Living with Muslims in Southern Thailand

The human rights violations Muslims commit against Buddhist’s in Bangladesh, Thailand, Myanmar and other regions are not even mentioned by the pathetic organization Amnesty International.

Violence against non-Muslims has risen exponentially in Thailand’s southern region as Islamic insurgents increasingly target Buddhists, schools and Government officials in almost daily attacks. The jihad taking place in Thailand is nothing but a racist one, like in Israel, where people are persecute for nothing else but being kafirs and forced by violence to bend to Islam until they abandon their country to Muslims [h/t Golem Bar]:



4 thoughts on “Living with Muslims in Southern Thailand”

  1. The Muslims in Thailand is only CONVERTS ,instructed and inspired by Wahhabist Saud sect ; CONVERTS in this Country are being bullpitted with their own fellow men.What a pity ! Why don’t we all ( all the NON WAhhabst people- COME TOGETHER ) fight the Wahhabist – the culprit .The real source of atrocities in the world. ?
    Come on people , including the CONVERTS, Fight the Wahhabist. !
    One other thing,
    Why this web never mention the Wahhabist is the TROUBLE MAKER; let alone CONDEMN the Wahhabist ?
    Please do , BEFORE it’s too late.

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