of POWs in Order to Turn Them into Slave Girls

Following are excerpts a video posted by Kuwaiti political activist Salwa Al-Mteiri, which aired on the Internet on May 25, 2011:

Salwa Al-Mteiri: I asked [a Saudi mufti]: What is the law with regard to slave girls? The mufti told me that the law requires there to be a Muslim country raiding a Christian country – sorry, a non-Muslim country – and taking POWs. I asked him whether it was forbidden [to turn them into slaves], and he said that Islam does not prohibit having slave girls. On the contrary.

The law pertaining to slave girls is not the same as for free women. Free women must cover their bodies, except for their hands and faces. The slave girl must cover up from the bellybutton down. There is a big difference between slave girls and free women. With a free woman, the man must make a marriage contract, but with a slave girl – all he has to do is buy her. It’s as if he married her. So there is a difference between slave girls and free women.

Here in Kuwait too, I asked religious scholars and experts about this, and they said that for the average, good religious man, the only way to avoid forbidden relations with women is to purchase slave girls.


I very much hope that such a law is legislated. Just like they allow servants, they should allow slave girls and legislate a proper law in this regard. We don’t want our children to fall into the abyss of fornication and similar filth, God forbid. Allah willing, things will work out.

There are countries like Chechnya, which are at war with another country. In such a case, there must be POWs, so why not go and buy those prisoners? Is it better for them to be slaughtered over there? Go and buy them, and sell them to traders here in Kuwait.


(Video) Ethiopian migrant testimony: women get raped and sold for money, men get burnt

Young Ethiopian immigrant worker gives testimony of the treatment she received at the hands of Saudi’s and Yemeni’s at the borders when entering the countries as migrant workers. “They forced me to watch. They tortured girls in front of me. They beat us and they raped us at gunpoint. I was terrified. Everything you can imagine they (Arabs) do to us.”

“They break bones, take people’s eyes out. I saw it with my own eyes.”

Ethiopian experience at the borders of Saudi Arabia and Yemen as immigrants end in people being sold, raped, killed. Sold to a torture camp young Ethiopian girl immigrants are raped every single day. Women get raped, men get burnt alive. Girls get sold for $260 to Arabs who then get the right to rape them, often in groups, and torture them. Yet blacks want to convert to Islam where abuse of blacks is fully legal and endorsed! Do they pay attention to what Islam actually permit to be done to them, and what is being done to Africans in Arab countries every single day?

The tragedy with these African workers who venture to Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations to work and earn a decent living is simply horrendous. The abuse is beyond anyone’s imagination.

Video shows a mixture of clips on Ethiopian immigrants, enslaved, chained, torture camps interviewed by international journalist. English subtitles during most of the clip except the beginning.

(Video) Mohammed Productions: Lie, Distort, Lie Some More, Cry And Play Victim

This is how it works with these people. Whether they are in Thailand, India, Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, China, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Norway, Britain, U.S. – know that Muslims are always the “poor victims”. And they are also pathological liars. Always. Mohammed never taught the virtue of being a decent, honest human being because goodness did not exist in prophet Mohammed.

Here is a video clip of a staged attack on pro-Morsi protesters in Egypt. Victims protecting themselves against violence, others laying dead and ‘bleeding’ waiting for medical help while all they were trying to do, poooooor Muslims, was protest. These images will then be shared with worldwide media. Shameful outfits like the BBC and their leftist allies will go beside themselves to tears over the footage and pictures. Supporting a bunch of frauding, lying Islamonazi’s they provide indirect and free PR and marketing for their jihad campaigns. It’s all Ellywood – the Egyptian version of Pallywood, Palestine’s 24/7/365 propaganda machine.

Propaganda and lies like this is used to pressure low brow leaders like Barack Hussein, David Cameron and Francois Hollande, Herman the Rompoy to come forth and support the terrorist invaders with funding and military equipment so they can invade and murder yet another people.

Therefore, follow these simple rules and you should be fairly accurate 90% of the time:

1. Never take sides with Muslim slaughter of Muslims. Leave them to it. It’s a gift to the world.
2. Never provide funding for Muslim generated problems, in any way, shape, or form. Funds will never go to food, job creation, peace efforts or developments. It will go to expand their jihad efforts, to kill other people, to buy guns, ammunition, weapons, salaries, to invade other countries and people to expand their territories.
3. Never expand trade relations to “help” them. On the contrary, Muslim groups and countries engaged in conflicts or funding conflicts should be completely shunned from all trade, travels, engagement and support.
4. Never ever at any cost believe their claims of being persecuted or victimized. They create their own situation.

