Israel’s parliament passes new law to detain migrants; Amnesty fumes

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Some countries, like Israel, want to save themselves and others, like Sweden, have a death wish.   People with a brain understand that no country can long survive an invasion of third world migrants, and Israeli leaders understand that better than most.

So, this news is no surprise to us.  Israelis believe that most of the migrants who have streamed into the country illegally in recent years are economic migrants and detention until they are all sorted out only makes sense.

Of course all over the world the amnesty lobbyists are demanding that ‘asylum seekers’ be free to move around and work in the country they have entered without permission.

From the Los Angeles Times:

JERUSALEM — In a controversial move decried by human rights organizations, Israel’s parliament passed a bill allowing migrants to be jailed without trial for a year.

Under the law finalized early Tuesday after a…

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3 thoughts on “Israel’s parliament passes new law to detain migrants; Amnesty fumes”

  1. kudos to Israel
    muslims drag down every country that allows their immigration with their 7th century practices and inherent inhumanity

  2. Israel, Australia and only a few others have had the courage to take this step.
    A precedent exists, and hopefully other civilized nations will follow the example.

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