‘If Europe joins Turkey, the EU becomes a Muslim continent overnight’

Swedish socialist in Brussels, Cecilia Malmstrom (left), is an absolute lunatic. Her stupidity is so deep seated while it puts an entire region in danger. Danger of escalating rapes, terrorism, murders, attacks.
European home affairs commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy Stefan Fule pose at the end of a news conference after they reached agreement on visa and readmission for Turkish citizens at EU headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, Dec. 4, 2013..

The general public in Europe may not be aware how far advanced the decision to join with Turkey is, and connect railroads and open borders with this country that the Arab world view as their bridge into Europe and their new Caliphate expansion. It is extremely dangerous yet the socialists and liberals who have hijacked Brussels are hell-bent on admitting Turkey into the EU. Meanwhile Turkey has already completed their railroad connection with Europe to permit free travel for Muslims into the EU.

While this is happening the British intelligence services has announced in the press that the general public is completely blind and unaware to the huge and realistic risk of 9/11 like terrorist attacks to hit their country and a continued future of regular acts of terrorism to become an everyday part of British life and society.

Interview with Avi Lipkin in the video below. Lipkin is dot on with some of his assessment of the future of developments in Egypt, Syria etc – which has now happened since this interview was made.


7 thoughts on “‘If Europe joins Turkey, the EU becomes a Muslim continent overnight’”

  1. So soon forgotten is ”Miss Smith of Smyrna” who was massacred along with all her 1,000 plus orphaned Greek children in 1922 . Turks are good at killing women and children,something they share with all the Muslim ”genus”

  2. The Turks neither have admitted the massacre on the Armenians nearly a hundred years ago!
    The Egyptian-British author of “Eurabia” Bat Ye’or has a timely warning against the Muslim aspirations concerning Europe. The Arabs in particular have always had difficulties in creating novelties. They see in Europe an effortless way to outshine the modern world’s facilities. In so doing, they can take a position out of their innate shortcomings and possibly be a serious competitor to the Jewish power in their midst which they envy so strongly that it hurts.

  3. I have never encountered any philosophy or ideology of comparable conceit, enmity, or violence. The very presence of Muslims places us in constant danger and we are entirely justified in Islam’s criminalization and demographic removal.

    Islam out, period. No mosques, no terror, no Muslims.

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