Islam is now the largest non-Christian religion in the U.S.A – Survey

Muslim Statistics

The Muslim Issue Dollar Islam Liberty


Religion in America’s states and counties, in 6 maps

By Niraj Chokshi, December 12, 2013 – Washington Post

It goes without saying that religion is big in America. It played a starring role in the founding of the nation and continues to be the source of policy fights. Just this week, a group of Satanists launched a donation drive to erect a monument on Oklahoma’s Capitol grounds, in what some see as a test of the nation’s religious freedoms.

But religion influences local governments in less sensational ways. Some 21 states, for example, are requiring insurers under the federal health-care law to provide exemptions from contraception coverage for employers that object on religious or other grounds, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. And 13 states in recent years have banned abortions past 20 weeks, a move influenced at least in part by religious views of when…

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Obama’s America: Lots of atheists, more Muslims, fewer Christians and Jews – Statistics

Lots of atheists, more Muslims, fewer Christians and Jews: this is the new America

By Religion Last updated: December 16th, 2013

Drifting towards atheism: the Washington Post’s overview map

The Washington Post has produced six massively detailed maps showing the religious make-up of America. The main map is above – if you want to enlarge it you’ll have to click through to the Post’s report here. The author/analyst, Niraj Chokshi, has uncovered some fascinating material – most of it lurking in the 2010 US Religion Census (data submitted by congregations, not the official US Census) but so much more surprising set out in map form. And here’s an example.

Did you know there are – possibly – now more religious Muslims than religious Jews in Florida? I know, it seems incredible. Miami Beach has had 15 Jewish mayors, there are getting on for 200 synagogues in South Florida – and, of course, it was the hunting ground of the despicable Bernie Madoff. But here’s a section from the map of Eastern states, grouped by region:

We’re in difficult territory here because the US census isn’t allowed to ask people their religious affiliation. But these figures from the Sperling data aggregator show Florida Muslims outnumbering Jews:

There are still more Jews than Muslims in Florida, loosely defined; these figures measure Judaism as a religion. That said, even to compare the two 20 years ago would have seemed ridiculous. Florida has a small but vibrant, growing Muslim community, half of it from India, followed by Pakistanis – only 150,000 registered voters to date. As you’d expect, 80 per cent voted for Obama in the last two elections; but in other elections they’re swing voters, and in Florida you ignore those at your peril. As for the Jewish community, the retirement communities are reflecting the national picture. As Newsmax reported this October (my emphasis in bold):

The percentage of Americans who say they are Jewish has declined by about half as a percentage of the US population since the late 1950s, and currently stands at just under 2 percent, a new poll has found.

The Pew Research Survey on Religion and Public Life also found that the percentage of those who identify as Jewish solely by culture or ancestry rather than religion has jumped from 7 percent to 22 percent since 2000.

My point is that the religious geography of America is changing – partly as a result of immigration (Hispanic, chiefly) but also because the Washington Post maps show how washed out and feeble Catholicism and mainline Protestantism have become. They may occupy the same territory that they did 50 years ago, but the Post’s map below tells a dismal story. This is religious participation by county:

Again, click through to the Washington Post for an interactive map. But the redder the colour, the more “participants” there are – meaning people who identify with a particular religion. I just checked the Boston area and it’s about 60 per cent, falling sharply in neighbouring counties. So 40 per cent of people in Boston have no religion at all, and it’s more than half in many counties. As for the 47 per cent of Bostonians who are Catholic “participants” – well, there isn’t much participation going on come Sunday morning. We’re talking about 17 per cent Mass attendance these days – and it was only 20 per cent before the clergy scandals broke. The story is the same in many other supposedly Catholic cities – fewer than one in five Catholics go to church regularly. Compare that to the 70 per cent in the 1950s (itself much higher than in the 19th century.)

You think Protestantism is holding its ground? Take another look at the map. Many counties in the Bible Belt and Midwest are uniformly Protestant – 70 or 80 per cent – if only in name. That makes them red. But this article from an evangelical Christian website reports widespread scepticism among researchers about the much-quoted figure that 40 per cent of Protestants are weekly churchgoers. That’s what they tell pollsters. Try other systems of measurement – an old but effective trick involves counting cars outside congregations – and you’re looking at 20 per cent. Much like the Catholics, in fact.

