Egypt in diplomatic row with Turkey over Sultan Erdogan’s support of MB and Morsi

Closet Khilafa fundamentalist, Turkish PM ‘Sultan’ Recep Tayyip Erdogan, put his foot in his mouth by openly voicing his support for terrorist organization Muslim Brotherhood and the swiftly removed islamist government lead by – Obama’s darling – Mohamed Morsi.

This again reinforces the claim by his own countrymen that Erdogan is no moderate but a wolf in sheep’s clothing who wants to create a totalitarian Islamic state and caliph. Erdogan was jailed 1998 accused of ‘incitement to commit an offense and incitement to religious or racial hatred’ for his fundamentalist associations.

He is strongly supportive of removing all churches from Turkey and has already banned all construction of any churches, wants Christianity expelled from the country, wants full niqab on women, and has been overly excited over the new railroad connection that gives a direct path between Turkey and Europe for his coming Khilafa movement.


Egypt, Turkey in diplomatic row

Saudi Gazette |  Sunday, November 24, 2013 12:48 AM

CAIRO – Egypt said on Saturday it was expelling Turkey’s ambassador and accused Ankara of backing organizations bent on spreading instability.

Turkey responded by declaring the Egyptian ambassador, currently out of the country, persona non grata.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said it summoned Egypt’s charge d’affaires to inform him that “our relations were downgraded to the level of charge d’affaires and Egyptian Ambassador Abderahman Salah El-Din … is declared persona non grata in line with the reciprocity principle that forms the basis of international relations.”

“We are saddened by this situation,” Turkey’s ministry said in a statement. “But responsibility before history belongs to Egypt’s temporary administration which came to power under the extraordinary circumstances of the July 3 coup.”

Cairo’s expulsion of Ambassador Huseyin Avni Botsali came in response to remarks by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday in which he renewed his criticism of the ouster of former president Mohamed Morsi and of Egypt’s continuing crackdown on his supporters.

Egypt had decided to “expel the Turkish ambassador and downgrade our ties to the level of charge d’affaires… declare the Turkish ambassador persona non grata and… not send our ambassador to Turkey,” Egypt’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Badr Abdelatty said.

The ministry said Ankara was also “trying to influence the international community against Egyptian interests.”

In response to Egypt’s decision, Turkish President Abdullah Gul spoke live on state run TRT television, saying: “I hope our relations will again get back on track.”

“Turkey and Egypt are just like two halves of an apple on the two sides of the Mediterranean. We’re very sad about what’s going on in Egypt. I hope relations will be back on track.”

The expelled ambassador too sought to calm the row. Turkish and Egyptian people are brothers. I’ll continue to pray for the good of Egypt,” Turkish media quoted Botsali as saying.

“It is of utmost importance for the region and the world that Egypt remains on the path of democracy,” he added.

Both countries will remain represented in each other’s capitals by embassies headed by a charge d’affaires, effectively a number two.

Cairo and Ankara had both recalled their ambassadors after a previous spat in August, but while Botsali eventually returned to Cairo, Egypt’s Abderahman Salah El-Din stayed home.

Abdelatty said Erdogan’s latest comments, made in Ankara on Thursday before heading for talks in Russia, were “provocative” and amounted to “interference in Egypt’s internal affairs.”

The Turkish premier had said: “I applaud Mr Morsi’s stance against the judiciary. I respect him. I have no respect for those who put him on trial.” – Agencies


One thought on “Egypt in diplomatic row with Turkey over Sultan Erdogan’s support of MB and Morsi”

  1. I still believe, should Obama get his wish and abolish the term limits for a sitting US President and, if he can disarm the American people and remove their right to free speech, he will create a caliphate in America.

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