Saudi jailed for 4 years for raping 14-year old expatriate girl

Look how they always lie. When it comes to raping women Muslims have the same story again and again: she knew it, she wanted it, everyone agreed to it. Here he tries to smear the name of the girl by stating that he whole family knew she was spending nights with him at his apartment. Clearly not. They filed a criminal complaint against him while he was merely let out on bail at first.


Citizen jailed for 4 years for raping girl


Saudi Gazette report  

MADINAH — The general court has imprisoned a Saudi for four years over the rape of a 14-year-old expatriate girl who fell pregnant following the attack, Al-Hayat newspaper reported. The man was also sentenced to 300 lashes.

The victim’s mother is asking for SR3 million as compensation.

The court heard how the defendant had been driving the girl, her mother and brothers to school for the past eight years and one day asked the victim to accompany him to his apartment to visit his sister. When they arrived, no one was in the apartment and he raped her.

Her mother complained to Madinah governorate, claiming the citizen had threatened to deport them and exploited their circumstances. The Saudi was detained and later released on bail, only to be arrested again.

He claimed that he had taken the victim to his apartment multiple times and her mother and brothers were aware that she had spent some nights with him. Sources said the court did not sentence the citizen to death because messages in her mobile indicated that she had an intimate relationship with the defendant.

However, the general prosecutor indicated he would appeal for a tougher sentence.

A medical report by Uhud Hospital showed the girl had visited the hospital when she was nine months pregnant and also when she gave birth to a baby boy.

In addition, DNA tests have shown that her attacker is the father of the baby.



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