President Eisenhower once said that American government made no sense without religious faith “and I don’t care what it is”. (Understandable, perhaps, given that he was born a Mennonite, his mother was a Jehovah’s Witnesses, and he was eventually baptised as a Presbyterian – but not until 1953.) His vagueness about religious affiliation was in the spirit of the Founding Fathers, you could argue – but not even the Deist Jefferson would have been pleased to know that, in 2013, America’s fastest-growing religious allegiance is “None” – that is, agnosticism shading into atheism.

“Atheists are among us, even in Oklahoma,” he says – which is true. Also: “Twenty per cent of America… up five per cent [from 15] in just the last five years, by far the biggest, most under-represented minority in America.” Pew reckons atheists have grown by 25 per cent in five years – which is why so much of the landscape in that map up there is very faint red or plain grey.

Let’s put this simply: America is secularising just like Europe – and all that talk of “American exceptionalism”, the free market in religion that kept it thriving, has turned out to be hogwash. We can discuss why on another occasion. But some of us saw this coming a long time ago. And, please, don’t kid yourself that Pope Francis, wonderful man that he is, can do more than add a percentage point here or there.

Sri Lanka’s Muslim Problem is heading the same way as Burma’s

“We are being raped in every town, being sexually harassed in every town, being ganged up and bullied in every town. In every town there is a crude and savage Muslim minority like this.”
“We are not attacking any race. We are not insulting Islam. We are not destroying Islamic culture. I am preaching this, as a means of protecting our people, our religion, culture and country for national security.”
“The local Muslims are crude because the extremists are pulling the strings, providing them with financial, military and technical power.”

Ma Soe Yein Monastery, Mandalay

Muslim destruction and terror on Buddhist places of worship and peoples. It’s the usual violence we see Muslims commit against people all over the world, be they in China, Russia, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, India, Thailand, and on and on.


Wirathu is a true hero. With no weapons, no bombs, no machettes, no funding – only clad in his simple orange robe and his peaceful demeanor he is taking on the most evil satanic cult on earth consisting of a people that can only be described as subhuman satans.

This British video report is a leftist sickness that tries to portray defense against Islamic jihad as some sort of ‘apartheid’. It’s sick how far these BBC liberals can go with their lying and distortion from morning to evening. Myanmar is being inundated with illegal Muslims, especially from Bangladesh’s Chittagonian separatists (Rohingya) or jihadist Mujahid terrorists, funded by Arabs. A similar scenario is growing in another Buddhist Island, Sri Lanka.

These Buddhists have all the rights to defend themselves and exterminate Muslims completely from their land, if they have to to protect their nations and society. No foreign “authority” has any right to stand in their way in defense of their nation and corner them like Indonesia was cornered to accept the violent Muslim presence in the region. Today, all of Indonesia has become Islamic. Not only has it become Islamic from pressures by the so called ‘human rights nations’ to force the former Buddhist country to accept Muslim presence, but Indonesia is implementing more and more Salafi Islamic rules creeping into their society.

Qatar used their oil money to send 3,500 terrorists to Myanmar in mid 2013. They complained that they had “tried many times” to infiltrate Myanmar with Muslim terrorists sent on a mission to kill kafir-Buddhists, but failed to get access into the country. Countries and their politicians (like scumbuckets UK’s David Cameron, Boris Johnson; France’s president Hollande; the Obama administration; the EU) who deal with and trade with Qatar and other terrorist nations like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and its supporters have to be punished and charged with treason. We need to bring back the death penalty for political treason.

Buddhist’s fighting back in Sri Lanka against Muslim murders, rapes, threats. This Iranian documentary in English of course portray Muslim terrorists as ‘poor victims’:

Is this the real Lockerbie bomber?

Is this the real Lockerbie bomber? Egyptian terrorist linked to aviation disaster 25 years after plane came down

  • Egyptian terrorist Mohammed Abu Talb named as likely suspect in bombing
  • Alleged to be behind the blast on Pan Am Flight 103 on December 22, 1988
  • Private investigation – Operation Bird – also claims CIA covered up truth
  • Bombing remains worst terrorist attack to have been committed in UK

By Sophie Jane Evans

PUBLISHED: 11:05, 15 December 2013 |

Egyptian terrorist Mohammed Abu Talb named as likely suspect in bombingThe real bomber? Mohammed Abu Talb has been named as a likely suspect in the Lockerbie bombing

For 25 years, the Lockerbie Bombing has been shrouded in mystery.

