21% Of British Muslims Believe Suicide Bombings Are Justified – Statistics

Muslim Statistics

More Survey Research from a British Islamist Hell

by Daniel Pipes

I summarized two surveys of British Muslim attitudes yesterday at “British Opinion Surveys from an Islamist Hell.” Wouldn’t you know it, but a third one came out today, commissioned by the Guardian newspaper and carried out by ICM. Its results basically confirm the prior two. Some highlights:

  • Muslims who believe that “foreign Muslims who incite hatred should be … allowed to live in the UK”: 38 percent.
  • Who agree that “ordinary Muslims … should not do more work with the police to root out extremists from the Muslim community”: 8 percent.
  • Find it acceptable “for religious or political groups to use violence for political ends”: 4 percent.
  • Support the July 7 attacks and say more such attacks are justified: 5 percent.

But the question in this poll that rightly received the most attention was this one:…

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2 thoughts on “21% Of British Muslims Believe Suicide Bombings Are Justified – Statistics”

  1. Actual figure is far higher. I talked to a Lebanese girl university student who was annoyed because she was profiled at airports yet she thought suicide bombing of planes was justified…….I.guess all those with the Islamic worm in their tiny excuses for brains are the same….explains why most profound oxymoron is ” ISLAMIC CHIVALRY”

    1. I’m sure its higher. These stats are a few years old. Its hard to get current stats. The government does not make that accessible, so we often have to quote stats a few years old.

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