10-year-old Muslim boy in Dubai molests 5-year-old niece

Note: Dubai has a population of roughly 2.1 million people. About 1.8 million are Muslim and the rest are non-Muslim (53% Indian, 17% Emirati, 13% Pakistani, 7.5% Bangladeshi, 10% non-Muslim). In spite of this small population Dubai has nearly 70,000 reported cases of Muslim sexual crimes last year. And that’s probably just a tip of the ice-berg since ninety percent of sex abuse cases anywhere in the world goes unreported. Compare that with say UK where 85,000 females are raped out of a 63 million population and you grasp the scale of Muslim sex crime numbers, even in the most liberal of Muslim countries. The numbers in Saudi Arabia are higher.


By  Staff, Emirates 24/7

A 10-year-old boy in Dubai molested his five-year-old niece many times and his kisses were so violent that they left blood marks on her neck before he  was discovered by the girl’s mother.

The incident was among nearly 68,000 police cases handled last year by the “liaison with the victim” programme created by the Dubai Police to deal with crime victims and tackle cases away from police and courts.

One of the most traumatic cases involved a 10-year-boy who molested his five-year-old niece every time she was taken by her father to his house once every two weeks following the divorce of his wife. Her mother later noticed blood marks on her neck and was told by the little girl that her uncle (father’s brother) tried to kiss her many times.

“The mother also learned that the boy stripped off all his clothes in front of the girl,” said Colonel Jamal Al Jallaf, deputy director of the Dubai Criminal Department for Supervision and Management.

Quoted by ‘Emarat Al Youm’ Arabic language daily, he said another case involved a divorcee who mistreated two little daughters of her husband.

“The housemaid at neighbouring flat informed us of this problem…she told us that the woman does not feed them nor does she care about their tidiness…she  also prevents them from watching television or using the computer at home and often locks them up in one room…the maid told us that she was buying  food and feeding them secretly,” Jallaf said.

He said the programme then set up a special team to verify the maid’s claims and found that what she said was true.

“We then summoned the two children’s father and faced him with such facts…he admitted that his wife is hot-tempered but said he did not know about her mistreatment of his daughters as he is out of home between 9am and 10pm..…we then made him write a statement promising to stop this practice and to look after his two daughters.”


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