Now, an Eyptian terrorist has been revealed as a likely suspect in the devastating attack.

Mohammed Abu Talb – who is serving life in prison for a series of bombings – has been named in a private investigation called Operation Bird.

He is alleged to be behind the blast that took place on board Pan Am Flight 103 over Scotland in 1988 – killing 270 people.

The investigation – put forward as a report by Forensic Investigative Associates in London – has also accused the CIA of covering up Talb’s role in the atrocity, according the The Sunday People and Exaro.

It was commissioned by lawyers for Libyan Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, who was jailed in 2001 for masterminding the bombing.

If the report is correct, it means al-Megrahi – who died of cancer aged 60 last year after being controversially freed from jail in 2009 – may have been wrongly imprisoned.

Investigators claim key pieces of evidence in the case against al-Megrahi – including a fragment of circuit board for a timer – were faked.

They also allege the bomb was planted in luggage at Heathrow airport in London – not loaded by al-Megrahi in Malta, as the prosecution claimed during his trial in 2001.

And they say Talb – who was an initial suspect in the case – met with other Middle East terror suspects in the run-up to the bombing.

The report – written in 2002 – was supposed to form part of al-Megrahi’s appeal in 2009, but it was never used.

Horrific: Pan Am Flight 103 exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland, on December 22, 1988 - killing 270 peopleHorrific: Pan Am Flight 103 exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland, on December 22, 1988 – killing 270 people
Wreckage: Eleven people in the Scottish town were killed when parts of the plane plummeted to the groundWreckage: Eleven people in the Scottish town were killed when parts of the plane plummeted to the ground
Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed
Convicted Lockerbie bomber Abdel Basset al-Megrahi

Jailed: Libyan Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, pictured left and right, was jailed in 2001 for masterminding the bombing

However, it is due to be aired in an Al Jazeera TV documentary this week.

Its authors – Jessica de Grazia, a former New York chief assistant district attorney, and ex-Met police officer Philip Corbett – expect their findings to provoke calls for the case to be re-opened.

They conclude: ‘We have never seen a criminal investigation in which there has been such a consistent disregard of an alternative and far more persuasive theory of the case.’

Talb, now 59, was jailed for life in 1989 after carrying out bombings in Copenhagen, Denmark and Amsterdam – killing one person and reportedly injuring a further 20.

Cover-up? The private investigation has accused the CIA of covering up Mohammed Abu Talb's actionsCover-up? The private investigation has accused the CIA of covering up Talb’s role in the terrorist atrocity

He has always denied any involvement in the Lockerbie bombing – and even gave evidence against al-Megrahi during his trial in return for immunity from prosecution.

However, ex-CIA expert Robert Baer later claimed the terrorist had been paid $500,000 (£307,000) just months after the atrocity.

And Operation Bird suggests police were misled in their investigation due to a government agency – most likely, the CIA – deliberately covering up the true culprit.

Ms De Grazia and Mr Corbett said the five-month inquiry ‘leads us to believe the investigation into the Lockerbie bombing was directed off-course as a result of government interference.’

Denial: Talb has always denied any involvement in the attack over Lockerbie (pictured) in DumfriesDenial: Talb, now 59, has always denied any involvement in the attack over Lockerbie (pictured) in Dumfries

They added: ‘In our experience, the decision to intervene would have been made at the highest level of government, most likely a top executive of the United States Central Intelligence Agency.’

Earlier this year, members of the Lockerbie investigation team – including officers from Dumfries and Galloway Police – visited Libya to look into possible leads which could result in further convictions for the bombing.

However, Libyan authorities later said they did not want to ‘dig into the past’ amid fears they could be forced to pay out further compensation to the families of the victims.

Your Daily Muslim: Abdul Quader Molla

Your Daily Muslim

Most Muslims seeking to kill infidels dream of killing a handful, perhaps a couple dozen, before meeting their 72 virgins. Bangladeshi Muslim Abdul Quader Molla, however, dreamed bigger. During the 1971 liberation war Bangladesh underwent, Molla and many other members of the Jamaat-e-Islami (formerly known as Islami Chatra Singha) political party formed a militant force to oppose the liberation of Bangladesh from East Pakistan. Their reasoning? Breaking up an Islamic state into smaller nations went against the teachings of Islam. Molla saw the war as an opportunity to get his rape and murder on – his final death toll is staggering. Sick bastards a la Cho Seung-Hui probably look up to Molla’s murderous rampage.

