Taliban suicide bomber keeps his penis safe

This is how dumb and primitive these Islamofascist cretins are:

A failed Taliban suicide bomber was arrested. While a full body search was made by police they revealed the bomber to wear a protective metal shield around his genital area. Asked for it’s purpose, his response was that he wanted to keep his penis safe after blowing himself up, so as not to have any sexual problems when he meets 72 virgins in paradise.

He wants to enter his non-existent paradise not by the virtue of his deeds, but by his dick!


21 thoughts on “Taliban suicide bomber keeps his penis safe”

  1. This man clearly has groundless fears. A flesh-colored dildo will be issued him upon arrival, artfully circumcised (or uncircumcised for those preferring Allah’s original design), and tastefully tattooed with Koranic inscriptions. Mechanical function has been thoroughly replicated, although the user must provide his own batteries (eight of size D).

  2. well… if it was up to me the following would be sharia……..ALL muslim women would have FGM , female genital mutilation/ muslimisation…all men would have male penectomies, penis removed, to be equal, this would solve the muslim problem. This bomber therefore, would not have to worry about his penis as it would have been removed and thrown in the hospital trash can at the age of four.

  3. To add a more serious note, 3 years ago I was very ill, and stopped breathing and heart stopped, I was revived all three times. I was “dead” for almost 30 seconds. Fade to black, no paradise, no hell, nothing. Just one very painful shock as the defib paddles were activated. Suicide is s stupid it boggles the mind. these fools who take the Qur’an in its’ word for word literal sense are deranged. Sun setting in a mud puddle, etc etc.. Diseased minds every one.

  4. You are right, the stupid ones are those who let these destructive idiots over the border. I think they are called Marxists and the idiots who vote for them.

  5. Actually Islamic defenders of Allah the rock god are Muslims actually called Coprophagic men.

    Coprophagic in non-medical terms mean an abnormal desire to eat feces!

  6. I have visions of this poor lonely penis looking for the virgins. It could function independently as that’s where the brain seems to be located.

  7. Its the only religion which is not happened but made out of a fantasy of a worrier who felt to have a religion by the declarations of anger and dictation of a sword and an action of hatredness. A religion which requires continuous life through bloodship and are strangled in uncalled for systems of living.

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