(Video) Australian Muslim Convert Argues Pro-Islam

Pathetic Australian Muslim convert Susan Carland who lives a Disney version of Islam comes with the usual cookie-cutter argument converts often come with. Fact is Susan Carland knows nothing about Islam. Her Islam is a novelty doll-house game.
An Oriental man who appears to be an immigrant living in Australian, tells her that all his friends no matter what background, race, religion or country they come from – they ALL have a bad opinion about Muslims as a violent people.

The convert says what we hear again and again, that they should learn to know more Muslims to see how wrong they are. This constant assumption that the entire world is somehow small minded and have never met a Muslim is so pathetic. All human rights records are all made up and don’t reflect Muslims. The backward oppressive societies run by Muslims are just wonderful – which begs to differ why she continues to live in Australia? Why doesn’t she move to the Head Quarters of Islam, to Saudi Arabia, where the true seat and interpretation of Islam is suppose to come from? The biggest critics of Islam are ex-Muslims themselves, and other people extremely well familiar with Islam, having lived or worked around it. This lame excuse is total nonsense.



5 thoughts on “(Video) Australian Muslim Convert Argues Pro-Islam”

  1. There is a surtitle on this video that says “western world…Jews call you goyem=unclean animals”.
    First of all the word is “Goyim”, not “Goyem”.
    Secondly the word “Goyim” simply means “PEOPLE” (plural form of “goy”, i.e. non Jewish PERSON).
    The Jewish attitude from the Bible onwards has always been that non-Jews are PEOPLE who are judged on the good they do, rather than the religion they follow. Incidentally, the Jewish religion also has the attitude that a good Goy gets to heaven ahead of a bad Jew and there is no need for a PERSON to change his/her faith, so long as they respect life and the PERSONHOOD and lives of others.
    If Islam had that attitude to non-Moslems, everything would be hunky dory.

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