Hamas supporter and former terrorist Nelson “Kill the Whites” Mandela dies

Why are we suppose to admire a former terrorist again who killed people for opposing communism or for merely being white? How many glorified movies are we to see in the coming year, justifying these crimes as some form of misplaced heroism?

Check the delusional white socialist libtard in the video standing next to Nelson “Kill the Whites” Mandela, singing along to kill all whites. What to say folks… that’s what we’re dealing with nowadays. The world has gone mad.

From 1994 to 2011 the Mandela ANC’s Black Power Welfare Breeding War policies have reduced the concentration of SA whites from 20% to 8%; by increasing the concentration of ‘Africans’ from 80% to 92%. Nelson Mandela was not jailed for wanting freedom. He was jailed because he was killing people – both black and white – for communism, for racism.

No doubt there were tensions in parts of SA between different groups. Chinese and Asians were also discriminated against even more by blacks. The whole blame is put only in the white community while there was massive racism from the black community. Nelson Mandela brought no solutions. Many blacks in Africa say the apartheid stamp was exaggerated by Western media and focused on specific incidents that flared up between groups. Others say poor people blamed their own situation on others, rather than making efforts to change their lives. Others blame situations on discrimination. Nelson Mandela’s ANC has caused an explosion of poverty in the region, far worse than ever, prejudice worse than ever, unemployment worse than ever. ANC has destroyed the job market, educational system, safety and security of South Africa. SA is turning into an unlivable nation.

Mandela himself admitted he was a racist and a person full of anger and aggression. Most of Africa is full of anger and the African community is deeply racist- even without any presence of whites. Mandela’s aggression and anger was African aggression, not apartheid aggression. And aggression against anyone more successful than himself leading to his demand for a communist state. His bombing of innocent people was for the sake of communism. Why is the world celebrating and supporting this for?

Apart from being a terrorist himself, Nelson Mandela supported terror organization PLO and Hamas and their jihad army, the “Palestinians”. Hundreds of thousands of “Palestinians” (Egyptians and Saudis) poured into a fairly barren Israel within a short few years from late 1935 onwards to commit jihad, creating fake propaganda that their cause was driven by “loss of land and foreign occupation”. This was their tool to validate their fight which has only one aim: a racist religious motif 1,400 years old that seeks to exterminate one people.

To avoid having to spend manpower and money fighting another war, Britain assigned Jordan to all these illegal mass immigrant jihadi Muslims. Jordan was far larger than Israel. But that didn’t matter. Muslims were not interested in Jordan, except its close proximity to Israel serving as a military base for them.They were not happy unless they had an Israel empty of all Jews. Over eighty years later they continue their jihad to one day occupy Israel and ‘free it’ from any Jewish presence to ‘please Allah’.

Their next destination after Israel is the occupation of Andalusia, then Rome, then France… And this is what Nelson Mandela supported. Can someone remind us again why the media creates heroism out of this?


1. “Invictus” and the Truth About Mandela: by Art Thompson
2. The Truth About South Africa
3. Tutu: ANC government worse than apartheid
4. Us and Them – South Africa (during apartheid around 1990)
5. South Africa’s Coloureds Better Off Under Apartheid


Bombing whites merely for being white, and ‘Necklacing’ of blacks or anyone for opposing communism. While in prison Mandela’s then wife, Winnie, was screaming in every speech that they would use their necklaces and matches to further the revolution. This was a reference to the automobile tires that they placed over the heads of their victims, soaked in petrol and set ablaze while their anti-communist victims writhed in excruciating pain until death came after twenty minutes to an hour. This was a common occurrence.

The innocent victims of Barack Hussein Obama’s hero, Nelson Mandela, and his terrorist acts. But they were a white minority population of SA so terrorism suddenly turns into heroism. If you kill and terrorise white people, it’s no longer a crime apparently.


South Africa Today After Nelson Mandela

The situation has become much worse after ‘apartheid’ this black man says:

Prejudice and racism is greater by blacks against blacks, and blacks against whites according to these students who try to live together and accept each other as human beings, not for superficial absurd reasons such as pigmentation:


Nelson “Kill the Whites” Mandela, Friend of HAMAS/PLO, Anti-Israel Racist, Dead.

By Debbie Schlussel

Video: Catchy tune: “Kill all whites”

We knew this day, when the over-hype-on-steroids regarding the myth that is Mandela was coming. But we underdiagnosed the amount of saccharin-sweet fiction about this man, Mandela, who famously sang, “Kill the Whites.” See the YouTube video below, in which he sings, “Kill the Ama–the Bhulu” (with several of his far-left White supporters). The “Bhulu” are the Whites in the Black South African language known as Xhosa. The Ama Bhulu is the White nation/the Whites in the South.

