Muslim Pensioner Guilty Of Valentine’s Day Sexual Assault On London Underground

Kafir Crusaders

Even Muslim OAP’s cant keep their hands to themselves and resist the temptation of a quick grope when in the vicinity of women

Pensioner guilty of Valentine’s Day sexual assault is put on the sex offenders register for seven years

Last updated Mon 2 Dec 2013

A pensioner found guilty of a sexual assault on London Undetrground on Valentine’s Day has been put on the sex offenders register for seven years. 68-year-old Mohammed Karim from Hendon was also banned from using the Tube for two years.

Karim denied the charge but was found guilty at his trail Credit: Press Association

Mohammed Karim was travelling on the Piccadilly Line when police in plain clothes saw him acting suspiciously. At Green Park, he moved behind a 27-year-old female passenger and inappropriately touched her.

Speaking after sentencing, PC Alban Barnes, the investigating officer, said: “This was an intimidating and very upsetting experience for…

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