(Video) ‘Islam’s Flag will fly over Australia’

Keep dreaming!


11 thoughts on “(Video) ‘Islam’s Flag will fly over Australia’”

  1. someone send this fuck back to shariashitland……………..and quick……………he’s a rat in a free country…………………

  2. Oh so the Islamists have discovered Australia is sitting on 230 billions barrels of oil per month or was it day! This is the bottom line the savage revengeful arabs realize they can control the world by the flow of OIL . Come on Australia deal with them take a leaf out of Angola’s book and ban Islam NOW.

      1. Yes, we’re at war with Islam and have been for 14 centuries and it’s not a secret to anyone except the professional multi-cultists, the pc ideologues and the ignorant.

        I’d say that Australia is more resistant to Islamisation than the UK appears to be. There was a lot of pc verbal diarrhoea about the so-called “racist” anti-Moslem Cronulla riots in Sydney some years ago. The definitely non-pc “Islamophobic” version is that the riots were in retaliation at Lebanese Moslem attempts to Islamise some of the beaches in the area, their own version of apartheid. Most Moslems really don’t understand democracy, religious freedom or the rule of law, but they understand tribal violence very well and they got the message. Also our police and judiciary don’t ponce around agonising over perceptions of “racism” for years, one particular Moslem rapist sewer rat got 30 years in jail.

        That said, it doesn’t pay to be too smug, citizens of the UK probably thought that- “it couldn’t possibly happen here” 25 years ago as well.

  3. Well, the Arabs have got one thing straight the weaklings of Britain may well be overruled by an aggressive Islamic fascism. The Battle of Britain, second round, may well turn in the Islamists favor. But Australia? Come on, retards. It’s too ambitious a mouthful – even for megalomaniacs.

  4. It’s a good video, but it’s out of date since Tommy Robinson went over to Quiliam

    People need to fight against Islam. Islam IS THE enemy.

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