Muslims threaten more terrorism attacks in China

Even at a minority population they are a major problem! Says it all, doesn’t it? No need to call them ‘radicals’. They are merely devout Muslims who are attacking kafirs, exactly like the Qur’an and their prophet instructs them.

China has zero tolerance for Muslim violence and demands. We can only enjoy watching the consequences coming from these threats. China has no bogus human rights courts that have to cry on the shoulders of terrorists and give them payouts and handouts. Good on them. Keep aggravating the Chinese government so they too wake up to the fact that Muslim means violence, and anything coming from the religion of ‘peace’ is vile and deplorable and doesn’t belong amongst the rest of humanity.


A Chinese para-military officer patrols Tiananmen Square in front of the Great Hall of the People (background) after the Communist Party Central Committee’s concluded its secretive Third Plenum in Beijing on November 12, 2013 (AFP/File, Mark Ralston)

Radical Islamic group threatens more China attacks

The Associated Press

BEIJING — A radical Islamic group seeking independence for a northwestern Chinese region praised last month’s deadly attack in Beijing and warned of possible new terrorist strikes in the capital.

It wasn’t clear if the Turkistan Islamic Party was claiming it planned the Oct. 28 vehicle attack at Tiananmen Gate that killed two tourists and the three attackers. China had longed blamed TIP and its predecessor for extremist violence in the Xinjiang region, though many observers question whether the group is capable of organizing attacks and even whether it exists in an organized manner.

Following the video’s disclosure, China reasserted on Monday that it faces an organized threat.

In the 8 minute, 11 second video, the TIP’s purported head, Abdullah Mansour, called the attack a “jihadi operation” and praised the assailants, who included a man, his wife and her mother, as Islamic warriors. He said future attacks could target the Great Hall of the People, China’s legislative seat.

“Oh Chinese unbelievers, know that you have been fooling East Turkistan for the last 60 years, but now they have awakened. The people have learned who is the real enemy and they returned to their own religion. They learned the lesson,” Mansour said. The video was posted on the Internet on Nov. 12 and picked up by the Washington-based SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors jihadist websites.

East Turkistan is the name used for Xinjiang by some members of the region’s native Uighur ethnic group, extremists among which have for years been fighting a low-intensity insurgency against Chinese rule. Those who doubt the TIP is an organized group say much of the violence is the work of unconnected groups or individuals angered by heavy-handed Chinese rule and restrictions on Islamic observance.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang reiterated that China faces an organized terrorist threat.

“I say again, the fight against terrorism should not be judged with a double standard and hope relevant countries will strengthen communication and cooperation in fighting terrorism to preserve world peace and stability,” Qin said at a regularly scheduled briefing.



7 thoughts on “Muslims threaten more terrorism attacks in China”

  1. That, my friends, is VERY bloody stupid for them to Threaten China?
    They are one country that will Nuke the entire Middle East and not think twice.

  2. I AGREE UPACES! And The NUKE part wouldnt bother me, but the fallout! Consequenses and aftermath on rest of the world ! We might all look like little green men! Space Aliens! ET’s

    1. My only concern was having the wind blowing in the wrong direction and fall-out on Israel.
      You are right about the Aliens…they stopped our Nukes working at one point after WWII.

  3. Well that was part of my point Upaces! Fallout wouldnt just fall on Israel! The Earth rotates on its Axis! AFTER the Nuke, those particles will continue to fall long after the explosion! AS this earth spins, they will continue falling upon every country and continent! (unless we can stop earth from rotating for awhile). Prevent day and night! Russias Shernobal, and the Japanese incident after their Sunami! OH it didnt just affect those countries! As the earth spun, it hit us all! Just that the closer you were the higher the dose! But its all affecting our food and water now. Cancer on rise. Physical changes in people and animals. Poisen in the POT!

  4. Most of the muslim are peaceful and ignorant of their own religion. The radical or violent muslim are the one who study their religion

  5. China , doesn’t play games when it comes to National Security. They do not care what the rest of the world thinks . Screw with China , your playing with fire . With Iran and North Korea in the nuclear game it’s only a matter of a few years before there’s a nuclear explosion somewhere , let’s not fool ourselves into thinking this could ever happen .

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