Your Daily Muslim: Feraidon Mohammad Imbrahem

Your Daily Muslim

Afghan-Canadian Muslim Feraidon Mohammad Imbrahem couldn’t take it anymore. The constant questions, the abuse – all because his first name sounded like a Pokemon. Jokes aside, Imbrahem came to Canada from Afghanistan with his wife Nasira (from an arranged marriage), and the couple hoped to start a life together. In Afghanistan, Imbrahem had worked as a doctor, but he was unable to meet certain qualifications required of doctors in Canada. This started him on a downward spiral that would result in a brutal killing.

Once Imbrahem and his wife had bought a house, everything started to unravel. They had a baby together, named Yasin, but “staying together for the kid” wasn’t gonna work. Imbrahem’s wife told her friends and relatives that her husband was growing increasingly controlling and demanding, and felt she didn’t have a voice. Of course, her friends and relatives felt that maintaining this obviously failing marriage was…

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