Saudi Muslim problem: African Muslim immigrant-mobs run amock in Riyadh’s streets

Saudi Arabs are Islamophobes. They keep being prejudiced to African Muslims. Will they address this problem of theirs with the UN?

See, the Saudi’s are battling a major MUSLIM IMMIGRATION PROBLEM that is starting to become a serious nuisance in the country. Welcome to the Club!

Tensions between the Sunni Arabs and African Muslim immigrants are mounting, as the country has been responsible for a lot of abuse, murders and even torture of African migrants. They don’t seem fearful to fight although lashes and death penalty is probably waiting for some of them. Here they are filmed on a mobile disrupting traffic and throwing stones at cars.

Generally this kind of footages are not openly shown in any news in the country. They are filmed by civilians on their mobile phones. Arabs don’t want the rest of the world ever know that they have conflicts and problems. See, followers of Allah are not suppose to have problems. They are suppose to have a better society than kafirs. So all ugly issues are brushed under the carpet.

This clip shown harassing motorists along Frayan street in Manfouha district in this video taken on Wednesday and posted on YouTube by citizen journalist Amged Ahmad.

Watch them going gung-ho wild on cars and drivers in Saudi Arabia. A gang of them stops a Saudi man on his bicycle to tackle him to the ground and steal his bike! There appears to be a few Asians in the gangs too (Bangladeshi/Pakistani Muslims?). Love it! Sunni Muslims having problems with Muslim immigration!!! What to say??? Learn what its like. Maybe these Sunni’s are Islamophobes since they keep complaining about these African Muslims?


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