Obama’s DHS Muslim Mole Tries To Block Our Twitter Account = Fails

Let it be known to everyone that Muslim Brotherhood member and Homeland Security’s Mohamed Elibiary is a total c*nt. He imagines he can misuse his position and block free speech and objections to Islam. He must be the IOC’s dream come true.

This is the fifth time Muslims have tried to get us blocked from social media or tried to hack us. They won’t succeed. The Muslim Issue has nearly 3 million readers in the past year we’ve been around exposing Islam. It shows how concerned people are about the Muslim infiltration everywhere. It’s a serious and deep worry to a lot of people.

If you wonder why TMI’s twitter account has been silent the past two weeks, here’s the reason:

Homeland Security’s Mohamed Elibiary tried to suspend our Twitter account @TheMuslimIssue following preposterous comments he made that America was an “Islamic country”. Although this statement clearly upset people and even the media got engaged, he didn’t stop there. He continued by stating that America was not only an Islamic country, but it was ‘founded on Islamic / Abrahamic values’.

What exact values have these savages ever had anyways?? When has looting, murders, rapes, mass invasion ever represented values? We let it be known that his Caliphate dreams would never ever ever ever come true. Ever.

His statements upset and agitated people into a twitter storm. Our responses (the Trojan Pig of Islam logo) got removed by him – and we were given a suspension notice by Twitter. Elibiary lodged a fake complaint that we had “followed” and “harassed” him.

Who wants to tag this butt-ugly, pock faced, sex-addicted, sodomizing cult moron??

We appealed. Twitter unlocked and re-activated the account.

Mohamed Elibiary’s support of terrorism is no secret. In April 21, 2010 on Muslimmatters.org Elibiary said: “It’s a mistake to assassinate Anwar al-Awlaki… The decision to legitimize the assassination of Anwar al-Awlaki is wrong on all counts. … Whatever happened to the rule of law? Whatever happened to the Constitution, which was meant to protect our citizens from the unchecked power of its own government? Even Bush did not stoop to this level.”

MohamedElibiary- 5

Does Mohamed Elibiary actually imagine we don’t know that he tried to block our Twitter account?

Mohamed Elibiary is a zealot Muslim Brotherhood supporter, which basically means he is an al-Qaeda supporter. The CIA has described the Muslim Brotherhood as “the mother ship of all terrorism organizations”. Obama appointed this Islamofascist pimp to Homeland Security, where he has been given the job as a Advisory Council member?

This is not the only time Elibiary has exploited his position with the DHS beyond his legal parameters.

In 2011 Elibiary used his new federal security clearance to access a sensitive law enforcement database and download state and local intelligence reports on the Texas Department of Public Safety and sell them to mainstream media outlets to smear Texas Gov. Rick Perry as an islamophobe and racist.

God knows what else this wretched pimp has done.


8 thoughts on “Obama’s DHS Muslim Mole Tries To Block Our Twitter Account = Fails”

  1. I don’t have Twitter, but now I’m thinking about it. Thanks Richard M. Nixon for spamblocking him. By the way, I’d like to confer you with Saint status, with my greatly renewed appreciation of your presidency, especially compared to the Traitor Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

  2. What are those “Islamic principles” that the odious Elibiary is referring to?
    The foundation principles of Western civilisation are actually Judeo-Christian-Greco-Roman.

      1. No, the standard reply from the Islamic apologists, when challenged, is usually, platitudes such as “peace, justice, etc”, unfortunately naive Westerners think that they’re referring to our definition of the terms—they’re not.

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