(Video) Muslim Imam Assures: ‘Shia’s Will Never Be Molested In The Anus’

Muslims are completely nuts. But some of them are even more insane than others. This one is so mad he is like a walking, talking Comedy Central.

You may recall London based (!) Shia Cleric Sheikh Yasser al Habib’s explanation as to why so many Muslim men yearn for anal penetration? It’s aaaaaall due to a worm that lodges up their rear after anal sex. Now, does it make any sense? If the worm makes them want gay sex what exactly gave them the desire for gay sex in the first place, if the desire is caused by the actual worm that lodges up their asses after anal sex?? But we’re kafirs so what do we know about the brilliant reasoning in the Quran.

Anyways, this worm – Imam al-Habib insist – cause Muslim men to be sex mad gay addicts and makes them want more and more anal penetration. And how do you cure this insatiable desire? By semen of course! So the worm makes you want gay sex – and you cure it by even more gay sex, topped up with semen.

Makes perfect sense! … not.

In any case after Sheikh Yasser al Habib ended up with his sermon on Memri’s YouTube channel, he was inspired to give a follow-up clarification as to why Shia Muslims are spared from this anal disease which basically only afflict Sunni’s.

And btw prophet Mohammed’s male companions were afflicted with this very worm which is why the description ended up in the Quran in the first place. We covered this in a previous post. Hm… Mohammed’s closest companions afflicted with an anal sex diseases? Ring any bells?

Hear o hear, the eternal wisdom of the Quran:


4 thoughts on “(Video) Muslim Imam Assures: ‘Shia’s Will Never Be Molested In The Anus’”

    1. They probably do. They tend to hide all their statistics. Especially any numbers that indicate things that contradict their honor. I believe Africa, India and the Arab world has the highest % of aids in the world.

  1. They (the Mohammedan imams it holds for both Shias and Sunnis) are a bunch of superstitious witch-doctors, uneducated village-idiots spreading their nonsensical “learnings” to likewise backward village-idiots.

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