Muslima Found In Suspected Honor Murder In New York

Noticeable Muslim immigration is a fairly new “phenomenon” in the U.S.  This means that police in many regions of the country can’t recognize common cultural crimes committed by some immigrant groups, instead treating them all like common crimes in American culture. This is not a ‘family tragedy’ as the article claims but it’s a brutal honor murder, for sure.

Most likely, Sarwat Lodhi wanted to divorce her husband. He had recently closed his business. It was unacceptable to her husband that she wanted a divorce. They must have lived in the U.S. for many years since he seemed well aware that he would spend a long time in prison for his crime – so he killed his own children and himself after murdering his wife. We can only imagine what her life was like for so many years and she kept it all to herself having no one to turn to for protection and help.

This is what Western p.c. mentality creates: a hypocritical situation where our claimed human rights laws are total fables and where victims from barbaric cultures subjected to human slavery, abuse, rape have no one to turn to. And while they live in a ‘free’ society they actually continue to live as if they are in Yemen or Saudi Arabia.

And not a word is mentioned that these are Muslims. This was a Muslim family most likely originating from North India or Pakistan.


Husband, wife and two sons found dead in upstate New York murder-suicide

Abbas Lodhi, 49, killed his two young sons and his wife Sarwat Lodhi, 43, on Thursday cops say. Sarwat Lodhi was not found until Friday, 15 miles south of where the other three were found dead.


Published: Friday, November 22, 2013, 4:16 PM

Four family members are dead after a grisly triple murder-suicide in a small upstate New York town.Abbas Lodhi, 49, and his son Zain, 9, were found dead in a Pleasant Valley supermarket parking lot Thursday morning, prompting cops to set off a frantic search across Dutchess County for two other members of the Lodhi family.

Mujtabah Lodhi, 13, was found dead at the family home and cops said evidence there showed that his mother, Sarwat Lodhi, 43, had been injured. Her body wasn’t found until 3 p.m. Friday, when she was spotted off Route 376 in Wappingers Falls.

Map of the A&P supermarket in Pleasant Valley, where police said that a man and one of his two school-aged sons were found dead from gunshot wounds. The man’s wife was found dead in Wappinger, about 15 miles south of Pleasant Valley.

Google Maps: Map of the A&P supermarket in Pleasant Valley, where police said that a man and one of his two school-aged sons were found dead from gunshot wounds. The man’s wife was found dead in Wappinger, about 15 miles south of Pleasant Valley.

She was “the missing piece we were looking for all day” New York State Police Trooper Melissa McMorris said Friday after the body was found 15 miles south of Pleasant Valley.

Cops say Abbas Lodhi killed all three family members and himself with shotgun blasts to the chest.

The shotgun used in the slayings was found in the car with the two bodies around 8:30 a.m. Thursday.

“I think it’s one of the most or more tragic things I have seen,”  Capt. John Ryan said at a news conference. “I find myself having two young boys that – it’s emotional seeing what has happened to these kids. I couldn’t even put into words how tragic it is for all of us.”


7 thoughts on “Muslima Found In Suspected Honor Murder In New York”

  1. Tragic as it seems but there is more to this than meets the eye or should I say the media.

    I know of this family and though not directly but through a family of friends and i must say there was no manner of a divorce in progress or such.
    In fact the family was planning to go to Dubai after a few days.
    Sarwat’s brother who resides in Canada wanted to fly to New York the moment he heard of the news but was not allowed to travel to The US under some restrictions created by US customs/border agency.

    This seems to me a bureaucratic manipulation to concentrate on some other matters and can be easily traced when such coincidences are being clearly and deliberately concealed from the general public by the New York Police.

    1. How can you possibly know that the wife was not planning such an intimate and personal decision as a divorce? Her own family probably didn’t know. It’s not something many of them would openly discuss. His business had collapsed too.

  2. I knew this family many years ago on Long Island. Abbas had anger management issues back then. He had fought with all his close friends. He was a time-bomb waiting to explode at any moment even then. I’m guessing his mental problems got worse and were untreated. Eventually, this was the cause to this sad event. This situation could have happened to anyone regardless of religion or immigration status.

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