As I’ve written on this site many times, Nelson Mandela was extremely anti-Israel and a close friend of Yasser Arafat’s. Later on, he supported HAMAS in Gaza, participating in a Gaza march against Israel (along with Jimmy Carter) and in support of HAMAS after HAMAS kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit in 2009 and stepped up deadly rocket attacks on innocent civilians. Mandela had a history of supporting Islamic terrorism against Jews and against Israel, and was also in solidarity with Muslims against other targets of Islamic terrorists, including Christians. Mandela’s close friend partner in ANC crime, Bishop Desmond Tutu, also has a long history of openly anti-Semitic comments, none of which Mandela ever condemned, disavowed, or distanced himself from. Check out the letter my late father wrote about Tutu, documenting all of this in a letter to the President of the University of Pennsylvania, when Tutu was the speaker at my brother’s graduation from the Wharton School of Business.

When Mandela and his Communist ANC took over South Africa, Jews left the country in droves. That’s because Mandela fostered an atmosphere of non-stop anti-Semitism/Jew-hatred and opened South Africa’s borders to PLO and other Islamic terrorists to train there. Yasser Arafat was a frequent, beloved guest of Mandela over the years and made more appearances in President Mandela’s lair than most real heads of state, including those of African nations. Look at the photos above for just some of the appearances. Google “Nelson Mandela Arafat” in Google Images and you’ll see they had a long-term man-crush love affair. And while you’re at it, google “Nelson Mandela Castro,” and you’ll see a whole lot more on the romantic relationship between Mandela and Cuba’s Castro. Yup, whatta stellar guy. His go-to buddies are Islamic terrorists and Marxist human rights abusers. Peacemaker? Only if you’re a complete dumbass and haven’t a clue. Or a damned liar.

Don’t be fooled by ignoramuses and liars like Breitbart’s idiot editor, Joel Pollak, who has tweeted repeatedly over the years that Mandela is pro-Israel and a friend of the Jews, something he continued to do, despite evidence I sent him (and then he blocked me–because a proud dummy with a Harvard degree is just a proud dummy who refuses to face facts). Um, the Gaza march, moron . . . hello? Mandela has a history of hatred of the Jews and Israel and embrace of Marxism and racism against White people. Again, Um . . . “Kill the Whites,” Joel? Hellooooo . . . .? Pollak, after all, is married to a Black South African chick (who apparently got a quickie Jewish conversion). Her mother worked for this Jew-hater and “Kill the Whites” scumbag, Mandela, and Pollak can’t face that fact, when he’s repeatedly waved the “I’m married to a Black chick” card all over the place as his claim to fame. Joel, you and the ghost of Mandela need to get a room (you can be the new “Modern Family”). STAT. Think with something other than your inept penis, Joel.

And anyone with a clue should take anything you read on Breitfraud as containing the same amount of accuracy–none. Nothing Pollak and his site say is based on facts and research, as evidenced by their non-stop ideological circle jerk to Mandela. If you call yourself a conservative and you embrace this guy, Mandela, you are a bleepin’ fraud. PERIOD.

Nelson Mandela was NOT a peacemaker. He was not a great man. He was a racist who hated White people and Jews and loved Islamic terrorists and Marxists to his death.

Rot in Hell, Nelson.

Get a Room, Bitches . . .


“Palestinian” recruiting and training in session.


FYI, my favorite memory of Nelson Mandela is actually my favorite memory of late Detroit Mayor Coleman Young, a fellow Marxist and fraudster of Mandela’s. Much is made of Mandela’s Detroit visit and appearance at a rally at Tiger’s Stadium in 1990. Young helmed the show, as he was Detroit Mayor at the time. Young was among the leaders of the Boycott South Africa movement. But it came out, not long before the rally, that Young used some of the gazillions he stole and embezzled from the city to invest in his own private stash of South African Krugerrands (all while he was telling everyone else not to do business with or buy products from anyone doing business with South Africa, including Coca-Cola).

Of course, as with everything, Coleman Young got away with all the embezzlement and the South African investment and hosted the Mandela rally. I can still hear my late father laughing and laughing and laughing about it in our kitchen, because, as he used to say, it’s all so predictable–the behavior of these race pimps.

That’s how they all are–the Mandela groupies: frauds and hypocrites. Scumbags.

Just like their false hero, Nelson Mandela.

Late Detroit Mayor Coleman A. Young Yukking it Up w/ Israel-Haters Stevie Wonder & Nelson Mandela . . .



3 thoughts on “Hamas supporter and former terrorist Nelson “Kill the Whites” Mandela dies”

  1. Thank you for this excellent insight into Mandela. As a young woman I remember all too clearly this very large vicious looking man and the burning of young blacks with tyres placed around their necks and set alight. I have been confused by the current adulation of this man. I did a wiki research, but nothing. I thought maybe he had changed his terrorist, communist views whilst in prison as he did appear to be a much changed man in every way. It’s good to have the truth. Thank you.

    1. The world seems to have gone mad. There was no freedom fighter in Nelson Mandela. He wanted a communist state. And there is no freedom fighters in al Qaeda either. They want a Sharia state. How many Hollywood stars are going to wipe their tears for al Qaeda too.

  2. As a neutral observer I’d like to know what else he and his people could have done to win their human rights from that racist apartheid regime. ” Apartheid = Apartness ” . Just imagine how it feels to be treated as 2nd class citizens and have your god given rights denied in your own land for over five decades. One man’s terrorist is another’s savior, i guess.

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