Your Daily Muslim: Ghazi bin Abdul-Aziz bin Khalaf al-Shammari (Part 2)

Your Daily Muslim

“The prophet Muhammad [pigs be upon him] married Aisha when she was six years old, but he had sex with her only when she was nine. At that point, she had become a young woman and could cope with it.”

Last time we looked at Saudi Muslim Ghazi bin Abdul-Aziz bin Khalaf al-Shammari, we saw him telling a man to divorce his wife for going away on business without his permission. This time, the noted “family expert” has really shoved his foot in his mouth – like so far down its throat it’s probably coming out the other side. al-Shammari is a devout Muslim, and believes that Islamic sharia guidelines for families are in everyone’s best interest. The thing is, sharia law allows children to get married, and because of that, this crazy Muslim has gone on the record advocating kiddy-fiddling.

“A girl may be ready to bear marital responsibilities…

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