Paedophilia: Yemini school bus driver rapes 5-year-old Saudi child

child 2

A child even younger than this little Hajj pilgrim can be legally subject to sodomy according to the Quran. Muslim men are allowed to even use infants for sexual pleasure (Mufa’ Khathat) and can rub their penis and masturbate inside the thighs of infants. Muslims passionate deny Mufa’ Khathat, especially in the West, but we have published numerous videos and evidence that this practice freely takes place amongst both Shiites and Sunnis. To molest children is nothing alien but was freely done by prophet Mohammed with Aiysha, his nephews, and other children according to the testimonies in the Quran of which we have published translations on numerous times.

By  Staff
Published Thursday, December 05, 2013

A Yemeni school bus driver aged over 50 raped a 5-year-old Saudi school girl inside the bus in front of the school in the kingdom.

Saudi Arabia’s feared religious police arrested the man after catching him red handed when they stormed the bus in Riyadh following a phone call from a woman.

The ‘Sabq’ newspaper said members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice smashed their way into the bus and seized the driver after a local woman called them to say there was a suspicious movement inside the bus.

“The bus had tinted glass and it was parked near the school when the religious police raided the bus. They found the girl without clothes after the driver had assaulted her savagely,” the newspaper said.


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