(Video report) Funding Jihad – Saudi Arabia

Saudi funding of terrorism is being assessed in this reported documentary. Saudi Arabia, a country where people admire terrorists, where they openly begin to oppose the journalists presence for being a ‘kafir’ is under mild scrutiny. This documentary is a few years old but worth seeing. The program observe, from Saudi claims, that extremism in the Kingdom is increasing because of religion and religious ideology and the constant propagation of religion.

Saudi money funded 9/11 and Bali bombings through terror cells operating through Europe. And as usual, the Muslim version of the Palestinian jihad invasion of Israel after the land was granted back to its original owners, has only a one-sided narrative: that Muslims must be given any land they ask for.

The invasion of Iraq has fuelled anti-western sentiment in Saudi Arabia, strengthening grassroots’ support for terrorist organisations.

Allan Gerson has sued Saudi charities, banks and members of the royal family for two trillion dollars. He accuses them of financing the September 11 attacks and Bali bombing.


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