(Video) Saudis Beat, Stab And Rape African Men And Women In Riyadh

Eight out of ten Ethiopians working and living in Saudi Arabia are sexually abused (raped) by their employers.

But Blacks in America are whining about racism for the minutest wrong (in their perception) no matter how imaginary. It’s all jealousy and inferiority complex. Maybe they need to return to their ancestral country for a few years and learn what real racism looks like. Africans persecute their own people in some of the most extreme human rights violations only Muslims can top. Or maybe they should go and work in Arabia and live with their old slave masters, the Arabs?

Although blacks want to accuse ‘white’ society, the most (comparatively) color blind of nations on earth, of racial prejudices and hate crimes police statistics tell a different story. They don’t reveal a white perpetrator, but black on white hate crimes. 11.6% of hate crimes were racially initiated in America in 2011. And of those, blacks far outnumbered whites as the perpetrator. America bends backwards to accommodate blacks and offer them to be the best in the world at anything they can imagine. They have the freedom of even be the president if they want, a title they claimed ‘would never happen’ to a black man. And how wrong they were in their warped racial minds. A black man was elected president before a woman was ever elected.

With all the freedom in the world to be whoever they want to, many chose not to. In fact, most chose not to. And most chose not to be the best at anything anywhere else they are in the world. But that’s not good enough and is always ‘white’ peoples fault. To breed their deep envy of anything caucasian they have joined Muslims, pretending that islam has some kind of ‘positive history’ with Africa and were respectful of blacks. Positive??? How about 14 centuries of slavery and nearly 200 million Africans sold like goats and shipped around the world by Muslims and African King’s who became extremely wealthy on this trade in people. It’s true that includes our own ugly past of purchasing people, which, thank God, we entered into last and ended first of all peoples.

But blacks themselves and Muslims never ended this trade. They only pretended to have ended it.

The same persecution by blacks against whites takes place in South Africa. Hate crimes and discrimination against whites is ruling, not the opposite way around. South Africa was never a black nation either, something people in the West may not be aware of. Nelson Mandela, who was a convicted terrorist and murdered people, has been hailed by libtards as some kind of hero. Mandela paid ways for blacks to flood into South Africa and murder and persecute whites. He sang songs about killing whites. South Africa is now being systematically destroyed while more and more whites flee. We hear nothing about this in the libtard media. And when Africans get entangled into Islam, it gets even worse. And do you think a single African ever works for the equality of whites? Nope. Africa also has the largest surviving slave trade on earth. A trade that comprise of 27 million people worldwide, and which is mainly Muslim run and perpetrated.

Although African Americans want to pretend they have some kind of glorious relation and history with Islam, this is the true reality how Muslims treat blacks. Watch this video how Ethiopian immigrants are being subject to mob attacks in Saudi Arabia, beaten with sticks, stabbed with knives, the women raped in the homes they work as unpaid slave-maids.

Just imagine if Americans, British, Australians or Europeans treated blacks in their society like this? In video number 4 from Yemen a man tells the news channel that he has buried over 400 Africans found shot, hanged, beaten to death – all died from unnatural causes by Muslim violence. So, go and convert to Islam to experience the wonderful connection they have with blacks!


4 thoughts on “(Video) Saudis Beat, Stab And Rape African Men And Women In Riyadh”

  1. Truth: discrimination does exist in a The US and so does racism. What’s occurring in Saudi Arabia are crimes against humanity and slavery. This treatment is unimaginable. People desperate for a better life are abused, killed, raped. Something must be done about this

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