Molla was put on trial a few years ago for his actions in the liberation war, despite his respected stature in the Jamaat-e-Islami party. He was charged with the murder of 344 civilians. For the Muslims…

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Obama Attorney’s Warn That ‘Negatives’ About Islam May Get You Arrested

Barack Obama’s Attorney for the Eastern district of Tennessee Bill Killian and Kenneth Moore, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Knoxville Division, want Americans to know that if you say something negative towards Islam or Muslims, the Federal government may imprison you.  They had an event called “Public Disclosure in a Diverse Society” on June 4, 2013, the same day Obama is scheduled to sign the United Nations Small Arms Treaty.

The day they start imprisoning people for criticizing that vile, fascist, murder and terror ideology of Islam – that will pop the cork and aggravate people to the point when Muslims will be the ones who will be killed on the streets. It’s their heads that will be decapitated this time around. People are extremely agitated about this problem being imported everywhere. The war will have started. That satanic cult is not coming to our countries. And those who invited it over and push for policies to force it onto people, will be dealt with. Enough of this shit.

The Tullahoma Times reports.



Inside the Saudi 9/11 coverup

By Paul Sperry  |  December 15, 2013 | NYPOST

Inside the Saudi 9/11 coverup

After the 9/11 attacks, the public was told al Qaeda acted alone, with no state sponsors.

But the White House never let it see an entire section of Congress’ investigative report on 9/11 dealing with “specific sources of foreign support” for the 19 hijackers, 15 of whom were Saudi nationals.

It was kept secret and remains so today.

President Bush inexplicably censored 28 full pages of the 800-page report. Text isn’t just blacked-out here and there in this critical-yet-missing middle section. The pages are completely blank, except for dotted lines where an estimated 7,200 words once stood (this story by comparison is about 1,000 words).

A pair of lawmakers who recently read the redacted portion say they are “absolutely shocked” at the level of foreign state involvement in the attacks.

Reps. Walter Jones (R-NC) and Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.) can’t reveal the nation identified by it without violating federal law. So they’ve proposed Congress pass a resolution asking President Obama to declassify the entire 2002 report, “Joint Inquiry Into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001.”

Some information already has leaked from the classified section, which is based on both CIA and FBI documents, and it points back to Saudi Arabia, a presumed ally.

The Saudis deny any role in 9/11, but the CIA in one memo reportedly found “incontrovertible evidence” that Saudi government officials — not just wealthy Saudi hardliners, but high-level diplomats and intelligence officers employed by the kingdom — helped the hijackers both financially and logistically. The intelligence files cited in the report directly implicate the Saudi embassy in Washington and consulate in Los Angeles in the attacks, making 9/11 not just an act of terrorism, but an act of war.

The findings, if confirmed, would back up open-source reporting showing the hijackers had, at a minimum, ties to several Saudi officials and agents while they were preparing for their attacks inside the United States. In fact, they got help from Saudi VIPs from coast to coast:

LOS ANGELES: Saudi consulate official Fahad al-Thumairy allegedly arranged for an advance team to receive two of the Saudi hijackers — Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi — as they arrived at LAX in 2000. One of the advance men, Omar al-Bayoumi, a suspected Saudi intelligence agent, left the LA consulate and met the hijackers at a local restaurant. (Bayoumi left the United States two months before the attacks, while Thumairy was deported back to Saudi Arabia after 9/11.)

SAN DIEGO: Bayoumi and another suspected Saudi agent, Osama Bassnan, set up essentially a forward operating base in San Diego for the hijackers after leaving LA. They were provided rooms, rent and phones, as well as private meetings with an American al Qaeda cleric who would later become notorious, Anwar al-Awlaki, at a Saudi-funded mosque he ran in a nearby suburb. They were also feted at a welcoming party. (Bassnan also fled the United States just before the attacks.)

WASHINGTON: Then-Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar and his wife sent checks totaling some $130,000 to Bassnan while he was handling the hijackers. Though the Bandars claim the checks were “welfare” for Bassnan’s supposedly ill wife, the money nonetheless made its way into the hijackers’ hands.

Other al Qaeda funding was traced back to Bandar and his embassy — so much so that by 2004 Riggs Bank of Washington had dropped the Saudis as a client.

