‘The Situation In Gaza Is Very Bad’: Hamas Cracking Down On Christians, Forcing Them To Convert To Islam

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This is only a taste of what is coming. As of right now, Christians in the Middle East are still largely tolerated as “dhimmis” and therefore able to offer up the sacrifice of praise to YHWH today. But this could all come to an abrupt end if a figure of great significance in the Islamic world were to stand against the Temple of God and demands that all stop worshiping YHWH and convert to Islam, or else. We’ve already seen some Muslim leaders issuing fatwas (religious decrees) in places like Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Pakistan demanding that Christians either convert to Islam, or die. A fatwa like this issued against Jews and Christians by someone like the Mahdi, for instance, would send immediate shockwaves all throughout the Islamic world. If such a decree were to happen “then there will be great tribulation, such as has not…

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