Most prominent Shiite cleric accused of seeking to incite violence in Bahrain

How do these Shiite Muslims feel safe living in Sunni dominated countries with the immense animosity against them by Sunni’s? Sunni’s consider Shia Muslims to be kafirs. Many Salafi Sunni’s want them killed. Now, with Saudi and Qatar being agitated and annoyed for not getting America to do their dirty work in Syria by removing Assad and not getting them to attack Iran, they seem to come up with other means to target Shiites.

Don’t get us wrong: all Muslims are more or less indoctrinated and therefore insane. But if we look at their conflicts it tends to be filled with false excuses and propaganda used as a reason to persecute one or the other merely over a verbal disagreement. This cleric may be as much of a nutter as his Sunni counterparts, but the targeting of him is likely related to nothing else but him being a Shiite.

Watch the video at the bottom how the Sunni’s themselves have created an Islamophobic video to demonstrate “A speech filled with hate and anger towards the West which led to calls of “Death to America”.”

This is so typical! When they want to mislead people to try and gain support for their endless conflicts and tensions they become the Islamophobes and the anti-Islamic elements they want to ban. Typical Muslims. Born from deception, live by deception.

Most prominent Shiite cleric seeks to incite violence in Bahrain

Authorities accuse Isa Qassim of ‘incitement to violence’ following comments he made during Friday sermon about what he viewed as ‘assault on woman.’

Middle East Online

MANAMA – Bahraini authorities accused on Friday Shiite cleric Isa Qassim, of “incitement to violence and encouragement of sedition” following comments he made during a Friday sermon about what he viewed as “an assault on a woman” during a raid to arrest a person wanted by the police.

In a statement released Friday and published by the Bahrain News Agency Saturday, the Interior Ministry said Qassim, a prominent Shiite cleric in the kingdom, would have to take full responsibility for any potential riots based on his account of the incident.

The Ministry said the Friday sermon by Qassim included misinformation about an attack on a woman in Aali as the police were attempting to make an arrest.

The Assistant Undersecretary of Legal Affairs at the Interior Ministry said that the wanted person, charged for crimes and sentenced to ten years, strongly resisted the police and hid behind the woman who intentionally blocked them. The police used pepper spray to overcome the resistance and minimise injury to all involved.

He added that it was not an attack on the woman’s honour and stressed that an assault on a person’s honour is a heinous crime that is not condoned by the police at any time.

A police officer and two policemen were injured in the incident. The entire operation is well documented, according to the Interior Ministry.

The Assistant Undersecretary said that one of the policemen in the pictures circulated on social media was summoned for questioning in line with the standard procedures when such allegations are made.

He said that the police faced resistance and were attacked during the arrest as is supported by medical reports.

He said that, contrary to allegations, the police possessed an arrest warrant from the public prosecutor.

“Anyone who alleges they were physically attacked in any form by police should report the incident to a police station, to the Ombudsman’s Office or to the public prosecution.”

The Assistant Undersecretary added that much of the information included in the sermons of Qassim at his place of worship are based on false and inaccurate information. “This has happened more than once,” he said.

Qassim’s previous allegations of police mistreatment of women include the case of a girl who alleged police had attacked her while medical reports later indicated that she had used an iron to burn her own hands.

The Assistant Undersecretary added that believing unverified stories mentioned by Qassim could incite lawbreaking activities.

The Assistant Undersecretary explained that the image released with this statement shows that police were arresting a wanted person and not attacking anyone’s honour.

He concluded by calling for people to obtain their information from reliable sources before passing it on to the public as fact, especially in places of worship where people expect to hear true and accurate information.

He urged all people to support national interests and to resist division and incitement.


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