Saudi King Abdullah keeps his second wife in ‘house arrest’ for over a decade

A rare picture leaked outside the al-Saud palace shows a picture of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia with four children from his second wife. King Abdullah has had over 30 wives, and has fathered more than 40 children. According to the gossip King Abdullah has kept his second wife, Al-Anoud Daham Al-Bakheet Al-Fayez, in house arrest for the past twelve years.

This inside information comes from a despondent family member from the al-Saud royal family who keeps posting palace gossip on twitter for the outside world to share and spread. It’s difficult to have open internet access in Saudi Arabia, even with a VPN connection. Almost all social media is regulated and banned. So one can assume this person is traveling to neighboring countries to Twitter. Many of the followers of the twitter account, like the one below, are Muslim Brotherhood supporters [see the MB yellow logo with the 4 finger slogan].

The Muslim Brotherhood, as you probably all know by now, is the mother ship of all Islamic terrorist organizations in the Arab world. Muslim Brotherhood is the founding father of Al Qaeda, al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya, Hamas and a whole list of grass root terrorist organizations. Russia which is far wiser on Islamic terrorism than the west, has banned the MB in Russia as a terrorist organisation.

MB, like the Nazi’s, utilize slogans of social justice, democracy, rights for all, and so on, as their tool for recruitment. The Arab world suffers from massive unemployment rates and no real avenues for improvements. Arabs don’t want to hire other Arabs but rather rely on foreign labor, because the Arab labor force is of poor quality and accused of being lazy. There is no social welfare to support the poor and unemployed while Arab society at large is a very angry, aggressive society built on feeding a sense of frustration, revenge and hatred towards some thing or the other. The usual liberal left tactics are easily used to hypnotize the masses to imagine they will finally get everything they dreamed of, their poverty and strife will end, and they will live happily ever after without doing anything at all, if only the Muslim Brotherhood gets into power…

Reminds one of the (‘Obama Spring’) Obama presidential campaign: over promise, under deliver.

And as usual, the rich are demonized and used as the target the poor should hate and revolt against. All their problems should be blamed on the rich, not the individual themselves or that stifling religion of theirs that keeps Muslims cornered into a backward Middle Age mentality. Al Saud’s massive wealth and waste is often used to stir up anger amongst the general population, mainly those who are poor and uninformed.

The Arab world is poorly educated with a massive volume of person’s lacking degrees. They are deeply brainwashed, indoctrinated and poorly informed of authentic information from the outside world giving them only a singular distorted view. Therefore many assume these MB tactics are real and they represent positive socialist changes. Fact is the Muslim Brotherhood is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a horrid regime. They don’t want to provide any social or civic rights to anyone. What they want is rigid Sharia and a brutal Caliphate, far worse than al-Saud’s oppressive regime has ever managed to be. So we can basically conclude that the majority of support for the Muslim Brotherhood is a naive approach to social and civic changes. For Arabs to get the freedom and equality they want, they have to remove Sharia and separate the religion from all government policies. They have to install democracy which is the only way they can all get an equal voice, free press, the ability to vote and shape society as they wish. The Muslim Brotherhood is completely against democracy, freedom, and equality for anyone but they hide it. The Brotherhood conclude that freedom and democracy is something that should be hated and opposed, and that these rights violates Islam and the wishes of Allah. But what does MB actually know about the wishes of their ‘Allah’? To know the wishes of their Allah, they would have to be greater than Allah and understand him from a perspective higher than him.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s false socialist ideology has been spread, funded and marketed through the Arab world via the mosques and the Imam’s and Sheikhs in Medina and Mecca. These same clerics travel all over the world to teach the same oppressive ideology to Muslims everywhere. Thus we see extremism spread. We see more and more demands for a creeping oppression in Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, etc. The al-Saud themselves have funded and supported these Sheikhs and their Muslim Brotherhood alliance for many decades to spread these Salafi ideologies in other countries. Now this movement has grown so huge it’s boomeranging back to their own country and society. Al Saud’s chickens are now coming home to roost. In fact, the al-Saud family is in high danger of a massive coup – the same coup we saw in Egypt, in Lebanon, and now happening in Syria. The al-Saud’s have been so rich and protected for so long one wonders if they are truly aware of the dangers boiling under the surface.

The Saudi’s need to make S.A. into a new Dubai where Muslims are more content and less eager to commit coups since they don’t have to. Execute all the clerics, who are one of the main causes of their problems,  and ban any new ones. Put a complete stop to funding the expansion of Salafism. Provide apprenticeships for the young, basic social welfare to the poor, jobs and opportunities, freedom of press and speech, remove Sharia and separate Islam completely from government and social policies.

abdullah children

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A Muslim convert calling himself ArabicMark is complaining about the extensive property portfolio of the Al-Saud family. In the photo the Saudi royal family’s London house is seen valued at £15 million. But – hello – they are a royal family. What are they suppose to own and possess? Public housing? Let’s get real here. Royalty all over the world are wealthy.


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