Pakistani man in UAE strangles his two young daughters

Father and daughters found dead at villa community in Dubai

Wife comes home to find children dead

By Sneha May Francis

Published Tuesday, December 03, 2013

A man was found dead in a community swimming pool while his two children – both girls – were found dead in their villa in Al Waha community on Monday morning.

According to our source, it is speculated that the children, aged three and eight, might have been suffocated.

The man, a Pakistani national, was found dead in the community swimming pool.

“I knew something was wrong when I spotted cops in the area around 5 this morning,” reported a resident in the area.

“I hear the man was from Pakistanl.”

The incident took place in a villa on D-Street.

Our source added that the man’s wife was away with her friends attending a Bollywood concert when the crime was committed.

Details of the crime are still sketchy.

The neighbours claimed that he was a “nice guy” and was often spotted in the swimming pool with his children.

“It is really sad when such things happen. It’s shocking and very disturbing.”

Emirates24|7 has contacted the Dubai Police and is awaiting more information from them.

A Pakistani man and his two daughters were found dead on December 2 at the Al Waha community, which is located behind the Global Village.

The Pakistani family had moved into Villa D-28 only a month back.

The man had reportedly committed suicide in the community swimming pool.

The gated swimming pool, which is open between 8am and 8pm, is situated away from D-street, where the Pakistani family lived. It is located right near the entrance, right next to the West Zone supermarket.

A notice stating “Swimming pool is out of order. Closed for maintanence” was posted outside the entrance. The lifeguard refused to comment and stated he wasn’t aware when the pool would be opened again.

The area around the swimming pool has been cordoned off. “Police are coming every day to complete their investigation,” the teller at the WestZone supermarket confirmed. A local newspaper quoted the police as saying that the man had killed his daughters before killing himself by jumping into the swimming pool. The wife has been taken ill and has been admitted to the Rashid hospital ever since the bodies were discovered.

(Images by Sneha May Francis)


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