Hajr-Al-Aswad: The Natural Holy Black Stone – Not So Holy, And Not Black


So, the prophet of Islam and his Quran was lying: The Hajr-al-Aswad is suppose to be black in color from absorbing Muslim sins. This is one of the main purposes for pilgrims and their Hajj to Mecca. The black stone is in fact not black, and out of public view it is being burnt and painted to appear black.

Notorious and frenzied idol worshipers circulating, touching and kissing a black stone with a silver frame shaped like a vagina. The cramped interior of the sanctuary is where the gods of pre-Islamic Arabia reside acquired from widespread looting: Hubal, the Syrian god of the moon; al-Uzza, the powerful goddess the Egyptians knew as Isis and the Greeks called Aphrodite; al-Kutba, the Nabataean god of writing and divination.

A confiscated multi-faith Hindu temple idol and ritualistic practice.

Jordan’s King Abdullah with no underwear, carrying only a thin cloth wrapped around his body, fully naked underneath (exactly like old Hindu rituals) kissing his black vagina.

The earliest traditions concerning the Kaaba claim that inside its walls was a pit, dug into the sand, which contained “treasures” [360 idols, most likely Hindu] magically guarded by a snake. The processional chant that tradition claims the pilgrims sang as they approached the [Female] Kaaba:

Here I am, O Allah, here I am.

You have no partner,

Except such a partner as you have.

You possess him and all that is his.

Muslims are actually ritualistic idol-worshipers although they kill thousands of non-Muslims around the world every single year, justifying their murders that the people are “idol worshipers” and therefore haram and kafirs and it is legal to kill them.

They go to Hajj in Mecca to circulate around a black stone, encased in a silver frame shaped like a vagina, and kiss it in ritualistic worship.

Muslims believe the black stone in Mecca fell from heaven (which old European writings claim is the head of Asrarte/Aphrodite – also known as al-Uzza and Isis – from a damaged statue). This may also explain why the stone is broken in many pieces. Well, if they damaged a large statue during their many raids and the head came off, it would certainly have ‘fallen from heaven’. And the chips in the stone may very well be from the efforts to throw stones or heavy objects at it to make the head come off. Considering the Muslim “culture” of decapitation it wouldn’t be surprising if the very stone they worship like an idol, was decapitated too. Muslims have been assuming that the stone must have been a meteorite. The black color is very significant because it verifies the Quran’s accuracy of prophet Mohammed’s claim that the stone absorbs Muslim sins which turned it black.

Here is one of many Muslims descriptions about the Black stone:

“Hadith: When the Holy Black Stone was brought down from the paradise it was green in colour.

“Prophet Mohammad said it became black in colour as it absorbed the sins of Adams progeny. The word ‘Hajar Aswad’ means ‘Black Stone’ and it became black as it absorbed the sins. Now it is the Holy Black Stone which shall absorb the sins. And if you don’t kiss it, then what is the use of your Hajj or Umrah, when your sins have not been forgiven? Is this not a conspiracy when they say just kiss the Holy Black Stone from far away because of the rush of people? Kissing it absorbs the sins; if you just signal a kiss from a distance, your sins have not been absorbed and neither has your Hajj been accepted.

“Secondly, if you do get to kiss the Holy Black Stone, it has been painted on. You are actually kissing the paint and the paint cannot absorb your sins. Therefore, in both cases, your Hajj or Umrah are not being accepted nor are you being purified of your sins – all thanks to the Saudi government.”

If you do not kiss the Holy Black Stone during Hajj and Umrah, your Umrah and your Hajj is incomplete; and now after the Saudis have painted over the Holy Black Stone. Even if you kiss the Holy Black Stone it will not be regarded as the kiss of the stone, you will be kissing the paint, not the surface of the Holy Black Stone.

Well, the stone doesn’t appear to be so black after all and prophet Mohammed and his Quran was not telling the truth. The Saudi’s keep burning the stone so it will appear black. They claim it is for “cleaning”. What stone needs to be cleaned by burning? Even stone statues from Egypt that are over 3,000 years old don’t need to be burnt to be “cleaned”. No stones in Churches need to be burnt to be cleaned. 2,000 year old stones worshiped in India does not need to be burnt to be cleaned.

Here’s a video of this activity from Mecca itself:


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