Huge rise in Palestinian terrorism and incitement in Jerusalem area

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The local Israeli news have been filled in recent days with reports of stone-throwing, molotov cocktails being hurled, car-jacking and general violence by Palestinian Arabs against Israeli Jews, reflecting a huge rise in terror .

In widely broadcast local news this week we heard that Avigail Ben Zion, an Israeli toddler, received a serious head injury from a rock thrown by local Arabs at her mother’s car as it entered the Armon Hanatziv neighbourhood in Jerusalem:

“Over the past few months we have been seeing an increase in violence by Palestinians in several neighborhoods in Jerusalem, especially in the form of rock and Molotov cocktail attacks,” a senior police officer told Israel Hayom on Thursday.

Thank G-d the little girl is on the road to recovery and the rock-throwers were arrested, but the even worse news is that the assailants admit that their motive was Jew-hatred.

This Jew-hatred can occasionally rebound…

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