The next year, as a number of embassy employees popped up in terror probes, Riyadh recalled Bandar.

“Our investigations contributed to the ambassador’s departure,” an investigator who worked with the Joint Terrorism Task Force in Washington told me, though Bandar says he left for “personal reasons.”

FALLS CHURCH, VA.: In 2001, Awlaki and the San Diego hijackers turned up together again — this time at the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center, a Pentagon-area mosque built with funds from the Saudi Embassy. Awlaki was recruited 3,000 miles away to head the mosque. As its imam, Awlaki helped the hijackers, who showed up at his doorstep as if on cue. He tasked a handler to help them acquire apartments and IDs before they attacked the Pentagon.

Awlaki worked closely with the Saudi Embassy. He lectured at a Saudi Islamic think tank in Merrifield, Va., chaired by Bandar. Saudi travel itinerary documents I’ve obtained show he also served as the ­official imam on Saudi Embassy-sponsored trips to Mecca and tours of Saudi holy sites.

Most suspiciously, though, Awlaki fled the United States on a Saudi jet about a year after 9/11.

As I first reported in my book, “Infiltration,” quoting from classified US documents, the Saudi-sponsored cleric was briefly detained at JFK before being released into the custody of a “Saudi representative.” A federal warrant for Awlaki’s arrest had mysteriously been withdrawn the previous day. A US drone killed Awlaki in Yemen in 2011.

HERNDON, VA.: On the eve of the attacks, top Saudi government official Saleh Hussayen checked into the same Marriott Residence Inn near Dulles Airport as three of the Saudi hijackers who targeted the Pentagon. Hussayen had left a nearby hotel to move into the hijackers’ hotel. Did he meet with them? The FBI never found out. They let him go after he “feigned a seizure,” one agent recalled. (Hussayen’s name doesn’t appear in the separate 9/11 Commission Report, which clears the Saudis.)

SARASOTA, FLA.: 9/11 ringleader Mohamed Atta and other hijackers visited a home owned by Esam Ghazzawi, a Saudi adviser to the nephew of King Fahd. FBI agents investigating the connection in 2002 found that visitor logs for the gated community and photos of license tags matched vehicles driven by the hijackers. Just two weeks before the 9/11 attacks, the Saudi luxury home was abandoned. Three cars, including a new Chrysler PT Cruiser, were left in the driveway. Inside, opulent furniture was untouched.

Democrat Bob Graham, the former Florida senator who chaired the Joint Inquiry, has asked the FBI for the Sarasota case files, but can’t get a single, even heavily redacted, page released. He says it’s a “coverup.”

Is the federal government protecting the Saudis? Case agents tell me they were repeatedly called off pursuing 9/11 leads back to the Saudi Embassy, which had curious sway over White House and FBI responses to the attacks.

Just days after Bush met with the Saudi ambassador in the White House, the FBI evacuated from the United States dozens of Saudi officials, as well as Osama bin Laden family members. Bandar made the request for escorts directly to FBI headquarters on Sept. 13, 2001 — just hours after he met with the president. The two old family friends shared cigars on the Truman Balcony while discussing the attacks.

Bill Doyle, who lost his son in the World Trade Center attacks and heads the Coalition of 9/11 Families, calls the suppression of Saudi evidence a “coverup beyond belief.” Last week, he sent out an e-mail to relatives urging them to phone their representatives in Congress to support the resolution and read for themselves the censored 28 pages.

Astonishing as that sounds, few lawmakers in fact have bothered to read the classified section of arguably the most important investigation in US history.

Granted, it’s not easy to do. It took a monthlong letter-writing campaign by Jones and Lynch to convince the House intelligence panel to give them access to the material.

But it’s critical they take the time to read it and pressure the White House to let all Americans read it. This isn’t water under the bridge. The information is still relevant ­today. Pursuing leads further, getting to the bottom of the foreign support, could help head off another 9/11.

As the frustrated Joint Inquiry authors warned, in an overlooked addendum to their heavily redacted 2002 report, “State-sponsored terrorism substantially increases the likelihood of successful and more ­lethal attacks within the United States.”

Their findings must be released, even if they forever change US-Saudi relations. If an oil-rich foreign power was capable of orchestrating simultaneous bulls-eye hits on our centers of commerce and defense a dozen years ago, it may be able to pull off similarly devastating attacks today.

