Your Daily Muslim: Ibrahim Latif

Your Daily Muslim

Indonesia’s Aceh province, which is majority-Muslim, has enacted Islamic sharia law as the law of the land. Just like what always happens when sharia is enacted, there were catastrophic consequences for the residents of Aceh. Ibrahim “Queen Latifah” Latif is the head of sharia enforcement in Langsa city, and he has made it his life’s work to crack down on various forms of harmless fun. He’s a world-class douchebag – but he’s a douchebag for Allah.

When a local concert celebrating Indonesia’s Independence Day ran late, Latif and several Wilayatul Hisbah (sharia police) officers walked onstage and interrupted the keyboardist due to a ban on late-night performances. They immediately drew boos from the crowd, but did not care because they believed Allah was cheering them on, despite any indication whatsoever Allah even gave a crap. The fans wouldn’t let their concert be cut short, however – they charged the stage…

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