Muslim Science: Urine From Male Babies Is More Pure Than Urine From Females

You don’t need to wash off urine from Muslim male babies according to Imam Dr Ahmad al-Muzain, a Palestinian expert on Quranic studies. Only female babies are dirty scum who should be scrubbed. The imam claims the cause for this is E. coli bacteria. And this “scientific fact” has been studied by “scientists from Iraqi University” and supervised by a professor from The International Commission on Scientific Signs in the Quran and the Sunna.

This “study” apparently proves that Islam is the “true” religion, and that the prophet has conveyed this yibberish from Allah.

Strange, isn’t it? Was it a man or a woman who gave birth to their prophet? If women are so impure, how much more impure must whatever comes out of them be – including their prophet who apparently came out of an impure woman.

What sick drivel. And to imagine this sick, backward human mental disease is being imported in the millions all across Europe, the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc., is unfathomable.


5 thoughts on “Muslim Science: Urine From Male Babies Is More Pure Than Urine From Females”

  1. I cannot for the live of me fathom that we allow this God-forsaking abomination of a people into a civilized country. Such as drinking camel’s urine having sex with farm animals and, marrying first cousins and breeding inbred diseases, having sex with corpses ect.ect.ect, and now this. It would take a whole day to mention all the atrocious and downright evil practices this cult is capable of. ISLAM IS AS DANGEROUS IN A MAN AS RABIES IN A DOG _ SIR Winston CHURCHILL :

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