(Video) In prison in Dubai for more than a year over a parody video

Shezanne Cassim is in prison in #Dubai since 2012 for making this silly amateur spoof  video, called the Deadly Satwa Gs.

Ultimate Combat System heads to Dubai, home of the Satwa Combat School, to evaluate the martial art of “Satwa Fighting”. In its long history, the school has trained hundreds of Satwa Gs and is undoubtedly seen as the founder of the art.

Throughout the 1990s, the Satwa Gs developed a fearsome reputation that some historians today consider unfair. We study the Satwa Gs’ code of conduct and the secrets behind their combat techniques in order to fully uncover the mystery behind these legendary fighters. Did they truly deserve their reputation?

Written and produced by MaximumWasta and Arjunpsk

Saloom “Snake” — Salim “Ilmiyah” Dahman
Hassan — Saeed “Chi2TheD” Dahman
Abood — Roger Samuel


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