Members of Congress reluctant to read the full report ought to remember that the 9/11 assault missed its fourth target: them.

Paul Sperry is a Hoover Institution media fellow and author of “Infiltration” and “Muslim Mafia.”


UN Human Rights Recipient, Saudi Arabia, Sentence Political Activist To Lashes And Prison

Saudi activist sentenced to lashes and prison: rights group

RIYADH Sun Dec 15, 2013 11:29am EST

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah meets visitors in Riyadh November 28, 2012. REUTERS/Saudi Press Agency/Handout

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah [without his Viagra] meets visitors in Riyadh November 28, 2012. Credit: Reuters/Saudi Press Agency/Handout


 (Reuters) – A Saudi judge sentenced a political activist to 300 lashes and four years in prison for calling for a constitutional monarchy in Saudi Arabia, his rights group said on Sunday.

Omar al-Saeed is the fourth member of the Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association (ACPRA) to be jailed this year after the group issued statements attacking the ruling family over its human rights record and calling for democracy.

Saeed did not have legal representation at the secret hearing when he was sentenced, ACPRA said in a statement on its website.

“It’s just another troubling instance of Saudi authorities’ absolute refusal to countenance any activism or criticism of Saudi policies or human rights abuses,” said Adam Coogle, Middle East researcher at Human Rights Watch.

A spokesman for the Justice Ministry said he could not comment on the report or confirm its accuracy.

U.S.-allied Saudi Arabia is ruled by the al-Saud family together with powerful clerics from the country’s ultra-conservative Wahhabi school of Sunni Islam.

King Abdullah is the prime minister and he appoints the government, which includes top princes in the roles of foreign, interior, defense and intelligence ministers. Most senior princes also have extensive business interests.

Saudi Arabia’s only elections are for half the seats on relatively powerless town councils. Licensed media exercises stringent self censorship, public expressions of dissent are often not tolerated and demonstrations are banned.

During the Arab Spring in early 2011, protests were restricted to the Shi’ite minority in the Qatif district of Eastern Province.

Unrest among the Sunni majority was avoided after King Abdullah pledged $110 billion in spending on social benefits and top clerics and tribal leaders said people should back the ruling family.

Foreign analysts say there appears to be little public demand for big political changes in Saudi Arabia now, although they point to evidence on social media of growing frustration at corruption, poverty and poor state services.

The government has denied charges by international rights groups that it used a campaign against Islamist militants over the past decade to stifle dissent.

However, human rights lawyers inside the country have said some of those sentenced in security courts, including a group jailed in Jeddah in late 2011, were peaceful activists put on trial for demanding political change.

(Reporting by Angus McDowall; Editing by Sonya Hepinstall)

Over fifty Korans recovered from a SEWER in Taif, Saudi Arabia

Their dirty books by their dirty prophet was found exactly where it belongs: in a dirty sewer in Saudi Arabia.

[post by Chris A-W – h/t Paul for forward]

Saudi Arabia has to be censured at the UN Human “Rights” Council for chronic Islamophobia. Where are the crowds from Michigan to Manila and from Moscow to Kuala Lumpur, frothing at their mouths shouting Allah-o-Akbar and calling for the death of the Arabian ruler? These are over fifty Korans recovered from a sewer in Taif, Saudi Arabia. The Mutawaeen (Islamic police) are still investigating why Allah has caused this to happen to his book. Why does Allah hurt the feelings of Muslims so much?

عمال يباشرون استخراج المصاحف في الطائف أمس    (تصوير: خالد الدوسري)

sewage korans

Video: FSA ‘Liberating’ Christian Town Sadad In Syria’s Homs (18+)

Subhuman followers of fabled prophet Mohammed, promoting themselves in ways only they know how.

This video footage from the historic Syriac Christian town of Sadad in Syria’s Homs countryside shows militants from the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) shouting with jubilation as they claim to have “liberated” the Christian town from the regime forces. The first scene shows the militants next to the corpses of murdered men wearing plain clothes and carrying no weapons. The cameraman claims they were members of the Shabbiha, a term that the opposition uses to refer to all pro-government Syrians. The second scene shows the militants trying to break open the door of the City Council building while taking down the Syrian flag and substituting it with the al-Qaeda flag after throwing the picture of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on the ground and stepping on it.

Warning: Graphic content (not for shock, 18+, not for faint-hearted, viewer discretion advised, aimed only at documenting crimes by FSA terrorists in Syria)