Ethiopian maid abused in Saudi Arabia hangs herself

The Muslim abuse of blacks, their old slave workers, is relentless and brutal. It’s simply mind boggling why blacks are converting to Islam in the U.S. and other Western countries.  This image was taken from a video showing a young Ethiopian maid being dragged by the hair, beaten and forced into a car by several Lebanese men in a busy Beirut street. On March 14, a few days after the video was shot, the young maid committed suicide in a psychiatric ward.

The scene, captured by a cell phone camera, occurred in front of the Ethiopian consulate in Beirut. The maid, named Alem Dechasa, is lying on the ground, crying and pleading in Ethiopian: “I don’t want to go there!” An onlooker can be heard attempting to stop the man beating her: “Stop it, what’s your problem? Let her go back to the consulate.” But a few moments later, another man grabs Dechasa’s collar and drags her on the ground, then tries to force her into a car. She resists, and one of the men violently grabs her hair – at which point the video cuts. The footage was aired on the Lebanese channel LBCI in March 2012.

The Saudi and Arab excuse for the extreme violence they commit against African immigrants is “they break into our houses and rape our women, steal money and kill.”

However, a few weeks ago we showed a video (which Saudi’s tried to block and remove from our YouTube account) of a Saudi man beating a Muslim cleaner from India or Bangladesh merely for walking into the living room while the wife was present. He had walked into the room to find his employer to ask him a question about his work. He was beaten bloodied for that.

These people are not only immigrant workers but they are human slaves. They cannot even return home. Promised high salaries which is what draws them there to escape poverty they often end up being unpaid, beaten, raped by her employers, unable to escape as their passport is taken from them on arrival. They have no access to phone, no help to leave and they cannot leave the country without their Saudi employers written consent. Those who try and flee are brought back to their employer by Saudi police. It’s a horrid dead-end situation of the worse imaginable abuse. So where is the Human Rights courts on all this? And why is trade with Saudi Arabia continuing? How long can our countries serve as the perfect hypocrites and allow this to continue?

So one need to be very cautious to Muslim explanations and excuses for anything. Muslims are satanic, like the Buddhist of Burma always say. They are not normal human beings. This is not the behavior of a human being, but of a satanic entity in human body.

It’s unsure if this picture (above) is actually related to the article. How extreme is the situation for African women in Saudi Arabia to go to extreme lengths to kill themselves? It’s unimaginable.

Ethiopian maid mistreated in Saudi Arabia
A pretty Ethiopian maid pictured with injuries from beatings by her employer, emailed to the Ethiopian Review.

By Ethiopian Review

Ethiopian woman has committed suicide by hanging herself in the northern Saudi Arabia province of Tabarjal yesterday. The report says that the police is investigating the circumstances of her death, and has not released her name yet.

Another Ethiopian woman, who was badly beaten up by her employer, went to get an assistance from the Ethiopian embassy and was turned away. Her friends took this photo and sent it to us. Some Ethiopian women resort to suicide after being subjected to such barbaric acts in the hands of their Saudi employers, and the so called “Ethiopian embassy” refuses to provide them with assistance. The women are trafficked to Saudi Arabia by agencies in Ethiopia that are affiliated with Saudi-Ethiopian billionaire Al Amoudi and his associates, in collaboration with the TPLF junta.


27 thoughts on “Ethiopian maid abused in Saudi Arabia hangs herself”

  1. Do something about this, this sadly is War against women and against human nature! There must be a war to stop this barbaric and cowardly behaviour!

  2. Your wrong. Your naming all muslims bad.. These arabs are not muslims. Islam forbids a man to look or touch or even shake the hand of another woman but his wife. These are not muslims their animals who have disgusted the islamic world


    1. I live in the US and the amout of white men rapping kids or possesing child porn seems to be pretty high. You whites and arabs are the same. Delusional rapist racist that always kill people in masses.

      1. Really? What are the prisons full of? How does Africa look to you? Peaceful, decent, crime free? If you have such poor level of reasoning, no wonder you all convert to Islam!

  4. This article got it wrong from the very beginning. It’s wrong to stereotype the whole religion. I’m not a Muslim but I’m a firm believer that no religion advocates evil. These crimes are committed by the rich Saudi Arabians abetted by both the Saudi and Ethiopian authorities. I’m sure they are well fed by the rich Saudis to keep their eyes closed. This is purely discrimination by the rich towards the poor and in a way its slavery by one race on another. And this is not something new; even back in the 16th century, there were two slave trades which were run by the Arabians. The Trans Saharan Slave Trade, where the Arabians aided by the Iranian mercenaries, would make armed expeditions, attacking villages and round up the inhabitants to be sold as slaves. In the Indian Ocean Slave Trade, the East Africans sold their criminals and POWs through the slave markets of Zanzibar from where they were sold across the middle -east. My point is it’s not the religion but act of most but not all Arabians who still think they are superior to another race, who think that they can still practice the old slave customary.

    1. You appear to be ignorant about islam. It is evil. It was founded by an evil pervert who wrote a perverted book and sold it to ignorant people. It is a cult that teaches lying, death, murder, stealing, etc.. Being satan is the father of all lies and the quran is a made up religion it is logical to conclude islam is evil.

    2. Suresh surely as a brave true Hindu you know the reality behind Islam. Surely you are not afraid of reprisals if you speak the truth. Oh perish the thought!

  5. What was this young lady doing is Saudi Arabia???? Was she kidnapped and taken there or did she go there on her own? So very sad. This is true, the world thinks that the white man was the ONLY owner of slaves. While black people have been free in U.S. since 1860’s, they are STILL slaves in the 21st century in the ARAB world! The lame stream media STILL ignores this fact!!!!

  6. As a Black man I’m starting to wake up the the racism of Islam and Saudi Arabians I hate them with a passion now and want America to drop a nuke on them

  7. is there anything we can do about this injustice well we can pray this is horrific islam is pure evil satan at his best wish there was something i could do to help those ethiaopian maids

  8. Ethiopian Muslim do not forget this atrocities that made on ethiopian. I thought that those refugee in Saudi arebia are mainly muslim. Suadi means supporter of muslim terrist in Ethiopia to widespread Islam like . Look at Suadi atrocities resembeles evil act. world knows that areb means
    ignorant and inhuman. S

  9. Islam is Peace?? Shame on many Arabs who bring disgrace to their religion and countries by the disgraceful treatment of their fellow mankind.

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