(Video) Arab Prejudice And Complete Disregard For Blacks

Blacks in parts of the U.S. and Europe are the largest group to convert to Islam, especially in prisons, while Islam is the most anti-African and deeply racist cult on earth.

In a TV-report on black people in Iraq the Reporter says:

People still call them slaves in an age in which the world’s loftiest palaces have collapsed. Their great suffering includes many forms of oppression of men by their fellow men, who use them as tools. They were not permitted to own land, and used to work for the feudalists. They constitute a substantial percentage of Iraqi society. Most of them live in Basra, in south Iraq.

Jalal Diyab, Secretary of the Iraqis’ Free Movement: The blacks were, and still are, marginalized and excluded from society and politics. Blacks are still viewed as inferior slaves. This view has been passed down through the generations. A black person is viewed as someone of lesser value, of lesser importance, as if he were a useless object, which nobody considers important. Even politicians, writers, and researchers pay no attention to black people and to their issues.


Iraqi: People call me “slave” or “black.” There is no respect, no appreciation. Who is responsible for this? The large families. Take, for example, those children. They chase you, calling: “You black,” and whatever. It’s not nice.


4 thoughts on “(Video) Arab Prejudice And Complete Disregard For Blacks”

  1. What is really sad is that many Blacks are moving towards Islam.
    they don’t even study their own history.
    Muslims once kidnapped them neutering the men and turning their women into sex slaves.

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