(Video) HIV on alarming rise among UK Muslims

Muslim Statistics

The United Nations Joint Programme on AIDS (UNAIDS) estimates that since the start of the global HIV pandemic around 29.4 million people have been infected with HIV. Although many Muslim countries claim that they have not been affected by HIV, this is not true. HIV infections have been reported in every single Muslim country. According to UNAIDS there are an estimated 300 000 people living with HIV in North Africa and the Middle East. Anyone can become infected by HIV, including Muslims.

Muslim counties refuse to monitor their Aids/HIV statistics because the disease is a stigma in the Islamic world and associated with gay relations. This in-spite the fact that Muslims who are living in areas where medical data is collected, have an alarming number and increase in HIV while no measures are taken to contain and reduce the numbers. Muslims afflicted with HIV will often refuse to attend medical…

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